Wedding Gifts for Couples

For any married couple in this world, there is hardly any other day which matches the importance of their wedding day. The tricky part comes in when you have to choose a wedding gift for them that can bring that awe effect. We have a variety of wedding gift options which can go a long way in making their day more special and memorable.

You certainly don't want their home to be flooded with regular gifts of no practical use. So, if you belong to a category of individuals who look out for unique wedding gifts, then you are at the right place. We have a wide range of gift options that beat the monotony of regular gifts. There is no point in presenting a gift so regular that it doesn’t bring a smile of excitement and surprise on the face of the receiver. We have tons of creative gifts options listed on our creative gift section, which you can check out.

Sometimes, choosing a gift for a friend can be a tough job, even though you may spend most of your time with them. The reason being, somewhere at the back of your mind, you feel obliged to give him a gift which in the true sense is worth it. On the other hand, the endless gifts options add to the complexity and most of the gifts fail to infuse emotions of affection. But we have a number of options for wedding gifts for friends, and picking out the best from them won’t be a tough task.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride

Finding a perfect gift for her is a tough ask because their choices vary to a great extent. To make things easier, we have brought a concise list of creative gifts which you can choose from. 

We do have a lot of options when it comes to presents for Indian bride covering both the traditional and modern gift options. We also have unique birthday gift ideas for women to put an end to the trend of mundane and out of fashion gift options.

Wedding Gifts for Groom

Be it gift ideas for Indian groom or birthday gift for men, we have got you covered. For a matter of fact, we have a complete range of options when it comes to finding perfect gifts for him.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Those who are looking for 1st anniversary gift ideas, so that they can add to their happiness through an out of the box gift, can check out our list of unique gift options.

Completing 25 years of marriage reflects the strong bond that the couple share and finding a suitable gift that can symbolize their strong relationship becomes imperative. You don’t need to look further as we have some of the unique 25th wedding anniversary gifts that will perfectly suit the need of the hour.

Couples celebrating 50th years of their marriage are an epitome of successful marriages, and especially for them we have special ideas for 50th anniversary gifts. Also, we need to remember the fact that no matter what gift we choose, for them it will always be trivial. It can be almost taken for granted that the emotion that might be running through the couple is simply one of a kind and reserved for a few lucky couples.

Gifts Shop in India 

Send gifts online to your friends and family members on special occasions from the wide range of gifts option to choose from. You can also send unique rakhi gifts like Buddha T-light holder and Lamp with LED stars to your sister.

Buy gifts online at for every occasion

When it’s wedding season and you have so many weddings to attend to, it is difficult to get the perfect wedding gift ideas for newlyweds. Whether it is engagement gift ideas for friends or sangeet gift ideas for couple, we have it all. If you want to play it safe but still give something unique, you should go for a housewarming gift for newlyweds as they will probably change the address after getting married. Unique lamps like Origami Bird Lights and Magnetic Heng Balance Lamp are great options, they are stylish and will look great in any kind of home décor theme. Speaking of décor, home décor gifts is another great idea especially as reception gift for colleague. When you don’t want to be too casual nor too formal, wall clocks like Beating Heart Wall Clock or photo frame like Wanderlust Photo Hanging Wooden Board are some of the many amazing gifts that fall into that category.

Gifts for couples according to categories

We have introduced a new take on traditional gifts with personalized gifts for couples. It is one of the great home decor gift ideas for newlyweds that we offer. Apart from customized gifts, personalised caricatures for couples is also a wonderful option to consider. If you are close to the couple you can get a cute picture of them and gift them a fun caricature portrait. If you think a gift is lacking something, adding a wedding pop-up card for newlyweds will add that something extra to the package. You can write a note with it or give it as it is. For wedding gifts, you can also go for personality-specific or hobby specific gift, granted you know their likes and dislikes well. If they love to travel, getting them useful but quirky travel gifts for couples will be considered a very thoughtful gift. Water-Resistant Travel Essentials Bag and Scratch World Map are some of the brilliant ideas.


Wedding Gifts by Price

Gift Ideas

Under 1000

Window photo Frame, Mug Shot Glasses – Set of 6

Under 1500

Pure Stoneware Soup Cups – Set of 4, Buddha Incense Burner

Under 2500

Personalized Moon Lamp, Rome Colosseum Bookends

Premium Gifts

Levitating Moon Lamp, Origami Bird Lights


FAQs related to wedding gifts for couple

Do you ship wedding gifts to the couple?

Yes, we ship wedding gifts to newlywed couples. You can also add a gift wrap to the gift. We also offer handwritten notes to accompany the gift for that extra personal touch. That way you can give your blessings and the gift to the couple even when you are not able to meet them in person.

Do people bring gifts to weddings?
Bringing a gift to the wedding is not compulsory, it is entirely your own preference. But, it is considered polite to get something for the new couple to take with them on the new journey that they have started. Some wedding invites explicitly state not to bring any wedding gift if that is the case you can forego giving a gift.

What do you gift as a gift for a wedding?
A wedding gift should be well thought and should consider the couple in question. If they are moving to a new place a unique home décor or housewarming gift is a great option. You can also get them kitchen supplies like Pure Stoneware Soup Cups – Set of 4. If you want to go a different route personalized gift is a great option.

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