Ultimate Valentines Day Gift Guide For Girlfriend in 2023

Ultimate Valentines Day Gift Guide For Girlfriend in 2023

Valentine’s day is a symbol of love, romance and sharing your time with the person you love with your heart and soul. Every year you wait for this day to express your love to your girl and make her feel the happiest, prettiest and most adorable soul on Earth. And so you start your preparations for the big day well in advance to ensure everything is perfect. From the venue to the decorations, flowers to greeting cards, you make sure not even a single detail is missed. But even though you are successful in your venture to make her fairyland come true, there is one thing that often leaves you clueless. The selection of gift is apparently the most crucial part of the valentine’s day. You want to gift her something that is close to her heart and yet is creative in a way she could never anticipate. However, choosing the right gift is not always a nice idea. Even after searching various shops and browsing a dozen website, you don’t usually find one appealing gift for your love.

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Well, it’s time now that you stop fretting about the gifts anymore. Just sit back on your couch, think about the wonderful time you are going to spend with your lady love while we help you with your gift. Wonder how? We, at bigsmall, have decided to make valentine’s day gift shopping easier and less cumbersome for you. And thus, we bring you unique Valentine gift ideas from around the world directly to your home while you relax after a day’s work. Here is our ultimate Valentine's day gift guide for you to choose the gift that defines your girlfriend’s unique personality. So, adjust your seat, make yourself comfortable and read on! 


Girls are often mysteries souls. While some speak their heart out and get pampered for being what they are, others wear an armour of fierceness and prefer to give a tough fight to life. However, they too love to be cared for even when they know how to deal with things on their own. They won’t express it but leave for you to guess. So, now, it is your turn to find the clues and make her feel like a princess with your valentine’s day gift for girlfriend.

Ring Holder

 Wearable Nail Polish Holder

  • If she has a hectic schedule that requires a lot of physical work, gift her Spa Socks to make her feel refreshed after a day’s work.

  • If she loves to do makeup and look flawless all the time, you can gift her adorable elephant ring holder or a wearable nail polish remover for her grooming sessions.

  • Gift her mermaid blanket to transform her into a real-life Ariel, a princess who fights for what she likes and enjoys the cozy comfort of this soft blanket while she rests for reads.

  • Unicorn plush slippers too are a brilliant valentine’s day gift as the colourful unicorn comes straight out of fairyland to make her feel like a royal princess.

  • Heart umbrella is a classy, red colour, heart shaped umbrella which makes it one of the most romantic Vday gift for your girlfriend. A two in one gift, it would protect her from the scorching heat and downpour while keeping your girl safe.



While some love to spend every spare moment at their home, others, like your girl, loves to make the world her home. If she has this ineffable love for travelling or if it's her work that takes her to infinite places every now and then, give her a travel gift to make her trip more memorable.

Donald Duck Hoodie Neck Pillow

Leafy Travel Journal

  • The leafy travel journal, scratch world map or a bucket list book to capture all her moments could make a perfect valentine’s day for her. Gift it to her make it easy for her to keep track of all the places that she has visited or needs to visit.

  • The Donald Duck Hoodie Neck Pillow would be her best friend during all her flight/bus journeys where she would be able to take a nap in the comfort of her portable pillow. Creative and unique, they too are ‘not so cheesy’ yet brilliant valentine’s day gifts to gift her.

  • If she loves to read while travelling, gift her a I Wuf You Metallic Bookmark for an even better reading experience.

  • Fruit Skewer Bottle, and Dumbbell water bottle are creative gifts to make sure she takes in adequate fluids and keep herself fit.



Minions, undoubtedly are most adorable cartoon creatures we are blessed to have amongst us. Though we like their yellow-blue appearance and gibberish minionese language, your partner is head over heels over the cuteness of these creatures. Thus, this valentine’s day, gift her the love of her life( keep a stone on your heart, it might help :P) to fill the day with joy and euphoria!

Kung Fu Kevin- Minions 2 3D Funko POP Action Figure

Minion Plush Slippers


  • Minion plush slippers are adorable minion shaped slippers designed for minion lovers. Soft and cosy, it is a perfect footwear to wear at home and flaunt the cuteness of these creatures all the time. You could, therefore, gift these to your girlfriend/wife on valentine’s day to watch her gleeful expressions on receiving your special gift. Oh, go check out the most adorable plush slippers!

  • Minion Action Figure is the secret to uplift her mood. If she loves to keep collectibles, then this cute lil minion would reach straight to her heart.

  • Minion Keychain would be her partners in crime and a totally epic gift for your girlfriend.



If your girlfriend/wife is fitness freak and loves to spend her time playing her favorite sport or sweat it out in the gym, then it's time you gift her some unique gifts to celebrate her passion for fitness. Here we have some cool gift options you could gift to content her with stuff she loves the most.

Wonder Woman Shaker Bottle

Basketball Beer Mug 

  • Table tennis notebook is one of the little presents that you can opt to gift her on Valentine’s day. It would be for you both to have a game of table tennis at your home.

  • If she loves basketball fan, gift her the incredible Basketball Beer Mug.

  • Sports-themed mugs that include Golf Coffee Mug, and Football Shoe Mug are a nice choice for you look for this valentine’s day.



For people who always have a creative outlook on life, giving them conventional gifts is not something one would look forward to. Instead, giving them a creative present that would baffle them with its indigenous concept and presentation is what one strives to do. And if this creative person is your girlfriend, a gift for her has to be all the more special. Thus, to meet your requirements of 'out of the box’ gift, we have a plenty of options for you to choose from.

Metallic Cage Cosmetic Organizer

Heart Shape Curtain Clips LED String Lights




If your girl is a helpless romantic and loves your portrayal of affection for her, then there are some romantic gifts she would love for sure.

Seasons Inspired Scented Candles

Starfish Aquamarine Semi-Precious Pendant With Silver Chain

Select your favourite gift for her from our shelves and leave the rest to us. Start the counting for the valentine’s day waiting to gift your unique present to her on this special occasion. Celebrate the month of love with joy, happiness and lots of heart-shaped gifts! Explore our shelves to find many more unique gift ideas for your partner and gift her an unusual ‘hakte’ gift via bigsmall.

And don't forget to have a look at the very creative Valentine's Day Gifts collection! Happy Gifting!

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