Ultimate Rakhi Gift Guide By Price (2017)

Rakhi is among the most awaited festivals in India. Whether it's receiving or giving gifts, the scrumptious food, scavenging for the perfect rakhi or just getting to visit home and spending quality time with family, we've all got our reasons to love this occasion. If you're a sister, you'd know the feeling of warmth and delight one gets on receiving the perfect gift. If you're a brother, well...you'd know the feeling of joy one gets on having a gift deeply appreciated. Or at least we hope you do! 

For centuries, this holiday has signified the immense love between a brother and a sister. It stands for the promise of protection made by the brother and the sister's wishes for his prosperity and happiness. It brings together siblings who live far apart on a day devoted entirely to celebrating their bond.  

With Rakhi season just around the corner, we at bigsmall.in have an entire collection of Rakhi gifts that are sure to leave your sister thanking you again and again for your thoughtfulness. Whether you're on a tight budget or if you're feeling a bit generous, we've got a ton of options to offer.  

You could have a sister who appreciates all things pretty. Or maybe she's the kind who loves to own things that are truly one of a kind and out of the box. Or she could be an old soul at heart! Maybe even someone who likes to live in her own fantasy world. 

Whether your sister is immensely expressive or someone who's quieter...we're sure the right, mindful gift will warm her heart and leave her elated. After all, who doesn't like feeling appreciated or pampered?

Worry no more, we've got just the right unique gifts for your unique sister. 

Browse our collection of the perfect unique Rakhi Gifts for your darling sister here!

Rakhi Gifts under Rs.  251


1. Heart Audio Splitter

Heart Audio Splitter

If your sister loves music and is the kind who is always discovering new artists or bands, this heart audio splitter is just the right present for her. A sound splitter that can connect two earphones at the same time- a gift so unique, it is sure to leave her amazed! With its adorable heart shape, it is cute as well as extremely useful at the same time.

2. Heel Stand

Heel Stand

This heel stand is perfect for someone who is glued to their phone all day(i.e. all of us). With its design that is super classy and is built specially to hold up one's phone safely and give ease while watching a film or even video calling, this attractive heel stand will definitely bring a smile to your sister's face. 


3. Hippo Bookmark


Hippo Bookmark


If your sister is an avid reader who's always got her nose stuck in a mystery novel or the latest bestselling books, this hippo bookmark belongs on her shelf. It has an extremely cute design and can brighten up any bibliophile's day. No more folding the edges of her precious book's pages!


4. Minion Art Box


Minion Art Box


This art box is a set of 12 bright pens with the most adorable packaging- a minion! If you've got a sister who loves all things cute or is a big time Minion fan, this gift will definitely leave her gushing all day! 

5. Umbrella Hooks


Umbrella Hooks


These Umbrella Hooks are the ideal present to cheer up your sister's room! With their colourful design and effective usefulness, your sister will be delighted to decorate her room with these. A pretty gift that she can get full use out of- could it be any better?


Rakhi Gifts under Rs. 501

1. Spa Gloves


Spa Gloves


If you truly want to make your sister feel loved and pampered, these spa gloves will do just the trick. With their plush feel and moisturising essential oils, they will be your sister's go to product when she's had a rough day or hectic week and give her the care and 'me time' she needs!

2. Rechargeable Bottle Cork Light


Bottle Cork Light


This exciting Cork Light is a simple yet foolproof way to liven up any room. A cork that can fit perfectly into bottles of any size, its light brings about a whole new look to any room. And the best part? It can be charged easily from any USB port! It's classic LED light is durable and long lasting- All in all, a gift that would last forever and make your sister think of you every time she turns it on!

3. Nail Polish Holder


Nail Polish Holder


This gift is a real problem solver- it deals with the issue of having to hold up a bottle of nail polish and ensuring that fingers are spread apart while painting your nails. No more nail painting woes, this holder erases them away! A unique product indeed, it will definitely get much use by your sister. 

4. Ministry of Magic Sticker


Ministry of Magic Decal


Is your sister a Potterhead? Is she constantly quoting Dumbledore or marathoning the Harry Potter movies? If so, this decal sticker is sure to go right up in your sister's home decor! Not only is it exceedingly eye-catching, it glows up in the dark as well! 

5. Cat iPhone Cover


Cat Phone Cover


We're sure your sister would absolutely love to have an iPhone cover that would both protect her phone and give it a whole new look at once! This funny, dainty cat giving the finger makes a delightful present. It's smooth, quirky silicone build will leave her thrilled!

Rakhi Gifts Under Rs. 1100

1. Scratch Map


Scratch World Map


If you have a sister who's  longing for adventure and wants to lead a life with wanderlust or who's always in a different country every month, this map is one that she needs to own. With her travels all over the world, she can scratch away the outline of each country she's visited on the map. A map dedicated to the explorer in her!

2. Power Nap Pillow 


Power Nap Pillow


For a sibling who's always on the go, this power nap pillow is a must have! With its super soft fabric and plush micro beads inside, it is just the gift one can get maximum use out of, anytime, anywhere. Who doesn't love spontaneous power naps in the middle of a busy office or a bustling train?

3. Storage Organizer


Storage Organizer


If your sister is always cribbing about she misplaced her keys or can't find her charger or she just isn't that good at keeping things in particular places, this organiser is one she' could really use. With all its deep pockets and pretty, striped design, it is extremely handy and makes for attractive decor.

4. Unicorn Mug

Unicorn Mug

This lovable mug is just the right thing for a sister who loves unicorns! It's cute unicorn floating on a fluffy cloud and imprint of " I don't believe in humans" is sure to charm her. Definitely a mug she would cherish for the years to come!

5. Vintage Harry Potter Poster



Harry Potter Poster


If you've got a sibling who's heart is captivated by the Harry Potter Universe, she is going to love this poster! With its imprint of "Hogwarts Express", it'll be her very own portal to the magical school! She might even take you along, as a token of thanks!

Rakhi Gifts Under Rs. 2100

1. Instant Shaker


Instant Shaker


If you sister if forever cribbing about how you need to be more like her and start working out or is always trying to take you running, you know how much of a fitness freak she is. This instant shaker is just the gift of admiration she needs, a sign of how you support and encourage her mindful way of life. With its built-in mixer, she can now mix troublesome protein powders and have them while she's on the go!

2. Elephant Plush Slippers


Elephant Plush Slippers


Plush, snug slippers that will make her feel pampered! Nothing says "I care" more than these cozy elephant slippers! She's going to adore these forever. With their bright colour and cute pattern, your sister is going to be left delightful.

3. Retro Table Clock 


Retro Table Clock


A vintage clock that looks like it has come from the past! If your sister is one who feels like she should have been born in another era or adores antiques and knickknacks from decades ago, this retro table clock will be right up her alley!

4. Wooden Heart Drawer


Heart Drawer


For all those little items your sister keeps close to her heart, this wooden drawer is an adorable present for her to keep them safe. It's unique, lovable design is just what she'd adore and keep in her room for eternity.

5. Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamp


Eiffel Bottle Lamp


This Bottle Lamp with LED Lights is breathtakingly beautiful. It's gorgeous light and vibrant colours can decorate even the dullest of rooms! Place it in any corner, and you'll have your very own lit up spot for the night! 

Rakhi Gift Hampers

A gift is a token of appreciation. A way of telling someone just how much you love them and are glad to have in your life. But if you want to go one step further ahead, you know what'd work even better? A set of gifts that have been carefully thought out and would match their taste perfectly! 

Think about it.

Wouldn't you love it if someone gifted you a bunch of presents and said: "I thought you'd love these, so I made up this Gift Hamper for you." We sure think it'd leave us ecstatic! Whether it's a gift hamper with the sole purpose of pampering her or a gift basket which would ensure a whole new experience or simply a pile of gifts that match someone's choices just right, the possibilities are endless. Just stick on a note about how thankful you are for your sibling and leave her glowing with joy!

1. For a Rainy Day 



Snuggling in a warm blanket on a cold, rainy evening is something we all like to do. Why not make this experience a little more special for your sister? Gift her an incredibly cosy mermaid blanket that she can curl up with a good book for the night. Of course, one needs warm socks on a chilly night! These soft, fluffy socks should keep her feet toasty warm. Along with this, one needs a cup of chai! What better than this unique Biscuit Pocket mug that comes with a designated place for cookies? Its amazing design will leave your sister super happy! And as for the chai, this Mr. Tea infuser will only to add to the charm of the night. Just the perfect end to a long day!

2. For the Organised Sister



We've all heard of the kind of elder sister who is extremely organised and believes that everything at home has its own place and should always be found there! Though you might find her finicky arrangement for everything a little tiring at times, why not cater to her love for peace and order this Rakhi? This cosmetic organiser with its flawless design and the excellent utility will definitely appease the neat freak in her! Maybe she'll even stop snapping at you for creating a mess in her room! These leafy sticky notes are sure to delight her as well. With their bright colour and unique design, they're so going to become a staple in her daily life! And this cord winder is just what your careful, attentive sister needs to keep her phone charger intact at all times! 

3. For the Budding Cook



If your sister is a lover of the culinary art, you need to get her the most amazing and innovative products for her happy place, aka the kitchen! For one, you know she'd get regular use out of them. And two, she might even cook a delicious dinner for you to show her gratefulness for your warmhearted presents! This citrus spray saves so much time and energy. It solves a problem in the most stylish way possible! Just look at it. It is definitely something a cook would appreciate having! Along with this, the yolkfish egg separator is perfect for those days in the kitchen when your sister has a ton of things and to do and cannot afford to lose time! Simple yet ultra-efficient, it is sure to become her favourite. A cucumber spiral slicer, too, is something that is just ideal for her hobby! And for the end, this heart shaped glass is an adorable gift to show your sister just how much you love her.

4. A Pamper Evening



We all love to pamper ourselves, don't we? Every now and then, it's good to spend a little 'me time' and indulge. This Rakhi, why not take your sister's pampering experience to a whole new level? We've got just the right gifts for you! First, get her this beautiful flamingo lamp. She can put it her room and sit under its soft, calming glow and relax for the night. Next, she needs to nourish her skin! Our Spa Socks and Gloves with their essential oils and amazing, cozy fabric will surely make her feel rejuvenated and energized! Of course, once she's done making her hands and feet sparkle, this nail polish holder will aid her in painting those nails and completing the pamper experience!

5. Ultimate Travel Essentials


If your sister is a little bit of an adventurer at heart and is always booking tickets for her next vacation to the hills or taking a bus to go to the nearest beach, you know she'd love to add some comfort to her frequent voyages! Well, this passport holder should help her keep all her papers and documents intact and safe in one place! This portable cup too will surely be of great use to her the next time she's hiking or she finds herself lost on yet another adventure. And don't forget, this head pillow will ease her tiredness the next time she travels, shutting out the external light and providing her with a plush pillow to sleep on in the middle of a bustling train or flight!

6. For the Health Nut



If your sister is on a quest to be her most fit version possible, we've got just what she needs! Whether it's yoga she does or Crossfit, our extremely useful and creative gifts will leave her thrilled! This exercise cord will aid her at yoga or maybe even during a post-workout stretching session. It is super flexible and extremely effective, just what she needs! This adorable dumbbell bottle too will cheer her up and inspire to work harder for her fitness goals! Its unique design will help her to get a quick, light arm workout in the midst of work or studies too! And last, if your sister's a runner, we're sure she'd know how running is exhilarating but the having tired, sore feet isn't! With these soft minion slippers, she can give her feet the tender, loving care they need and get back to be being the fitness beast she is the next day! 

Find more amazing and creative, problem-solving Rakhi Gifts for sisters at bigsmall.in!