Fun way to rock your next house party scene with Cards Against Humanity

Fun way to rock your next house party scene with Cards Against Humanity

Planning a fun house party this weekend? Stock up on supplies, booze, mugs, etc. before you call over those adorable sickos. As you browse through the caverns of the best party shop, you might just chance over a peculiar sounding card game. Did you read that right? You ask yourself amazed! Yep, we are talking about the most crass, politically incorrect, incongruous, yet loads of fun, Cards Against Humanity.




Created by a group of eight Highland Park High School alumni, it involved a group of players writing out the most abstract and, often, humorous response to the topic question. Ben Hantoot and Max Temkin, were influenced by the popular Apples to Apples card game and was initially named, Cardenfreude. The name was later changed to Cards Against Humanity, with the answers pre-written on the white cards known today. 


Get your lazy ass friends to sit on beanies or couches and unwrap the package. Inclusive of 550 printed cards and a rules booklet, this bomb of a game promises tonnes of uninhibited fun. 

To begin with each player draws 10 white cards from the deck. The person who most recently pooped becomes the Card Czar. Yep cheers to crappy beginnings! (pun totally intended) He picks up a black card face up and reads it aloud. The other players pass on their responses in the form of white cards face down. The Card Czar now shuffles all the answers and shares each card combo with the group. Ideally, the Card Czar should re-read the black card before presenting each answer. Whoever submitted the funniest answer gets one "awesome point". After the round, a new player becomes the Card Czar, and everyone draws back up to 10 white cards. The rules do not state how to win the game, the only objective is to roll of the couch laughing! The rules are flexible and can be altered with the many house rules incorporated in the rule book. 

Order a set for yourself today or make a gift of it to an equally party freak friend! You don't even have to step out of your comfort zone to acquire a set, all ya need to do is log on to the quirkiest online gifting store, select your gift, checkout and voila your package will be delivered within a time frame of 3-5 days. 


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