Rakhi 2023 - What Not To Gift This Year

Rakhi is a festival that acknowledges priceless bonding between siblings. Whether one is a sibling by birth or by choice, this one day is awaited by everyone. Praying for the long lives of beloved brothers, sisters all around the nation tie a sacred thread of protection around their wrists while their brothers promise them all the happiness in the world by buying the best Raksha Bandhan gift for sister, as a token of their unconditional love!

However, as the clock’s ticking away, the hearts of all the brothers around the world are beating faster. Gifting has never really been their forte. And when it comes to choosing a Rakhi gift for sister, nothing meets her taste or matches her amazing style! Not just your sister - your sister-in-law is just as much a part of your family - it's also a harrowing task finding the best Rakhi gifts for bhaiya bhabhi. While she buys a unique rakhi this year like a personalized rakhi online then it is quite imperative to get her something quite amazing.

You might rummage in all the stores in the city, go through all her likes and still sit idle, unable to find that one unique gift to give her. But hey, don't lose hope! As the old saying goes, “When one door closes, a hundred others open.” And for you, dear brothers, we have one door that would give you a solution a hundred other doors failed to give! How? Let’s find out.

Be Thoughtful While Buying Rakhi Gifts For Sister

At Bigsmall.in, you don’t just find gifts, you find unique gifts. Yes, you don’t have to fret around now. At Bigsmall, you get all the unique and unusual gifts like your very own sister’s unusual and ‘weird’ personality.

Sure, following the conventional norm seems easier and much safer (considering your elders always have a watchful eye over your gifts), but you have to agree to one thing - acknowledging a person you care for in a unique way and making them feel special. And when it comes to your sister, you ain’t taking any chances. We know you might be finding it very difficult to land on just one gift which is perfect so we recommend you to definitely think about Rakhi gift sets and get a rakhi gift set for sister this time!

Hearing your sister always crib about having no clothes to wear, you’d want to gift her a pretty dress. Isn’t it? But, as you decide which dress will suit her the best, you will realize choosing a dress is actually very difficult and every girl, whether it be a friend or your sister, has a different choice altogether. Thus, give her something that she would definitely love and cherish. Consider personalized rakhi gifts online because when it is customized it is obviously uniquely just for her.

This year on Rakhi, Gift Your Sister a Soft Mermaid Blanket Instead of a Soft Toy

Mermaid Tail Blanket

If she loves to cuddle and has a habit of sleeping on a couch every now and then, make her nap a little more peaceful with the beautiful mermaid blanket. Give her a princess feel and tell her how precious she is to you despite all your fights and shoutouts!

A Designer Superhero Apron instead of a Dress for your MasterChef Sis

Superhero Apron

Does she love to cook? Is she the MasterChef of your home? Either way, you wouldn't want her to spoil her dress while cooking, right? (Do you really want to hear her curse her wardrobe, yet again!) Make sure she keeps her dress clean and looks like your ‘human’ sister by giving her a superhero apron to take of herself! Superhero she is, after all!

Not Just Any Bouquet of Flowers! This Rakhi, Add a Beautiful Baby Groot Holder in her Collection

She loves flowers too! Right? You must have heard her talk about daisies and orchids, roses and lilies and how colourful these little wonders of nature are. And then, the next step your brain would think of would be gifting her these pretty flowers on Rakhi.

While they do look, good and would bring a smile on her face, the flowers would also last only a few days regardless of the effort you put to make them stick around And after putting in your money to make your sister happy, you’d want that smile to last a little longer, wouldn’t you?

Well, if you want to gift her something equally wonderful, pretty and at the same time want it to give your sister company for a long time, you could gift her the Baby Groot Holder. With its hollowed out head, Baby Groot can hold her flowers safe - and keep her company for a long, long time. It can also be used to hold stationery, make-up, toiletries and other bits. I am Groot!

Choose Unique Plush Slippers over Regular Shoes for your Sister as Rakhi 2023 Gift

Minion Slippers

Unlike flowers, shoes sound like a rational choice to gift at times. It makes sense for a brother to want to get his sister a really amazing pair of shoes. But, just like clothes, the choice of footwear varies from person to person. What you chose for her could be exactly the opposite of what she wanted. Shoes, therefore, are things one must really avoid gifting on Rakhi 2023.

If you do wish to give her a footwear for Rakhi, you could definitely get her Mario or Simpson plush slippers. Made with an extra soft material, plush slippers are a delight for feet. Comfortable and cozy footwear, it would definitely give you sister a princess feel with its soft cushioning and vibrant colours! And if she has a profound love for Mario, Simpsons, minions or even baby elephants, we have just the right gifts for her!

Let her Creative Juices Flow by Gifting Her Chocolate Moulds Instead of A Box Of Chocolates

Ring ice tray

Doesn’t every girl love chocolate? Whether it's classic dairy milk or fancy Toblerone, we've all got a chocolate that can instantly change a bad day into a good one! With all the advertisements flooding over our the Internet or TV, you’d be really considering it to gift your sister this Rakhi.

But, the tradition of gift wrapping chocolates in beautiful boxes just isn't trendy anymore. You might really want to gift her chocolate, but if you could ensure that she gets to eat it for all the 365 days of the year instead of just one week, won't that be even more surprising?

Yes, you’ve read it right. This Rakhi, do away with the conventional chocolate boxes and gift her chocolate moulds instead to give a solution for her cravings of delicious chocolate.

At Bigsmall.in, we give you a wide range of 3D moulding trays to let her freeze her favourite proportion of white and dark chocolate. What's more, she could even use that to freeze water, flavoured drinks and create a little party of her own anytime she wishes!

A Quirky Water Bottle Over A Bottle of Perfume - Choose your Rakhi Gift in 2023 Wisely


As you wonder about the possible gifts you could give her, a bottle of perfume would definitely catch your attention. If you are planning to get her Gucci, let’s just say it would be a really big leap of faith. Though many would be fascinated to be gifted big names, every person would have a choice of their own when it comes to the fragrance they’ll want to associate themselves with.

And the same would be the case with your sister. She would never say ‘no’ to the perfume you give her. But, will she be really into it?  And when it’s Raksha Bandhan, you know it’s more than just big brands or expensive gifts for both of you. So, instead of giving her scented liquid, why not gift her something that keeps her fresh, healthy and happy!

Yes, this Rakhi, ask your sister to be a little more careful about her health. And if she doesn’t agree to it, give her the Personalized Name Metal Bottle to remind her of the importance of staying fit and healthy. Tell her, that she isn’t alone in this task. Tell her she has a friend who would give her the required energy and boost her up to move forward. And that’s what Raksha Bandhan is all about, right? Protecting your little devil!

Nail Polish Holder Over Choosing One Nail Paint from 100 Shades

Wearable Nail Polish Holder

The toughest time on planet earth is when you have a function at home or a party to attend. Why? Because then it’s a social obligation to get your sister there as well and on time. And getting your sister ready on time, is a dream that’s never gonna come true (bitter reality, ha!) For your pretty sister who loves to pamper herself, you at that very moment pray for a million things to get her work done quickly.

And when Rakhi is approaching, you’d think of giving world-class cosmetics at her service! Sounds like you? But then, you’ll never ever be able to find a difference between all the colours and shades of various products. Thus, figuring out the correct cosmetic for your sister’s skin is not something you should dwell into this Raksha Bandhan!

For all her beauty goals, you could give her something quirky and colourful like the nail polish holder or spa socks available at bigsmall.in. Nail polish holder would ensure your sister gets to experiment with her nails without having to trouble herself with the bottle! oh, that’s gonna be a happy day! And for all the days she feels tired after wearing heels, gift her spa socks to massage her feet and help her relax. Rakhi is nothing but making your sister’s life easier.

And these products from bigsmall.in would definitely do it for you.

Unlike Jewellery, choosing an Organizer for her Accessories Is Easier and a Unique Rakhi 2023 Gift

Storage Organizer

Yet another top notch gift that pops up is undoubtedly jewellery! Whether she is wearing Indian, Western, or a mix and match of both, your sister would team it up with some out of the world jewels. But, how do you decide which ‘jhumka’ she would prefer over the other, or what is her choice of necklace? A choker or a collar? Because, for you, all are the same!

One day she’ll love stones, and other days she’ll find her lost love in pearls! Yes, brothers, if it's this and a lot more complications are involved when you set yourself for a jewellery shopping. And again, who knows if she’ll like your choice or not? That’s why jewellery is another gift you should scratch away asap!

If you can’t help her with the correct jewellery, well, you can help her organize a plethora of accessories she owns by gifting her an all things storage organizer or a cosmetic organizer available at bigsmall. Give her a chance to keep all her things together, organized (if it's gonna last hardly a week) and save her from mumma’s scolding. The blessings she’ll give you for this would be hard to fathom!


An Unusual 3D Coffee Mug over a Personalized Photo Mug

Prescription Coffee Mug

‘Caffeine and her’ make a perfect combination. Promise her a cup of coffee and get her to do all you want from her. From completing your projects to hiding your secrets, there’s nothing that can’t be done. Gifting her a coffee mug, therefore, would have crossed your mind.

Getting her photo on the mug and giving it away as a Rakhi gift was your plan, right? But you want to give her something unique as well. And seemingly there is nothing unique about these mugs now. So, again, this is one thing you’d really wanna avoid. But hey, there are unique mugs that have taken the market now. Why don’t you gift her one?

Gift her 3D mugs and or even special heart glass to cater not just her coffee desire but also all other beverages. With rose glass, give her drinks a new look and whenever she’d take a sip out of this special glass, she will give you a silent thank you ( Silent only. Don’t raise your expectations, now! )

If you wish to play safe and gift her a cash envelope,  DO. NOT. EVEN. THINK. ABOUT. IT.

You might think it's the best option. Give her the money and let her choose what she actually wishes to buy. But, dear Brothers, that's where you are utterly wrong. When it comes to gifts, sisters always anticipate and expect something from their brothers. Whether it be something grand or as simple as a greeting card. They want something you've thought for. And gifting her a 'lifafa’ is something that she never looks forward too.

Gift Her A Gift Voucher Instead of Cash

But, even if you actually like the idea of having her decide what she wants for herself, you could give her a Bigsmall Gift Card, available in various denominations. Because, with the word 'gift’ attached to it, it gives a similar feeling. Plus, a gift voucher of a gifting store would make her more than happy.

Also, it would explain to her your dilemma without creating any awkward (dangerous) moment! So, give her the voucher and let her choose her very own unique and unusual gift from bigsmall on the special day.

Is Your Sister a Traveller or a Tea Lover?

Scratch World Map

If there is still something you want to give her, you can always give her a scratch map to fulfil her wanderlust. Or if she is a tea lover, Dinosaur Tea Infuser would add a little more to her tea cravings! If she is passionate about reading and could spend her entire day cuddled in a corner with a book in her hand, there is nothing better than to give her a book holder and a reading light for her late night reading! Because yes, a book, coffee, and blanket would make any reader’s life!


How About Choosing funny Rakhi 2023 Gifts for Your Sister?

Stress Sausage

But, if you want to make this day a little weird for her, and play little pranks or have fun, then there are a plethora of funny gifts waiting for you. Planning to scare her a little with a game of hide and seek with her? Put on a creepy pigeon mask and, bingo. You are all set! And if that’s not enough and you are planning a payback for all the times she got you in trouble with her pranks, fake poop could be your weapon of destruction!

If by any chance all this mess you make invokes her angry side, ask her to calm down and take a chill pill in yet another funky way. How? By giving her an anger management mug. If that’s not enough, give her a stress sausage to take out all the frustration you induce in her. Maybe that would stop her from complaining about it all to your mother!

And if nothing works, just go to her and tell her how much you love her despite all her childishness. Tell her that even though you pull her chair every time she is about to sit, call her names that in no way suit her, she’ll always be the most precious gift your parents have blessed you with. Tell her she’ll always be special to you and even though you won’t ever say it again, but you love her to the core!

Oh yes, amidst all this fun you have with her, don’t forget to wish her “Happy Raksha Bandhan” and give your special Rakhi gift to her!

Happy Gifting!