Corporate Gift Hamper

Corporate Gift Hamper partnered up with a company to provide customized Gift Hamper as a Corporate Gift.

Take your gifting experience on a wonderous level with the Bigsmall curated corporate gifts, in particular, this enticing gift hamper inclusive of a Personalized Name Glass Bottle, a table lamp which also works as a stationery and phone holder, and a personalized card.

The table lamp has the imprint of the company name. It can hold all your essentials while you work through the day. Turn on the lamp to light up the room in a beautiful light. Stay up as late as you like and dive into a fantasy world, binge-watching your favourite show, keeping your phone on the phone holder without straining your hands. Have a look at the gorgeous lamps collection to have your pick.

 The Personalized Name Glass Bottle reflects the company name and the person's name as well.

Then there's this heartfelt personalized card. entertains corporate enquiries for our curation of unique gifts, with customizable logo and text branding on products available. For corporate queries, contact us on +919899309888 or drop an email on

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