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5 Safe Ways To Celebrate Holi During Covid This Year

5 Safe Ways To Celebrate Holi During Covid This Year

It takes time to become used to a certain lifestyle. The lockdown, social distancing lifestyle surely tried its best but we all managed to get past it, at least in some degree. Alas, it seems to be coming back. A couple of years ago, Holi was celebrated with excitement and little fear considering Covid-19 had not really hit our nation. However, coming later than usual this year on 8th March, Holi is running in our minds and we all are wondering how we can stay safe and colorful this year as well.

From buying a variety of colors to getting hold of those water pistols, we grew up and are here today with a daunting question, can we hit those water balloons this year? Well, creativity flows in us and that's why we are here with some ideas for you to play a safe Holi in 2023!


1. Holi with Your Loved Ones, Within Closed, Safe Premises

Who says Holi is fun only with a huge crowd of random people on the streets? This festival of colors needs just two things - loved ones and, well, colors! Stay within your own lawns, get out those organic, Herbal Holi colors and play with your dear ones who have always been around you, lockdown or not, Covid or not!

2. Enjoying Sweet and Savory Indian Snacks

When did we ever shy away from sweets and snacks? Never and now when it's Holi? Absolutely not! It is that time of the year when you get to parade your artsy, quirky crockery like the fancy bowls or plate sets that you keep hidden just to create envy on such joyful occasions. Don't worry, we are all guilty of it. We are with you. Besides, this is the only time we all are allowed to put on that festive weight from eating and gloating over these things. With Covid-19 restrictions we deserve it more!

3. Dance Away To The Holi Tunes!

From the Amitabh Bachchan hits to the Cutie Pie from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, bring out those unique bluetooth speakers and get the party started! Dancing needs just three things, your feet and music! So, this Holi get your dancing shoes on and show this pandemic who's tougher!

4. Enough Sanitizing, Time To Drink The Alcohol!

If you are the legal age then you need to get your drinking games out and start this fun now! Holi is the most fun festival we all have played our entire life, it is time to continue the tradition and drink the special thandai or even the expensive wine in those wine glasses which need to be showcased now or never! For the non-alcoholics, you can't drink but you can still play and win!

5. Send Gifts To Those Still At A Distance

Not everyone can be as near to us as we would wish them to be. We can still shower our love and remind them that we miss them in our celebrations. Maybe you cannot rub the color across the cheeks and mess their hair but you can surely send them the set of safe colors to celebrate with their family. If you cannot think of a gift then let's do the most practical and send gift cards which they can spend according to their own liking!

Covid-19, you may have won last year but now we know how to fight you and still enjoy our traditional festivals, especially one as colorful and fun as Holi! All we need is colors, music, food and our loved ones and we will have ample fun and wake up just as late (maybe hungover) as always!

Don't forget to pamper yourself as well with gifting yourself unique gifts this festive season! Holi may be late but we are all prepped!


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