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How to set-up the DIY Astro Rocket Night Light

How to set-up the DIY Astro Rocket Night Light

Our fascination with all things otherworldly, is boundless. Isn’t it?

Remember those childhood daydreams and wanderings of wanting to go the moon? The staring sessions, looking at the moon and the stars up above in the sky and trying to recreate going to the moon running around all around your house, bumping along and breaking things? We all wondered what would it be like to go to space, sitting in a rocket, reaching to the stars and see what the world looked like, from the sky. An honest confession- those daydreams are not just limited to childhood, some of us adults are obsessed with the hopelessly romantic view of the sky, the stars, the moon and all things ethereal about the earth as well! (Oh yes, we are!)

But the upside of being an adult is we get to buy the amazing space themed gifts from to fulfil those daydreams of going to the moon and yes, we unquestionably feel on top of the world with such space-like products! The 3D Printed Moon Lamp on the bedside, the Astro Stationery and Phone Holder on the study table, the Astronaut USB Night Light while curling with a good book, and yeah this list could go on for a while. It builds a perfectly dreamy ambience.

DIY Astro Night Light 1

So, calling out to all you fellow space crazed humans and dreamers out there! The experiencing-dreamy-experiences-on-earth experiences just crossed another level with this new addition of DIY Astro Rocket Night Light to Bigsmall's quirky and awesome products. I mean, what more of an excitement than to actually assemble and make a magical rocket light your-own-self! Takes our happiness and frenzy and all that adventure on a whole other dimension! (Yeah well, above in space!)

The DIY Rocket Night Light is a rocket that takes you on a journey (figuratively, of course) to the moon! It leaves a magical smoke cloud behind as it rises high! *goosebumps*

DIY Astro Night Light 2

It could be one of the best rakhi gifts for your space enthusiast sibling and one of the best friendship's day gifts for that space lover friend of yours!

Now! How exactly, do we assemble it? Wanna dive in to know how to make your very own DIY Rocket Night Light? I’m right there with you! So, here it is.

DIY Astro Night Light 3

Step 1: Glue the plastic tube in an upright position perpendicular to the plate with the help of the glue gun we sent your way, and be mindful of the hot glue, okay? (We don’t want the DIY light to be the result of your sweat and burnt hands, now, do we?)

Step 2: What you need to do now, is wrap the pretty LED fairy lights around the tube with the help of the glue gun starting from top going down towards the plate.

Step 3: Stick the glue on the plate and with it the LED fairy lights in a circular manner round and round in the plate like Sakib does in the video below. (And again, keep your reflexes awake and do not burn yourself)

Cheat point – Stick the lights in such a manner that the battery ends up on the edge for convenience. (So maybe, practice arranging the lights on the plastic tube and plate before sticking it with the glue). Also, check once that the battery works properly.

Step 4: And now is the time for the most fun part! You take all the cotton you want, and place it all over the plate creating the smoky magic-like effect. Stick the base of the cotton with the glue and leave the magical upper side as it is!

We’re almost done, keep going!

Step 5: Take the adorable little astronaut and the rocket and glue them on the plastic tube. (Let those horses of imagination run wild! Place the rocket as you feel looks the most like a rocket blasting off the face of the earth!)

Step 6: Stick all the more cotton along with the plastic tube to your heart’s content! Use that glue gun, carefully though.

Step 7: Jump with joy! You’ve done it! *grand applause*

Don’t forget to turn on the fairy lights to work their magic! 

It’s glorious!

Sit back, relax and take in the magnificence of the mighty Astro Rocket. You've earned it.

Also, you could refer to the cool video of the process down below.

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