Innovative Office Accessories for a Productive Workspace


Take any employee from any sector where computer-based desk work is necessary, one thing everyone craves is a sorted work desk. The desk where employees perform all their work duties and spend almost all their work hours must be equipped with the right office accessories. Awesome office accessories can significantly boost productivity and overall work experience of employees. They make work a breeze, instead of a chore that they have no interest in. More than just aesthetics, office desk accessories also help organise the workspace, reduce stress, and boost efficiency. This blog gives a rundown of the best office room accessories from Bigsmall to turn your desk into a powerhouse of productivity.

Influence of Good Office Accessories on Productivity

How do you picture your workspace? Is it cluttered, filled with spilt coffee stains, tangled cables, non-working charging points or the one where there’s no clutter, well-organised and all the office desk necessities are neatly stacked? The second one right? There’s no denying that a clutter-free work desk lets workers focus better on their tasks rather than overwhelming them with the mess. The best office accessories also improve ergonomics, leading to less physical strain and more comfortable working hours. Studies have shown that a well-organised workspace can increase productivity by up to 20%. (1) What else can organisations dream of other than better employee productivity and getting more work done in fewer hours? To create an environment conducive to efficient work by picking items from the below-mentioned office accessories list: 

Maximise Your Efficiency with These Office Accessories

To truly take your employees’ efficiency to the next level at the workspace, welcome pieces from the collection of unique office accessories of Bigsmall into your setup:

1. Wall Clock 

This unique wall clock is more than just a timekeeping device. It helps you manage your time effectively and lets you stick to your schedule and deadlines. A large wooden wall clock right in front of you elevates the workspace aesthetics, and complements your office decor. No need to bring out the mobile to check what time it is, and lose precious work minutes checking social media or messages on the phone. It protects employees from getting distracted during work hours. 


2. LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger

When you want an all-in-one work desk tool, believe me, this is it! From a light stand to a pen holder, and the wireless charger stand, all come together to brighten up your workspace (literally). Ample lighting at the work desk reduces eye strain during long hours of work. This LED desk lamp with a wireless charger illuminates the workspace while also keeping the devices powered up.  This unique gadget is a must-have for modern offices.


3. Tabletop Metallic


Keeping your phone within reach without cluttering your desk is essential. This metallic table top mobile stand does just that while adding a sleek, professional look to your workspace. It ensures your phone is always at an optimal viewing angle, which is great for video calls and notifications. It also makes using your phone simpler while it’s on charge. Can a social media manager who is on his/her phone day in, and day out ask for more? 

4. Stationery Holder

Pens, pencils, paper clips, scissors, and other small items can quickly clutter your desk. This unique pen stand in the design of a fist helps keep these items organised and easily accessible. Isn’t it fun to place pens in the palm of this hand? Keep your desk tidy with this holder from Bigsmall. You can also check out our wide collection of office stationery from Bigsmall.


5. Journal

Despite the digital age, a journal remains a valuable tool for jotting down ideas, tasks, and notes. It helps in keeping track of your thoughts and plans and ensures nothing slips through the cracks. This vintage travel journal comes with a PU leather cover that can withstand long use, wear and tear and spills here and there. So don’t worry about your ideas being in threat around water. It’s safe in it! 


6. 3D Acrylic LED Message Board

A 3D acrylic LED message board is a smart, stunning way to keep track of important reminders and messages. It’s best when sudden thoughts outpour and you need a handy surface to write them down for future reference. Its plain acrylic panel comes with an illuminated surface which makes notes and reminders visible and adds a futuristic touch to your desk. It also comes with a bunch of sketch pens to list down the ideas whenever your mind decides to remember them. 


7. Paper Weight

A paperweight might seem like an old-fashioned accessory, but it is incredibly useful in keeping your documents in place. Now when a roulette and a paperweight roll into one, you get this fun, beautiful decision-maker paperweight. With a red ball being the decider of your fate, this tiny, iron-made paperweight adds charm to your desk.


How Can We Further Enhance Office Productivity?

Enhancing office productivity goes beyond just adding office table organisers. Here are some additional tips for better office productivity:


Ensure your office/workspace chair and desk are at the right height with the right support to prevent body strain. An ergonomic chair, an adjustable desk, and the right monitor height can make a huge difference in employee performance.

Declutter Regularly

A clean desk promotes a clear mind. Spend a few minutes each day tidying up your workspace. Get rid of everything that is not in use anymore or you don’t need anymore. Don’t let anything sit there and accumulate dust. 


Add a few personal touches to the work desk like photos of your loved ones/you/pets, plants, or artwork to make your workspace more inviting. 

Digital Tools

Use productivity apps and tools to keep track of tasks and deadlines. Tools like Trello, Asana, and Evernote can help you stay organised on the work front.

Investing in the right office accessories can make the workspace more efficient and enjoyable. People love working from a space where they feel homely or like their own. A sense of belonging with the work desk can make all the difference in one’s performance and productivity. Each accessory in this list of things to keep on the office desk plays a role in boosting productivity. Simply combine these unique gift items from Bigsmall with good ergonomic practices and regular decluttering to create a workspace that is functional and inspiring. The list of office accessories can extend beyond your imagination when Bigsmall is at your assistance. Welcome the power of office desk accessories in your life to enhance productivity and make your workday smoother.

FAQ on Office Accessories

How do office accessories contribute to increased productivity?

Office accessories help organise your workspace, reduce clutter, and provide necessary tools within easy reach to minimise distractions while working and save time.

What are the top 10 office room accessories one should have?

The best office accessories every employee should own are: 

  1. Table Clock
  2. LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger 
  3. Tabletop Metallic Phone Holder
  4. Stationery Holder
  5. Journal
  6. 3D Acrylic LED Message Board
  7. Paper Weight
  8. Ergonomic Chair
  9. Monitor Stand
  10. Desk Organiser Tray

How to keep the office desk organised?

The best way to keep the office desk organised is to use organisers for stationery, documents, and personal items. Regularly declutter your desk, and keep only essential items within reach. 

Which is the best platform to get office accessories as a gift for employees?

If you are searching the web for gifts for work-from-home or office employees, you can come across a lot of unusual options. But with Bigsmall, you can access the best range of useful corporate gifts such as mugs, lamps, notebooks and pens, bags and backpacks, and more.

What are some trending office accessories that evoke style?

Stylish LED desk lamps, metallic phone holders, acrylic message boards, and modern, minimalist stationery holders are currently trending among office workers. These practical items also add a touch of sophistication to the workspace.



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