11 Unique Diwali Gifts for your Loved Ones

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The Festival of Lights is almost here!

There are lots of things that make Diwali the super-fun filled festival that it is! Whether it’s lighting crackers, drawing exquisite rangolis, gorging on sweets, dressing up in beautiful ethnic wear or decorating your home to its finest, everyone loves Diwali for their own reasons. But among all the festivities Diwali has to offer, one activity is a merriment that everyone likes- gift giving! Young or old, who doesn’t enjoy receiving that one perfect gift that brings joy to them?

This Diwali, find the perfect Diwali Gifts for your loved ones on Bigsmall.in!

Browse our collection of the Unique Diwali Gifts below:

1. Buddha Incense Burner

This finely crafted incense burner with its soothing scent is a gift anyone would love.

Buddha Incense Burner - bigsmall.in

    2. Rechargeable Bottle Cork Light

    This gift turns old bottles into attractive, funky lights! A beautiful decorative item, it can brighten any room.

    Rechargeable Bottle Cork Light

    3. Rose Candle

    The perfect for someone who doesn’t want to decorate their house with diyas, the conventional way!

    Rose Candle - bigsmall.in

    4. Ganesh Lantern

    A fascinating lantern, that’ll leave you staring for moments…a gift that someone wouldn’t ever put away!

    Ganesh Lantern - bigsmall.in

    5. Bottle Humidifier

    An extremely unique gift with multiple purposes, this is perfect for anyone who loves innovative products!

    Bottle Humidifier - bigsmall.in

    6. Sky Lanterns

    Why just light crackers this Diwali? With this set of Sky Lanterns, 100% delight is guaranteed to anyone who lights them.

    Sky Lanterns - Bigsmall.in

    7. Bullet Lighter

    A unique lighter with an elegant finish, this makes an extremely unusual gift, sure to please your friends!

    Bullet Lighter - bigsmall.in

    8. Super Mario Brother Slippers

    These plush, comfy things are sure to make your nieces and nephews adore you!

    Super Mario Plush Slippers - bigsmall.in

    9. Waterfall Incense Burner

    An Incense Burner unlike from anything you’ve seen before; this gift would please any aunt!

    Waterfall Incense Burner - bigsmall.in

    10. Buddha T-light Holder

    If you have a sister who loves to adorn her home with the prettiest things possible, this makes the perfect gift!

    Buddha T Light Holder - bigsmall.in

    11. Golden Playing Cards

    Royal flush, trail or full house? The gold foiled playing cards will definitely add charm to any cards party. Definitely for the one who says/does "Patte pe patta".

    Golden Playing Cards - bigsmall.in

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