15 Unique Desk Accessories for Diwali - Corporate Gifts

15 Unique Desk Accessories for Diwali - Corporate Gifts

The only one to know your first-hand success story with all your scars - is your desk.

As soon as we lay our hands on the calendar of the latest year, our first thought is to check out the date of Diwali - an instinct shared by most Indians alike. Everyone has a little something attached to this auspicious occasion along with all the rituals, that have a little something for this five-day fanfare.

However it never ends at that, does it? The occasion does actually adhere to its traditional terms, as it indicates the triumph of light over darkness as this one gives you a perfect opportunity to express your love in gestures which are remembered long after the celebrations. Also, as this festival is marked by prayers and tributes to goddess Lakshmi, it is of equal importance to both the sects alike - Family and Corporate!

Even the corporate world is abuzz during Diwali - corporate gifts are given to acquaintances, colleagues, and friends as a means of thanking them. And what could be a better corporate gift than something for their desks, something to add a dash of quirkiness to the desks they stare at all day long? Not just add quirkiness - but also something of utility to make their lives much easier - a truly creative gift.


A recent study established that people are more partial towards anything which strikes a subconscious nerve in their brain. Difficult much? What we mean is that if you can find a way to be in their range of vision, your path to their brain is eased. Building on that, most of the corporates state that the place where they are most awake is their desk!

This Diwali, gift your colleagues and acquaintances a unique Diwali Gift for their desk - something which will knock their socks off and etch you in their memory forever. Short on gift ideas? Here are 15 unique Desk Accessory - Corporate Gifts for this Diwali.

1. Decision Maker Paperweight:

No matter what we do, and how good are at it, we all are still a collection of lost causes! When it comes to corporate world decisions, sometimes, even the top-notch officials are as clueless as a child in a candy shop. How about a little something to take the edge off, and bring out some entropy in your challenging brainstorming sessions.


Just roll the roulette and let the spinner take care of the rest - what the universe wants you to do might just surprise you. It can also act as a paperweight - to hold all your pesky papers in one place, and something to fidget with on the desk.

2. Lion Gear Table Clock:

This one speaks for itself. A table clock is something that is in everyone’s to buy list but is never marked by the tick. Also, for a fact, the gifts which are known to have a personality of their own are sure to make a lasting impression in the mind of the receiver. This gear table clock is sure to turn the tables your way!

For the fearless personalities who stop at nothing, a reflection of themselves on their desk can spur them on to greater things. All while telling them the time.

3. Tropical Stationery Pen Pot:

 Stationery holders are something we have all been giving and getting from ages. Yet, it never fails to not bring out a tinge of excitement in us - when we cannot contain our excitement to go to work and set up our stationary into its new holder!


This one sticks well with the corporate gifting etiquette and is yet quirky enough to make a statement.

4. Back-Flow Buddha Incense Burner With 80 Cones:

A person desk is no less than their very own exam hall, where all the rules change - except for the importance of good luck and positivity. This simple gesture is sure to touch everyone's heart with its serenity and beauty.


Buddha is known to promote self-discipline and peace of mind - the two very essentials for your future endeavours. The incense burner has a fascinating backflow effect, where the smoke blows top to bottom to create an illuminating waterfall effect - which remains as alluring every time you look at it. Light up a desk with this fabulous incense burner.


5. Concrete Multi Pen Stand:

Present your corporate friends and employees with this stationary epitome - something which will make their desk more organized, yet more quirky - they won't be able to thank you enough for this.



A great addition to the work desk, this exquisite work of art is individually designed and hand-poured with lots of care and compassion. A storage organizer par excellence.

6. Wooden Photo Frame With Holder:

Needless to say, a person's desk is a place where they sit all day and can probably do with a little motivation from time to time. Gift them this ultra-cool frame with a holder to hold their belongings and happy memories.


7. Vintage Travel Journal:

The travel journal is a great travel companion to record all the interesting happenings of an eventful journey.



Adorned with soft PU leather cover, the travel journal is one of the indispensable travel essentials to sketch one's travel ideas, describe a freshly explored destination, design treasure maps or make perfect notes on this perfect travel companion.


9. Buddha T- Light Holder:

Hitting right on the target, this is going to be the perfect piece for recovering from the after-holiday blues. This piece will allow you to keep your Diwali spirits up with the spellbinding T-light holder.

This one is for the untidy, yet creative genius, for whom their desk is their whole world and vice versa! The holder comes in 3 levels, giving your workstation a neat yet, an "A lot is going on here” look.

10. Foldable Travel Water Bottle

The collapsible Foldable Travel Water Bottle is a boon for people who miss out on staying hydrated while on the go simply because of the space that generic water bottles occupy. Made of food-grade silicone, it can hold up to 550 ml of one's preferred beverage whether warm or cold.



Your colleagues will now stay hydrated all day long!

11. Multi-Function Clip Holder:

A desk accessory which is just as quirky as it is of utility. This utility clip holder is sure to remind the other person about you each time they throw a glance in its direction. Easy to clip on any desk, this clip holder is like an octopus in its versatility. - capable of holding your stationery, your mobile, keys, beverages or even keeping paper clipped to your table.


Just like in life, in business, it's always about setting your priorities right and keeping everything in its place.

12. Seashell Holder:

This quirky stationery holder is perfect for keeping your desk organized and stationery all neatly packed in one place. No more looking for staplers and pens! The neat finishing and seashell-shaped design is truly the icing on the cake for a mermaid enthusiast.



13. Rhino Hammer & Paperweight:

"Jugaad" is your middle name so why should your paperweight be boring?! Add a twist of quirk to your desk with the award-winning, patented design Rhino Hammer & Paperweight. It can also double up as a bookend as it provides enough weight. 


14. Wooden Owl Coasters:

These desk-friendly owls will be liked by everyone - not only because of their utmost utility but also because of their quirky appearance too. The big owl eyes will never let them feel alone - and that hooting creature will make your desk selfies all the more wonderful.


Keep your desk clear of condensation rings with the Wooden Owl Coasters. Being referred to as farsighted and silent planners makes owls all the more suitable for the busy business birds!

15. Panda Phone Holder:

An accessory for their most useful accessory, and what better way to implement it by taking a little edge off. Who doesn't love Pandas, the most adorable animal of them all? Now, let Panda serve you to protect your phone.



Add Panda magic to your acquaintance's desk and make texting, watching videos, working or calling from their desk much easier.

Workdesks, in their nature and utility, are something very ordinary yet they have known to witness all the Eureka moments, in a personal career. Acknowledge it or not, we have spent our entire lives around our desks, all our phases of lives have been around them since a very early age.

Our mothers would very well remember when how we used to bangs our desks as toddlers, then came the time when we started with carving on the desks, this one being the supposedly longest phase of our lives, and little did we realise that just along carving on the desk, we started craving for one? The only that solely belongs to us, that is ours to be in all the trials and tribulations of our career!

However, the most important one is to show up at your desk no matter what happens elsewhere! These little pieces will not only be acting as a showpiece but are making their way into the most sacramental place in a person life! These effective advertisers are sure to help you move up the corporate ladder and will stand out as one of the best investments you will be making this year!

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