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7 Mind Blowing Card Games to Try this Diwali

7 Mind Blowing Card Games to Try this Diwali

With the grand finale of the festivals; Diwali right around the corner, we know your Diwali shopping and preparations are going high and about, aren't they? With the high and mighty festive season luring us to get in the festive feel and mood, we are all ecstatic and pretty much already Diwali ready. Hopefully all done with the cleaning fest, organizing everything (with some pretty unique storage organizers), choosing beautiful rangolis and home decor items for decorations and what not. You know what's the most fun about Diwali preparations, though? Choosing the most beautiful lights and lamps to decorate our homes with. 

But what's even more fun and probably the most memorable of it all, are the weird party games we play every Diwali evening. Whether it is as cute and simple as UNO, or the classic Blackjack or Poker, we all, undoubtedly have an awesome time with it. This Diwali, why not move beyond the classics and go with some new, and exciting card games that you might not have played before, you know, just to add some new flavour to the Diwali treats.

1. Drinking Card Game

Amp up the fun quotient of the Diwali parties (and after parties) with these super crazy deck of cards. You can also order the expansion pack to spice up the original deck or play as a standalone game. The rules are simple, make sure the booze doesn't run out! First, sit in a circle and take turns drawing from the deck and reading each card out loud. Follow the instructions on each card to find out the mystery of who gets to drink (do not attempt to escape this one) and how many times. This doesn't get old because the laughs won't run out, the booze, well, that just might.

Diwali Card Games

Diwali Card Games

2. Harry Potter Playing Cards

Have you always been wandering about in the magical streets of Hogsmeade? (Figuratively, of course) An escape from this mundane world, let's dive into the realm of magic. Riding the train of wonders from Platform 9¾, how would we not shout "Wingardium Leviosa!" Give expression and live through the magical world of Harry Potter with these amazing playing cards. Complete with a linen type finish, you can add some wizardry to your Diwali party night. This magical one is a full deck of playing cards - 52 cards and 2 jokers - usable for all your card games, be it Poker, Solitaire, Rummy, Hearts, Blackjack or Texas Hold ‘Em. Let the magic flow!

Diwali Card Games

3. Dare Cards Game

Want that tinge of madness to your Diwali celebrations? This amazing deck of cards is surely going to make your friends ask you about its whereabouts in excitement. It can be a very funny game to play with your friends and family. It lets your pals spill the beans about all the weird experiences they have had or things they have done that they might have taken to their graves but had to spill out because of this awesome card game.

4. WTF Did You Say

Unlike any other card game you've ever played before, this one is going to drop you in laughter heaven. Presenting an unbelievably crass, fun and outright outrageous card game for your next Diwali party. The WTF Did You Say Playing Cards is a huge set of 594 cards out of which 108 are Red Rule Cards with 486 White Cards. The rules go something like this; the Reader of Cards or ROC draws and reads a red card out loud. Each player (other than the reader) then passes their funniest white card face down to the ROC. Once all white cards are received the ROC reads each white card out loud in the context of the red card. The ROC decides which card they believe to be the funniest and gives the red card to the player that played that card. The circle continues in a similar manner & the player with the maximum red cards at the end of the game wins! 

Diwali Card Games

5. I Should Have Known That!

Are you up for giving yourself a challenge with this amazing trivia set and look for what you actually know without Google? These cards contain questions based on movies, pop culture and current events. No more repetitive questions on old subjects now as you start afresh with these mind blowing cards. This will leave you in splits with the funny answers from your friends and family.

Diwali Card Gamess

6. F**k The Game

How many times do you swear while you're playing a game with your buddies? What if we tell you that there is a game where you get to use you favourite cuss words while playing the game and have the greatest laugh about it. Sounds so cool, yeah? F**k the game, is the most fun social card game that is sure to make your head spin if you don't train it to follow the rules. The rules to this Aussie swearing game are pretty simple. The rule card is included but don't you worry, we'll introduce you to the mighty rules right now. So, if you draw a card with black text, you have to say the background color. If the card has colored text, say the name of the color of the text. If the card says a swear word, then say the swear word aloud. Regardless of the color or background or text color. Lastly, if the card says Fuck, go to the first 2 rules but never say Fuck. Sounds complicated? Believe us it's pretty simple. The game starts with the deck equally distributed among the players, and the winner is the one who loses all his cards first. Just remember to place your card face up when you draw it.

Diwali Card Games

7. Name Place Animal Thing

Here's a gift that you never thought could exist but probably secretly wished for it to. The childhood game that you scribbled on the back of your notebooks, playing in the arrangement period has made its way to you. With a fun twist or rather, a level up, the Name Place Animal Thing Card Game is your fun name, place, animal, thing game in the form of a card game with rule cards as well. The gist is the same with the goal to make a particular number of sets of Name, Place, Animal and Thing with the same letter before the opponent. A great game for friends and family alike, this is the best gift for friends and a must-play at parties!

Diwali Card Games

You're probably not still confused. But come watch the video.

Those were some very awesome card games to try out this Diwali. And since we're all in the festive jovial mood, we shall share with you a bonus game which could be your Diwali party superstar! 

This one is the ultimate game to have the best party night ever! The Drunken Tower Jenga Game is the secret to a hilarious adult party that simultaneously gauges your dexterity and sobriety. Drunken towers are the skillset of steady hands, but what is served is endless laughs with Jenga, looking doable (which it so is not). This game has a wild twist! It is proven to be an extreme challenge even when sober, so wait until you're a couple of shots down. Play by the rules or create your very own. It can be played between 2 to 4 players. The setup works like this: One player builds the tower on a flat sturdy surface. Place three blocks on each layer, at right angles to the previous layer. All blocks with instructions are placed face down. You’ll have a 20 storeyed building when finished. The last player to take a turn without making the tower fall or the last player still standing wins the game. Now, that looks easy, but you and your peeps will probably end up passing out.

So, bring your Diwali party to a close with the most fun you've ever had with the amazing games we listed out for you. Celebrate with love and laughter, and don't forget to get your loved ones the best Diwali gifts and your corporate family the best corporate gifts. if you're having trouble finding the perfect fit, fret not, for we have sorted it all out. Check out the ultimate Diwali gifting guide to decide what to gift whom! To make your gifting experience even more hassle free, go have a look at the special collection of Diwali Gifts under Rs 2000, Diwali Gifts under Rs 1000 and Diwali Gifts under Rs 500 and thank us later. 

Play one of the games listed this Diwali and don't forget to tag on Instagram. Have a Happy Diwali!

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