10 Unique Gifts for Your Teachers

10 Unique Gifts for Your Teachers

Today, in the 21st Century, people say Google is the best teacher. Stuck with a math problem? “Google it!” Need a tutorial for numerical in Economics? “Google it!” Searching for answers about the Solar System? “Google it!” So yes, Google can give us buckets of information related to various topics. But is that all? Is that all it takes to be a teacher? Can a measly search engine really teach today’s kids values? Or morals? Honesty. Perseverance. Patience. Self Esteem.
Does Google teach any of this? How about being a listening ear? A mentor? Or teach you to reach your full potential?

These values are all instilled in us by our teachers and our parents. It is these teachers who work day and night to mould the minds of tomorrow’s leaders. Our teachers are the people we look up to. Our parents are real teachers too- they teach us our first words! Teachers are just like mothers who hone the skills of tonnes of children out there and take care of all their needs. They are the people whose values we try to replicate in our lives and whose expectations drive us to achieve our potential. They are the real superheroes and the ones that shape the future of our nation. They nurture the minds of billions of children and their reach goes beyond the four walls of a classroom.
Tomorrow’s minds are influenced by today’s teachers.

What is Teacher’s Day?

It is the one day of the year devoted solely to show our appreciation for our lovely teachers. It is the chance we have to thank them and show them the difference they’ve made in our lives. It is an opportunity to tell them that it is because of their diligence that you can read these words today.

But is just one day really enough? Is just one day sufficient for all of us to show our gratitude to our teachers who we’ve had all the way from kindergarten to college? One day, to thank them for their years of training and hard work?

We at bigsmall.in would like to show our gratitude towards the real superheroes all year long! We believe that someone who has such a huge impact on the lives of so many people needs to be rewarded more. Their appreciation is something that should be done every day, not just annually.
And so, we’ve made a collection of 10 unique and exciting gifts that are bound to brighten any teacher’s day!

Browse our recommendations to find the perfect gifts for your teachers.

1. Dinosaur Tea Infuser

Dinosaur Tea Infuser - bigsmall.in

Which teacher doesn’t like a strong cup of tea in the morning? Being simple and easy to use, along with the cutest look, this little tea infuser makes for the perfect gift to brighten your teacher’s day!

2. Fruit Skewer Bottle

Fruit Skewer Bottle - BPA Free - bigsmall.in

Running from class to class all day long is sure to take a toll on our precious teachers. What better way to stay refreshed on the move all day long other than our Fruit Skewer Bottle? With it's easy to use Infuser, it provides a healthy yet refreshing alternative to a plain, boring water bottle.

3. Holographic Unicorn Pouch

Holographic Unicorn Pouch - bigsmall.in

We all know how much our dear teachers always need to have pens, pencils, erasers and well, pretty much all types of stationery. This holographic pouch not only serves the purpose of storing all sorts of stationery but gives off an extremely trendy look too!

4. Bigsmall Water Bottle

Bigsmall Water Bottle - bigsmall.in

For all your Physical Education teachers and fitness enthusiast faculties out there, this water bottle makes for the ideal gift. Serving the purpose of keeping one hydrated during workouts, this innovative product is a perfect gift! 

5. Book Light With Paper Clip

Book Light With Paper Clip

How are our teachers so knowledgeable? How do they have answers to our endless questions? Because they’re book lovers, of course! This portable reading light is perfect for our learned teachers whether they’re on the go or just curling up in bed with their favorite book. 

6. Pastel Ice-Cream Bowl

Pastel Ice Cream Bowl - Set of 2

For all your teachers with a sweet tooth out there, this ice cream bowl is just perfect to enjoy those scrumptious treats! A sweet gift for the sweetest guide, for sure!

7. Power Nap Pillow

Power Nap Pillow - bigsmall.in

When it comes to running about all day long, our poor teachers barely ever catch a break! This Power Nap Pillow is absolutely excellent to help any educator get a power nap during break time. It'll help them recharge in between classes.

8. Magical Rainbow Rug

Magical Rainbow Rug

Are you stumped about what to get for your favourite teacher? Well, fear not! This super cute and colourful rug is the perfect addition to your favourite teacher’s house! With its soft texture and vibrant hue, this rug can brighten any room. 

9. Einstein Resin Holder

Einstein Resin Holder

Brighten your teacher's desk with this beautiful and whacky Einstein holder. Gift a succulent with it or just get it as a stationery holder, your physics teacher is sure to love this gift.

10. Planet Air Humidifier

Planet Air Humidifier

Spending all those nights making lesson plans and correcting test papers is surely a large chunk of any teacher’s life. What makes an adorable gift for those nights? Our Planet Air Humidifier! It is a surefire way to battle skin dryness and it brings about a beautiful aroma in the room. And the best part? It acts as a tiny lamp too!

In today’s fast paced world, where Google and Wikipedia are replacing teachers, the real superheroes are being forgotten. Bit by bit, society is beginning to forget the crucial role that teachers play in developing young minds. However, things don’t have to stay this way. And what other easy way to start than to appreciate your teachers today?

Write to us on info@bigsmall.in if you need help choosing a special gift for teacher's day.

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