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Batman Stress Toy - Bigsmall April 2021 Product of The Month

Batman Stress Toy - Bigsmall April 2021 Product of The Month


April was probably one of the most stressful months of this year, and maybe since the time the pandemic has hit us, because of the sudden skyrocketing numbers of Covid cases. The situation in states like Delhi has made us all a bit more stressed than usual. Considering that, we felt that this is the time when the Dark Knight is needed the most.

The Batman Stress Toy wins as Bigsmall product of the month for April 2021 as it is the perfect way to tackle your pangs of anger caused due to whatever reason, or whoever. Is your boss being a bit too tough in tough times? Squeeze and release! Is your work from home situation making you go a bit crazy? Squeeze and release! Frustration levels rising while being quarantined due to Covid? You guessed it, SQUEEZE AND RELEASE!

This silicone stress toy is compact and cute yet has all the angry vibe that Batman gives out when he is out to save the city from the goons. Whoever the goons in your life are, this Batman Stress Toy will help you control your anger and help you remain calm.

Super fun to use and the ideal DC superhero stress toy you'd want, the eyes are huge and will pop out to give the classic eye roll the perfect 3D, funny twist. You can get this for your own stressful times or buy one of the best funny gifts for a friend or as a cool friendship day gift as well!

The perfect stress buster doesn't exi-

It exists right here!


Q1. Can the Batman Stress Toy be kept at my work desk?

Yes. If you are looking for stress toys for work then this is quite apt because the Batman Stress Toy is not only useful but also quite quirky when just kept as a work desk accessory. So, you can definitely use this stress toy at office. This stress toy is not too big so you wouldn't have to worry about it taking too much space either while it sits there as a cool table top toy.

Q2. How is the Batman themed Stress Toy useful?

Stress toys help release a lot of tension by repeated squeezing and are also believed to improve blood circulation. So, this Batman shaped stress toy will also do the same, plus it will be a great addition to your own Official Batman collectibles. Hence, if you are planning to buy stress toys online then this stress toy should top your list! Just squeeze and release with its pop it stress toy eyes.

Q3. Can the stress toy be used only when stressed?

Of course not! Just like The Dark Knight, our Batman Stress Toy is here to help you relieve any kind of tension. So, if you are looking for stress toys for anxiety or stress toys for anger then this Batman themed stress toy is perfect. If you know someone who loves getting superhero themed gifts and is also quite short-tempered, then this stress toy of Batman will be the ideal gift for them.

If you buy unique gifts online all the time then this is the online shop you should be a regular customer of. It is essential to stay safe and healthy in the present time so we urge you all to stay home and keep shopping safely, online at the best quirky gift store online with creative gifts for everyone!

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