Friends Music Box - Bigsmall May 2021 Product Of The Month

Friends Music Box - Bigsmall May 2021 Product Of The Month

So no one told you Friends won the month of May? Well it did!

With the Friends reunion on 27th May 2021, everyone who might have forgotten about the six F.R.I.E.N.D.S from 1994 got reminded of them right here in 2021. With the perfect special which made us all understand why it is important to not reboot Friends for a millennial version, we all were left wanting for more. If you missed the reunion then don't worry, just read up the highlights of the Friends reunion right here.

Still feel like you need more of Friends in your life? Here's where we come in with our absolutely amazing Friends Music Box. From being compact and light-weight to being a tool to aid the smooth flow of nostalgia, this Friends music box is the best F.R.I.E.N.D.S gift for Friends lovers out there. We know you keep searching for Friends merchandise in India and that's why we have many Friends themed gifts with us out of which this is a bestseller! 

With beautiful design engraved on the box's exterior to the exact same font of F.R.I.E.N.D.S inside the box, this music box is here to be your soothing support in your low times as well as happy times! It's one of the best gifts for friends to show them that they're just as valuable to you as the meatball sandwich is to Joey.

The oak-stain finish of this small music box makes it a beautiful memento. It's manually operated so by turning the handle you can unleash the warmth of the theme song from the Friends sitcom. If you feel like you're always stuck in second gear, where it hasn't been your day, your month or even your year, we'll be here for you! With lots of such awesome Friends show gifts as our creative gifts will always have something special for everyone!

Here are also some quick Q&As for you to know why everyone loves this product!


1. Is the Friends Music Box Automatic?

No, it is a wind-up music box which means it is manually operated. So just turn the small handle and hear the theme tune while you fall asleep or read a book! It's a must-have Friends themed product for every Friends fan from our cool music boxes collection.

2. Which song does the Friends Music Box play?

It plays the tune of theme song from the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S by The Rembrandts called I'll be there for you. It's an iconic song now considering how the show has stayed so close to us, 17 years later. Anyone who listens to even the beginning of the song immediately knows what to feel and who to remember! This is the perfect gift for your friends, siblings or just anyone you know who would love to get a Friends theme gift which isn't a tee shirt. So if you're wondering where to buy birthday gifts which have such awesome themes? You're at the right place!

3. Is this music box with the Friends series song heavy?

Not at all. It's a wooden, light-weight and compact music box which makes it ideal to be kept anywhere! From your bedside table to your side table near the couch or even a shelf. You can place it anywhere and it's aesthetic engravings also make it a great addition to stylish home decor in your home.

4. Does the Friends TV Show Music Box run on battery?

No. It's a wind-up music box so it runs like a vintage music box but is smaller and lighter. When you rotate the handle, the small cylinder with the protruding pins rotates and hits the comb. The sounds that we hear when the pins vibrate due to the prongs on the comb are the notes of the music. When you wind the music box you can open it and see this mechanism work as well. Just open the lid and see how the magic happens! 

We know shopping for Friends themed gifts usually ends up in results of buying tee shirts or hoodies with the Friends designs or Friends quotes on F.R.I.E.N.D.S gifts. However, with our wide range of unique gifts you never have to feel that you're out of options for buying gifts for men or gifts for women or even wedding gifts because that's how much we love providing awesome gifts for everyone and for every occasion! We hope you're safe and healthy, and are wearing your cool face masks when you step outside your house.

Stay safe & keep shopping online!

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