Rakhi Gift Hampers - Bring Your Siblings Bundles of Joy

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It's that time of the year - Raksha Bandhan is almost here. It's the time where we all scamper for the perfect gifts for our beloved siblings, in the nick of time.

The brother-sister relationship is a truly special relationship - and Raksha Bandhan is the one day of the year where we set apart everything and cherish the relationship. Of course, Raksha Bandhan is incomplete without gifting your sibling something special.

Let's make this clear - chocolates, or cards, aren't really special. Your sibling is probably bored with them already. This Rakhi, refresh your gift giving experience - rekindle the magic with unique Rakhi Gifts. Your sibling is one-of-a-kind - however annoying they may be to you, you still love them - and they're special in their own way. 

This Raksha Bandhan, give your special siblings some special gifts. Gifts that are creative in design, unique in utility, yet personalized for your siblings' personality and hobbies - gifts they'll remember for long. Put in some thought into your gifts this year - and show your siblings that you care about them.

You might be thinking - this is surely easier said than done! But fortunately for you, we've put in the hard yards already - with our exclusively curated Rakhi Gift Sets. Gift sets aren't just gift sets - they're bundles of exuberant joy upon opening. Surprise your sibling - with a wonderful Rakhi Gift Box this Rakhi.

1. Gym Bro Rakhi Gift Set

Is the gym where your brother's always hanging out? Does he love flexing his muscles? If so, this gift set will be the ideal rakhi gift for brother. This gift set includes a Gym Bro Rakhi, a Dumbbell Water Bottle and a Muscle Coffee Mug. 



This Rakhi, tie your brother a personalized rakhi - the Gym Bro Rakhi, with an artistic dumbbell design - will certainly put a smile on your brother's face. The Dumbbell Water Bottle is a fantastic unique gift with great daily-life utility - it will provide your brother light workouts whenever needed, along with hydration for the sweat he breaks in the gym. And finally, the Muscle Mug will allow him to sip out of a mug worthy of his brawn.

2. Traveller Bro Rakhi Gift Set 

Does your brother love to chart the paths less charted? Is he frequent in blazing new trails? If so, this gift set will be one he truly cherishes. The Traveler Bro Rakhi Gift Set includes a Traveler Bro Rakhi, a Scratch World Map and a Travel Journal - color of your choice.

The first step to your Raksha Bandhan should be tying your brother a unique Rakhi. - the traveler bro rakhi will do just that, with an airplane design that'll put a smile on his face. The Scratch World Map will help him track his travels - with an interactive design - countries that change color upon scratching. It will also help him rekindle memories of his classic journies, and motivate him for the next. The Travel Journal will be his companion on his journeys, where he can pen down his memorable moments.

3. Wonder Woman Sister Rakhi Gift Set

For the Wonder Women - a wonderful rakhi gift for sisters. Just like how a brother protects his sister, truth is, sisters, protect brothers just as much - from a multitude of problems. This Raksha Bandhan, when your sister ties you a rakhi, tie her one back - for the times she's protected you, and for the times she'll continue to. Couple that up with some wonderous gifts - and she'll remember this Raksha Bandhan for a long, long time. The Wonder Woman Rakhi Gift Set includes a Wonder Woman Rakhi, a Wonder Woman Apron and a Vintage Superhero Poster.


If you're tying your sister a Rakhi, do it right - tie her a personalized rakhi befitting her stature. The Wonder Woman Rakhi will do just that - capturing your sister's superhero essence. Is she a superhero in the kitchen as well? Then the Wonder Woman Apron would be the perfect ally - an apron resembling Wonder Woman's costume. And finally, bring her walls to life with the Vintage Superhero Poster - a classy poster featuring 105 of history's all-time greatest superheroes and villains, including Wonder Woman.

4. Photographer Bhai Rakhi Gift Set

Does your brother get goosebumps at the click of a camera? Is he the master at figuring out what angles and lighting is just right for your pictures? If so, this is just the right gift set for him. The Photographer Bhai Rakhi Gift Set includes a Photographer Bhai Rakhi, a Camera Pop-Up Card, a Mini Camera Wallet Pouch and an Insta Camera Mug.



Your brother deserves a Rakhi just as creative as he is - the Photographer Bhai Rakhi, with a wonderful camera-shaped design, will do the trick. Of course, as a photographer, Instagram is a place your brother must frequent. Have him sip his coffee from the Insta Camera Mug, as he ponders upon his next master shot. As he travels looking for another beautiful landscape picture, keeping all the coins and small items in tow may not be the easiest thing - but the Mini Camera Wallet Pouch will help him achieve that. And finally, the Camera Pop-Up card, with its intricate laser-cut design - which pops up into a 3D camera when opened, will make for a fantastic desk item.

5. Batman Bro Rakhi Gift Set

Much like Batman is to Gotham, your brother is to you - protecting you throughout, watching like a silent guardian. Thank your Batman with this wonderful Batman-themed gift set. The Batman Bro Rakhi Gift Set includes a Batman Bro Rakhi, a 3D Batman Mug and a Batman Batarang Keychain.



Your brother is one-of-a-kind - he deserves a Rakhi just as one-of-a-kind. The Batman Bro Rakhi, with an artistic Batsignal carving - will do just that. He's Batman in his own way, so he deserves to drink like Batman - the 3D Batman Mug, intricately sculpted in the face of the Caped Crusader himself, will be a fantastic collectible and a decorative piece. And finally - Batman's weapon of choice, now protecting his keys - in the form of the Batman Batarang Keychain, which will be another brilliant addition into his armory. Also a fantastic rakhi gift for kids.

This Raksha Bandhan, send your sibling in a joyous delirium - there is nothing that can bring more happiness than a personalized, unique gift hamper. 

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