Learn to make a button bracelet and necklace to make your pastime productive

Learn to make a button bracelet and necklace to make your pastime productive

On every big and small occasion, we give gifts to honour the occasion and the host as it is considered a sweet gesture. But thinking of birthday gifts for friends or cousins can make you ponder a lot as you would definitely need some of the unique gifts for them. Gifting some handmade gifts can be a great idea as it is something out of the box and will help you to connect with them better.

Learning to make a button bracelet can add to your skill set and also will help you in making handmade gifts for your near and dear ones. And for making this homemade surprise all you need is an assortment of buttons as per your choice, sharp scissors, a ruler and 15-30 inches of 1mm cord to string the buttons on. If you are wondering what more would you need to add magic to your craft, a bit of imagination would do the rest.


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Before you do anything, choose the buttons you want to use. Make sure to use all 4-holed buttons or the 2-holed buttons. A tip for the young crafters is to use the 2-holed buttons as it will make the process easier. You can also use one 2-holed button for the end button of a 4-holed button bracelet. Try to pick the buttons in a variety of sizes and textures and use such colours that look good together. Cover the work area with a dish towel as it protects the table along with making it easier for you to see the materials against the white fabric.

After you are done selecting the buttons, assemble them side by side near the ruler to know how any of them would be needed to make the bracelet. For an average adult-size bracelet, you would need about 10-12 buttons, depending on the size of buttons as the bracelet should be about 7-inches long.

The next step is to cut a piece of cord. Take a cord of 15 inches for a bracelet with 2-holed buttons and if you want to make a bracelet using 4-holed buttons, you would need a cord of 30 inches.

You need to tie a loop for fastening together the two ends. For a 2-holed one, you need to double about 2 inches at one end of the cord and then tie a knot in it, in a manner that you leave a big loop to fit around the last button. For a 4-holed button bracelet, the entire cord needs to be doubled and then the tie the loop to have the same amount of cord on either side. Thread the cord from one side through the two holes of every button and through the bottom two holes of the buttons, thread the other side.

The next step is to string the buttons on the cord in such a way that from the back of each button, the cord comes up which again goes down from the top to the bottom of the buttons. You need to tie the last button at the end of the cord. If you are making a 4-holed bracelet, from the back of the end button, bring the two ends of the cord up to tie them together on the top. For 2-holed button bracelet, run the cord through both the ways and tie it as you did for the first loop but just remember that the end button will be on the loop.

After this, you are ready to use this bracelet or gift it to someone because it is done by doing these few steps. This beautiful ready-to-use bracelet is one of the creative gifts that you can give to any of your friends or family members and they are surely going love it. You can easily create a button necklace by using the same procedure to make the process, a hassle-free one.

Sometimes, due to a busy schedule, you may not have time to sit back and make a necklace or a bracelet for your friend. In that case, you can gift them with these Magnetic NanoDots as it can be used as a bracelet and a necklace and looks stunning when in use.

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