10 Crazily Awesome Rangoli Patterns to Try This Diwali

10 Crazily Awesome Rangoli Patterns to Try This Diwali

Hey peeps! Can you feel the slight nip in the air? Digging out your hoodies and comfy jackets? Well its time you juice up your creative skills and get ready to decorate your interiors in some of the brightest colors and pretty patterns with mindbogglingly awesome rangolis! So, you planning to make rangoli on Diwali yet? Wondering about the significance of the colorful patterns that your mother or sister draw every year on occasions with beautiful border rangoli designs? Read on to know more... Still searching for the perfect Diwali gifts that match the vibe of the season and festivities? Click here to view the full collection of pure awesomeness - Diwali gifts.

Significance of Rangolis

Our country is home to traditions and sagas as colorful and mystic as its rich history itself! One such tradition seeped in festivities is the practice of drawing colorful, symmetric patterns outside the entrance of homes. Prevalent by many names such as Aripoma, Kolam, and Alpona, in different parts of the country, it spells the same goodness. A conjunction of two words, "Rang" and "Avali", it literally translates into a row of colors. Which is pretty much what it is!

The designs and colors varies depending on the region, tradition and beliefs of people in different states. People make use of flower petals, colors and rice powder to give wings to their imagination whilst actualizing these burst of colors and creativity! Don't wanna spend much time and effort in procuring these traditional rangoli items?

The art of making these beautiful patterns has been handed from generations to generations and is designed to please the deity that the household believes in. During Diwali, the objective is none other than to appease Goddess Lakshmi, to augment prosperity and ring the bells of success! They signify the epicenter of positivity in the home and ward off evil.

In Bihar, people draw the footprints of Goddess Lakshmi, reminiscent of her walking into their humble abodes and blessing them with the gift of prosperity. In Andhra Pradesh people draw Rangolis in the shape of eight petal lotus patterns which goes by the name of Ashtadal Kamal. While down south in Tamil Nadu, people draw the eight pointed star, known as the Hridaya Kalam, that means Lotus of the Heart.

Top 5 Aesthetic Rangoli Designs coming your way!

1. The one with beautiful kolam straight from the heart!

Rangoli 1
Source: Pinterest

2. The one with one love for the mother's pride!

Rangoli 2
Source: Blogspot.com

3. The one with the epitome of majesty!

Rangoli 3
Source: Techicy.com

4. The one that is replete with auspiciousness.

Rangoli 4
Source: POPxo

5. The one with Ganesh Ji.

Rangoli 5
Source: Pinterest

6. The one with the flowers!

Rangoli 6
Source: Pinterest

7.  The one with lots of diyas!

Rangoli 7
Source: Catch News

8. The one with intricate patterns.

Rangoli 8
Source: Fineartandyou.com

9. The one which is extra wow!

Rangoli 9
Source: Iforher.com

10. The different one!

Rangoli 10
Source: Events.snydle.com

So the best rangoli design for Diwali for you to make is right here, my friend! Geared up to draw your own designs? Get your hands on the exclusive range of Diwali gifts, as well as exquisite lights and lamps to add the glowing touch to your awesome creations! Happy Diwali in advance people, this is team Bigsmall signing off! 

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