Rakhi Gift Guide for a Married Sister

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Finding the right Rakhi present for a sister who’s married can get a little tricky sometimes. You probably want to get her something that is set apart from the conventional gifting ideas and yet at the same time it has to be a really unique gift that will make her smile.  

Gone are the days of getting her dolls or clothes. You gift can't really be the plain, regular packet of chocolates and candies you used to get her when you were younger either, right? Or a set of crayons?  

Clearly, there is no easy way out.  

Well, we're here to help you find just the right thing to get for your sister. This Rakhi, bring the brightest smile on your sister's face with an amazing gift from our online store. 

Browse our recommendations for some lovely gifting ideas below:

1. Tea Pot Set


Tea Pot Set


This is an innovative tea set that will not only leave your sister amazed at its creative and one of a kind design but will also make her smile wide. Its teapot family consists of 1 teapot and 4  adorable teacups that all fit perfectly into the layout of the tray. They also have their specific places in the design of the teapot!


2. Beating Heart Wall Clock


Beating Heart Wall Clock


Your sister has to love this clock! With its romantic design, it can leave anyone delighted by just looking at it. Every time it ticks, it reminds one of one's heart pounding at every minute, every second of the day. It is sleek and will definitely be put up on the wall by your sister as soon as she unwraps this beautiful gift.


3. Monk Incense Burner


Monk Incense Burner


If your sister is fascinated by all things spiritual, she will absolutely love to own this Monk Buddha Incense Burner. Its design is peaceful just to look at, but once the incense is lit...the magic really begins! It is finely crafted and can add to the ambiance of any room with its healing fragrance and charm.


4. Owl Wall Clock




This owl clock is a hoot! Its constant movement of its eye and tail can leave anyone gazing at it amusingly! It is in the design of an owl sitting on a branch, looking about and waving its tail. The hour and minute flip with every passing moment, giving the whole a rustic, homely feel indeed.  


5. Handmade Wooden Heart Drawer


Handmade Wooden Heart Drawer


If you want to show your sister how much you love her and how you miss her, this handmade drawer with its rustic, intricate design will do it just for you. It is a charming little drawer that can store away all your sister's knick-knacks and keep them safe. She'd definitely think of you every time she looks at it.  


6. Eiffel Tower Bottle LED Lamp


Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamp


This vibrant, colourful LED Lamp merges the breathtaking beauty of the Eiffel Tower along with the simple charm of LED Lights. Once lit up, it can make even the dullest corners of one's home shine and add to the overall glow of the room, leaving it to look absolutely enchanting.


7. Skeleton Wine Holder


Skeleton Wine Holder


Is your sister someone who's obsessed with all things spooky and mysterious? Does she love anything that's eerie? Well, this wine holder in its design of a ghastly skeleton holding up a bottle of wine while riding it bike or rising from the flames it just what you need to get her. Its chilling appearance is like no other!


8. Antique Retro TV Clock


Retro TV Clock

If your sister is really an old soul at heart, she will love to adorn her room with this vintage clock. Its retro appearance in the shape of a TV or camera gives it a nostalgic, old-fashioned feel that your sister would totally adore. It is classy and a simple way of giving any room a completely classic, vintage feel without putting in much effort!    

If you need more help with gifting ideas, you can write to us at help@bigsmall.in or check out more Rakhi Gifts for sisters on bigsmall.in!

Happy gifting! 

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