Send Diwali Gifts from Canada to India

Diwali, one of the biggest festivals in the Indian and Hindu cultures, is fast approaching. Are you already buzzing with anticipation and excitement?

Diwali 2021, which falls on November 4th, beckons - one of the most highly awaited dates earmarked in the calendar for Indians and Hindus all around the world is almost here!

Fondly known as the festival of lights, the celebration sees raucous crackers and lights decorating streets and houses as a felicitation of Lord Rama's return to Ayodhya, after a 14-year-long exile, wherein he beat the demon Ravana. Diwali is also celebrated for the victory of good over evil - embodied by Lord Rama's triumph.

It's a festival people with roots in Indian culture thoroughly look forward to. Diwali is very commonly celebrated together with family, over the almost week-long related festivities. It has evolved beyond a festival - it is also an excuse for people to be together with their near and dear ones.

Traditionally, houses are lit up with Lamps and lights, diyas (earthen pots) are lit, new clothes are worn on the day, worshiping rituals are carried out, sweets and Diwali Gifts are exchanged with loved ones, crackers are burst and games are played with family, as everyone has a fantastic time.

However, as much as some would love to be in the company of their loved ones, their families and their friends on the most joyous occasion of the year, sometimes, it's simply not logistically possible. If you're also in a country far away from your friends and relatives, but want to share joy and love with them, it's now possible!

Geographical barriers can only restrict you from so much - you may not be able to celebrate Diwali with your loved ones physically, but love travels through and above man-made borders - you can indeed be with your loved ones in spirit. And that's just what provides - you can now send gifts from Canada to India, and send love to your close ones - with absolutely no hassle, from the comfort of your room! 

When it comes to the ones that truly matter, and the ones whom you truly care about, sending ordinary gifts doesn't really cut it. They already miss you enormously when you're stationed millions of miles away. It may not be possible to celebrate the occasion with them physically, but you can send them love from afar - through an out-of-the-box gift that will knock their socks right off!

It's not just a gift you're sending from thousands of miles afar - you're sending love from halfway across the world, and a memoir to remember you by. It can't be an ordinary card, or chocolates, or flowers - it has to be something more personal and more unique, which will leave them spellbound for a long while.

A gift that'll have them smile ear to ear at the mere act of opening it - a gift which seems tailor-made just for them. Something which perfectly aligns with their interest, an item they'll cherish for long. Yet, a gift of great utility which they can use for multiple purposes and a long duration.

It should be extremely thoughtful - if the recipient sees you've put in effort, it makes them feel valued by you and sets the bar for the perceived level of relationship between you two. And of course, it's a Diwali gift - so it has to fit the theme too. If you're gifting them something from so much distance, you better do it absolutely perfectly!

We've told you what the gift should represent - but as you start thinking about it, it's all easier said than done, isn't it? You have the thought, but coming up with execution for such unique gift ideas can be a tasking job. Fortunately for you, we've done the hard yards already -'s curation of unique gifts will make your job as easy as one two three!

Now, you can send quirky gifts to India from Canada at the click of a few buttons - regardless of where you're stationed at. Regardless of wherever you are - you can send Diwali gifts from Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Alberta, Calgary or even a remote town to India - choose gifts from our vast catalogue of fun gifts and from the comfort of your home, with the ease of few clicks, you can have gifts delivered to your loved ones' doorsteps.

We provide international shipping all around the world and accept international cards, so your experience will be completely hassle-free. When you send a gift from Bigsmall, you don't just send a mere item - you send love. And at Bigsmall, we aim to provide a wholesome experience to our customers, which starts from the first time you open our website - to make your international gifting experience as effortless yet as great as possible, because gifts, like love, should transcend man made physical boundaries and borders.

To begin the experience, you should have no doubts about exactly what you're ordering. When ordering online, this isn't always possible - sometimes, e-commerce websites don't send what they show. But at Bigsmall, this is not the case - we believe in full transparency. You can always WhatsApp us at +91-7827474878 and ask us real-time pictures of the Diwali gift products you wish to send from Canada to India, and clear any queries regarding the product, or our services, that you may have.

To add to the gifting experience, we also provide the option of sending handmade notes with customizable messages for your liking. When you're sending a gift from thousands of kilometres apart, you will certainly have something to say to the recipient. And no printed note or text can have an effect as lasting as a note handwritten with love, certain to bring a wide smile to the recipient's face, especially on an occasion such as Diwali.

Given that Diwali is known as the festival of lights, why don't you light up the recipient's life - literally, as well as figuratively? Do so, while gifting them something out-of-the-world, all at the same time - with the enchanting Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamp. Bring home a piece of Paris with this beautiful bottle lamp with LED lights fitted that runs on USB. 

Rituals are an age-old tradition of Diwali. A unique incense burner could provide their Diwali with a fresh lease of life. The Buddha Incense Burner, in particular, will make for a fantastic Diwali gift - with the phenomenal backflow effect of its cone. When you burn an incense cone, the smoke flows in the reverse direction, along the edges of the figure - creating a sensational smokey waterfall illusion as it burns. Made of high-quality ceramic and equipped with 80 backflow cones, it's a fabulous housewarming gift too.

The lead-up to Diwali is riddled with festivals - it is rightly known as the festive season of India. Of course, with festivals, come long holidays and long weekends. And naturally, with holidays come travel plans. Know anyone who's sneaking off this Diwali for a well-deserved vacation? Gift them some useful travel essentials and sort them out along their trip!

Let them note down the legend of their memorable journey and create an intangible memory - with the Travel Journal. Want to gift them comfort during their knackering journey? The Neck Pillow with Hoodie will not only keep them comfortable with the pillow but also cozy with the warm hoodie. Are they lethargic travelers, and often misplace or misidentify their luggage? Then the distinct Airplane Luggage Tag can come to their rescue!

Another age-old Diwali custom is a family game of cards - where everyone in the family, often including distant relatives, settle around a table, play cards and share some laughs and joys in each other's company. Want to make this year's game unique? It's all in or nothing - go big or go home - make your game all the more exciting with the Harry Potter Playing Cards! Or want to add some golden gloss to your game? Then the Golden Playing Cards set is just what your family needs.

As a famous old proverb goes, "Some gifts are big. Others are small. But the ones that come from the heart are the best gifts of them all." This Diwali, put some heart in your gifts. Send Diwali gifts from Canada to India, and send love to your relatives!