Celebrating our Inner Goddesses this Navratri

Celebrating our Inner Goddesses this Navratri

Women are so many things at once: they're daughters, they're sisters, they're wives, they're mothers and among all these roles, they're women. So we thought it is the perfect time to acknowledge your superwoman traits and make all women feel appreciated. The best way to do that would be through expression and communication, sure but also with our super cool collection of heartfelt gifts for women, for all you beautiful women out there.


In India, we've grown up celebrating Navratri, haven't we? Little girls getting all dressed up, considered as little versions of the Goddesses. Remember the days you'd be called home to home for "kanjak" and bless even the eldest of the people with your tiny little hands? Yeah, that was fun. We'd be given awesome gifts for kids and great food. Time of our lives! But of course, we grew up. And then came the time to actually understand what it means to be a woman. (Though if we're being honest, we're still uncovering what that means, aren't we?)


The nine nights of Navratri are celebrated in the honour of the Divine Feminine, in celebration of women, beginning from Goddesses Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati. As children we don't really pay much heed to it but growing up we start to get a sense of it. When we talk about the most empowered woman of them all, who comes to mind? The inception, Durga Maa. It all started with her. She's the epitome of inner strength and what exactly it is that we call being a woman. She's fierce, she's strength, she's fragile and yet resilient. She is all she needs to be, unapologetically. She's the Shakti to her Shiv. Growing up in Indian households, of course you've listened to stories of Durga Maa and how she's the real warrior, the supreme. And we've all dressed up as a Goddess at least once as a kid, didn't we? But what does it really mean to be empowered? To be a woman? To be descendants of the Divine Feminine? 


Well, let's say it begins with accepting oneself in their skin. Understanding that every woman is different. And not just what the stereotype dictates her to be. She's not "supposed" to be anything that doesn't resonate within her bones. All she is supposed to be, is herself; however her heart drives her to be that way. There is no right or wrong way to be a woman. It all lies in the diversity of it. And that's woman empowerment. Strength, imperfection, and resilience to authentically be yourself! Because your shape, size, figure or look doesn't define you. What defines you, is your intelligence, what drives you, your brilliance, and your interests. And most of all, accepting yourself for who you truly are, unlearning what society has taught you to be a model of an "ideal" woman along the way. And most importantly supporting other women in their heartiest pursuits to find themselves.


So this might just be the correct time to show all those brilliant women in your life that they are exceptional. And as they are unlearning to be themselves, appreciating them for being their awesome selves! And what better way to do that, than with our personal and unique gifts to speak your heart out. Whether you gift them the most stylish jewellery for her love of dressing up or the most fun socks because she loves to binge watch, we have got gifts for all of them with varied personality types. Then of course you could gift them something like personalised gifts to show that touch of a gift specially made for them. No matter you choose to gift them a gift or bake them a cake yourself, letting them know they are seen for being themselves is what matters the most at the end of the day. Because that's what Navratri is ultimately about; celebrating ourselves for who we are, our brilliant inner Goddesses striving to better the world, one pursuit at a time; about Women Empowerment, no?

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