Quirky Decor Ideas For Valentine's Day

Quirky Decor Ideas For Valentine's Day

If you live together with your partner, surprising them with gifts that are not only for them but for the living space you share together is something quite different and will only bring you closer. Even if you don't live together you can give your partner something as a memento of your love, so they think about you whenever they look at it. Presenting some quirky gifts that will make them feel all giddy and has the right amount of cheekiness apt for the holiday.


Beating Heart Wall Clock
A cool way to add some oomph to your crib with a touch of functionality. This beating heart clock is a thoughtful gift for your partner. The heart-pounding every second is your call to appreciate your life, and understand the importance of time in every instance. So, whenever you glance towards the clock, stop and appreciate all that you love and admire about your S/O.


Infinity Mirror Heart
A super cool multifunctional lamp that acts as a mirror and a lamp. Get the heart lamp for the partner who made your heart skip a beat. A classy decor piece for your home and a functional gift for your beloved, what more do you need.


Neon Love Light
Express your love in a quirky way by gifting bae this mesmerizing LED light that says - love. Make the moments you spend more memorable by fitting the room you frequently sit in with this warm light.


Heart-Shaped Glass
Make your tea time more romantic with the heart-shaped glasses. If you like to get some steaming hot breakfast in bed for your spouse then why not surprise them in the morning with a delicious cup of tea in this unique glass.


Inflatable Love Balloon
Why waste words when a shimmering balloon can do all the talking. Plan a proposal or decorate your home right for the love day party. Inflate the balloon and take your love to the next level.


Get the decor pieces as a gift for your loved one or just decorate your home in all things love this valentine and get ready to throw the best party ever. Make the space more cozy with some quirky lamps, put on some music and dance the night away. If you still haven't found a gift for your partner, browse our V-day collection for that 'perfect' unique gift.
Even if you don't have a valentine, we wish you a day filled with love.

Love and let love!

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