A Thing For Every Friend - Unique Gifts Ideas for Friendship Day

A Thing For Every Friend - Unique Gifts Ideas for Friendship Day

 From our early days , we have all wanted to find that special friend, in that next door neighbour with the cool Pokémon cards, in our school chemistry lab partner, in our college football team striker, in that nerdy teacher’s pet who saves our ass during exams. We are constantly in search for someone who we can connect with. But, we fail to notice that every one of our friends are special and it’s not absolutely necessary to have ONE best friend when you can have many ‘special’ friends.

So on this friendship’s day, tag along with bigsmall.in to gift all your special friends something unexpected. Because being predictable is boring and they just deserve so much more than a box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers! Here’s what you can do:

1. The Lazy One

There’s always a person in every clique who is way too lazy, a party pooper, in short, sleep is their best friend not you. Don’t give them an opportunity to ruin this year’s friendship’s day plans! Gift them a nap anywhere, anytime with the power nap pillow. 

Power Nap Pillow

 For more lazy gifts, check out the lazy reading glasses.

2. The Health conscious one

Food is a crucial part of all our lives, for some people more than others. We have the Joey-kind-of-friend who hates sharing and we also have the kind who is health conscious. The latter is a cribber. Don’t worry, we have something for these health conscious cribbers too- The Fruit Infuser. The Fruit infuser bottle will turn your normal water bottle into a healthy fruity drink. 

Fruit Infuser Bottle

Find out more about the Fruit Infuser Bottle.

3. The Bond

Yep, the name resonates with oomph and swag. The ring bottle opener is perfect for this dapper friend who can take that swagness to a whole other level.

Ring Bottle Opener

Find more about the Ring Bottle Opener.

4. The Crazy Bookworm

We all have that one friend who loves reading. They can read standing up, lying down, upside down, on the floor, while they potty… you catch the drift right?

Make reading more fun for them with this reading light (now everybody around them can sleep in peace…Ssshhh it’s our secret!)

Reading Light

Find more about the Reading Light.

5. The Minion Obsessed one

Jumpy, happy-go-lucky, Duracell energized bunny, these are a few words that define them. Everybody loves this friend!

The minions are cute, who doesn’t love them ? So why not grab a minion coffee mug to add more zest to his or her energetic spirit.

Demountable Minion Mugs

Find more about the Minion Coffee Mugs. 

Check out our complete list of creative friendship day gifts!

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