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12 Tips to Celebrate Diwali From the Safety of your Home This Year!

12 Tips to Celebrate Diwali From the Safety of your Home This Year!

2023 has been a year of recovery from Covid-19 and we totally agree! However, one can still find reasons for cheer, with the festive season right about the corner. Well, hell no!!! Who says Diwali is all about stepping out and making a resounding bang (or maybe lots of them!)? Though the erstwhile fun and festivities will be missed, but that's no reason for not having a blast this time around too! Yes, you read that right folks. Step on the bandwagon, as we unveil 12 coolest and fun filled ways to literally have the best Diwali celebrations this year, that too without stepping out from the confines of your home!

1. Get creative and make personalized Diwali gifts for loved ones! 

Personalization spells care and spreads extra warmth and we at swear by spreading joy and mirth all year round! We suggest that you put on your thinking hat and get those creative juices rolling. Curate handmade pop up cards, Diwali special hand picked gift hampers replete with self care goodies. Your loved ones will surely melt like better on seeing these beauties. Feeling too lazy to move a muscle? Well stay chill amigos, as we present a whole new range of personalized gifts that will surely bring hearts closer without any extra effort!

Diwali Tips 1

2. Do some spring cleaning and redecorate your home!

For many households, Diwali is synonymous with cleaning one's caverns thoroughly. Emptying out all nooks and crannies and getting rid of old clothes and household stuff that don't really fit the bill now, is a standard practice. Quirk it up a bit with sparkling new storage organizers such as a brand new ring holder for wife which will hopefully put an end to any more curious incidences of lost rings! Amp up the festive vibes in your home with garlands or quirky lamps. 
Diwali Tips 2
Well, if that's how you feel about it, we feel ya mate! But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
Once you are done with the cleaning, you could hit up Story of Spaces to redecorate your den according to your mood and budget. They have done some awesome work in redecorating our office space as well! 

3. Donate your old stuff to someone who needs it more than you do!

Tip the karmic balances in your favor with a little bit of spreading joy and positivity. Before you toss your old tee in the refuse, think about the joy and warmth it could bring to someone less fortunate. So gather all your old stuff, and take a trip down the nearest orphanage. Spread the good vibes peeps!
Diwali Tips 3

4. Play fun card games!

The charm of the festival lies in a good round of fun and mirth with family and friends! Bring out the shots and amp up the fun with the I Should Have Known That! Card Game. This product will leave you in splits with the funny answers from your friends and family. This one is a really cool game to start your next Diwali party. It is sure to get everyone tips and in "high spirits", quite literally though! 

5. Make pretty colorful rangolis :)

Nothing spells festive cheer more than those pretty swirls of color on the floor. Yes folks, we are talking about none other than the beautiful kolams or rangolis that adorn the floors of almost every Indian household during these festive times! Looking for the perfect organic colors to fill up your creative designs? Look no further amigos, as we bring to you the natural Rangoli Color Box. Give wings to your imagination and paint the town red with your creativity!
This one had us all cracked up! Show us your quirky creations as well!!

6. Make your own sweets and savory snacks

Remember how grannies' sweets always smelled and tasted better than the same laddoos from the market? Well, the difference lies in the personal touch! Put on your chef's hat that has been gathering dust in some corner of the house and whip up some finger lickin' good delicacies with an aftertaste and sweet memories that are bound to linger. 


7. Spend time with family 

When was the last time you had a heart to heart conversation with your sister, or maybe shared a relaxed cup of tea with your father? Can't seem to remember, well that's understandable because of the tight daily schedule that bind us to the grind. Festivals are an antidote to the same. Chillax and catch up with your homies and indulge in a much needed fam-jam. Dust off any old feelings of resentment and replace them with the balm of sorted communication. That's the real essence of festivals we believe! They have got a lot to do with healing, both external and internal.


8. Go crazy with the diyas!

No amount of candles or electronic lights can replace the glow and charm of the humble diyas. Reminiscent of a fellow human's handwork they represent self-sufficiency and love for labor. Stay close to your roots and buy a bunch of these beauties for your home. Plus point, the pictures will be totally insta-worthy too!! You would also be funding an artisan's quest for survival in these tough times.


9. Set time aside for pampering yourself!

Amongst all the hustle and bustle, don't forget to take care of someone who matters the most- you!!! Festivities tend to take a toll if a single person runs the ship. Ensure that you stay hydrated, get yourself the Fruit Infuser Water Bottle
 to make yourself healthy and keep that regular intake of water going and keep glowing from within!


10. Read that book you have always wanted to!

Got time on your hands? We say, fulfill all your book bucket list dreams. With a plethora of ebooks or even the old school paperbacks of your favorite novels available, festivals are a good time to curl up with a cuppa and enjoy! 
Well, that's a wrap folks! This is Naina Sandhir signing off. Wishing everyone a joyous cracker-free Diwali! Delhi peeps, feel free to drop by at our store for any last-minute Diwali gifts. Stay safe people!



11. Artistic Spree

With the Diwali celebration reaching a pinnacle, go full on celebration mode with a painting and sketching session. Draw your hearts out and make art for and with all your loved ones! Wouldn't it bring up the nostalgic memories of a lifetime wherein there used to be so many childhood painting classes and what nots! Get your crafts hands on and make some colorful paper lanterns too! 




12. Get Your Singing voices on, it's Karaoke time! 

Well, what can be better than to choose this one from all of the splendid Diwali events! It's epic and spreads the happy Diwali vibes as it should. So call upon all your family and friends and join each other in a night of singing to your heart's content! From old retro songs to new peppy numbers, what ever you want! And you could have a spectacular face-off with all others! Now that's how you celebrate Diwali with a blast!



Well, yes. You did have some beautiful and memorable Diwali traditions growing up but it's time to make new ones! Enjoy your Diwali festival holidays with lots of diyas, joy, and lights! Be it Diwali for kids or adults, we can all celebrate alike and put away those crackers!

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