Rakhi Gifts for Sisters by Interest and Personality - 2020

Rakhi with itself brings forth all the colors in a relationship of a brother and a sister. All the pranks, calling each other names, fighting like a wild animal and even ruining each other’s work are some of the things every sibling did in their childhood and do even now.

Each year, as the moon completes its first cycle in the Hindu month of Shravana, it brings to light infinite memories of laughter, secrets (kept and disclosed both), love and life siblings enjoyed with each other. Hence, Rakhi is not just a festival, it’s a flashback of happy times, woven together by a sacred thread of unconditional love.

As the day of Rakhi approaches, both sisters and brothers get equally excited. While a sister shops for the rakhi that her brother would like, a brother searches a perfect Rakhi gift for sister.

Searching for an appropriate gift, however, is one of the biggest challenge brothers have to face. Since time immemorial, she wants nothing but perfection. Something that matches her way of life, her style and personality. And anything below that is unacceptable.

And even if she doesn’t say all this to you, your priority even then would be to make her happy on this very special day! How are you going to do that, though? Don’t worry, we have something to sort out all your problems!

If her acting can have vividness, so can your gifts! 

Is your sister the one who has to hike any situation with her acting skills? A serious discussion can never happen around because she’d always step in between and start something highly idiotic? Or she would just start her melodrama even when you make an unimportant comment on weather? Oh, and yes, does she threatens you about disclosing your secrets to your parents if you don’t agree to her demands?



For the ‘Dramebaaz’ that your sister is, various weird props are the best gifting option this Rakhi! From Flying Ghost Skeleton to the funny pigeon mask, there is everything that would match her weird personality. For her iPhone that holds all your secrets waiting to be exposed, a funny cat cover would keep them hidden a little longer as she would consider your request on giving her a funky gift.

If she gets/pretends to get angry at even tiniest of things, then this angry bird of yours should get an anger management mug for Rakhi. Maybe then she’ll try and control her angry look!

Rakhi Gifts for sisters who love to play pranks on anyone, anytime!

If your sister has always been playing pranks on you with something or the other, this Raksha Bandhan is a payback time for her then! For all the times she would ruin your face with her cosmetics while you slept, hide your mobile and tell your friends something really uncivilized about you during their visit at home, then it’s time to return the favor to your dear sister.

Want to disgust her to no end? Well, it's impossible not to disgust someone with stuff from the toilet. A 3D Toilet Mug and fake poop for her would play a trick and lighten up everyone’s mood. 



A pig mug and a heart silly straw will create a flood of laughter. Imagine her in your house roaming around wearing the straw with the pig mug replacing her nose! Get the best prankster gifts for her.

Aid her in her cooking by gifting quirky kitchen tools to her on Rakhi

For people who are enthusiastic about cooking, little-helping hands could prove a real asset for their skills. If your sister too loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen, then there are quirky tools to make her work a lot more interesting and easier. And gifting them to her on a day like Rakhi would seriously make her day.



If she is the one who gets so engrossed in the task at hand that she almost forgets to keep her clothes tidy, gift her a superhero apron and tell her that she is as important to you as the food. Charlie Chaplin peeler helps remove the skin of vegetables and fruits quickly and without the fear of causing an injury.

Gifts like whale serving bowl and No Tear Onion Goggles are her companions if she loves to decorate her food and have a much easier time in the kitchen. These unique Kitchen & Bar items not only would help her save time but also help her explore her creativity.


This Rakhi, Give her a gift to keep her healthy and fit

Is she very conscious of her health and always talks about keeping herself and everyone around healthy and fit? Well, if your sister loves to keep herself fit, then we have some awesome gifts for your gym freak.

A dumbbell bottle is a reminder of the work that needs to be done and the reward that awaits after successful completion of the task. So, every time your gym freak feels a little down, the bottle would give her inspiration to keep going.

If your sister is among those people who can’t sit still and needs something to do, or she at times misses out a trip to the gym, then it’s your task, dear brother, to ensure she never really misses out on the exercise.

Sitting for hours on a desk, doing all the work, could develop cramps in the upper body. If she is a person who faces this due to her work, this Raksha Bandhan, gift an exercise cord and keep her fit even during her work hours. The cord will ease up her pain and get her rid of the cramps as she’d use them to stretch her arm muscles!


Exercise Freak


If she has a routine to go for jogging or a long walk, a fruit skewer bottle is something she can keep handy and something that'll keep her fit. If she loves fruit juices, this bottle will make it easier to mix her fruits in her drink and drink her way to a healthy tomorrow. 

There might be times when she would be sore in the neck after a difficult routine. For all such times, make sure that she is well cared for by using a golf ball back massager. Not only would it ease her pain, it would help her release all her stress too! 

Adorn your princess sister with princess’s gifts this Rakhi!

Every girl wishes to be adored and cared for like a princess. Some make it obvious with their gestures and activities, while others never let you know of her hidden desires. Either way, for you, your sister is a princess even though you would never say that aloud. But as the day of Rakhi approaches, you could make her feel a bit pampered, right?

A mermaid blanket is one of a kind which makes sure the person using it feels loved. With its soft fabric and beautiful colors, it would give a mermaid- like feel to your sister. Whether she is reading, watching television or even taking a nap, it’s a gift she could use it all the time.

Plush slippers too give comfort to the feet like nothing else would. Mario and minion designed slippers are soft, adorable and best footwear for your princess sister! And when she comes home all tired and flustered after wearing high heels all day, spa socks would massage her feet and make her feel refreshed, just the way princesses should feel!




For the pampered little one of yours, you could even go forward with a nail polish holder which she could use while experimenting with her nails! If she has a lot of pair of shoes that lie around, heel stand is the solution to keep them in one place.

Like all the princesses, this girl of yours also have a large collection of things that need to be sorted? With our wide variety of storage organizers available at bigsmall.in, all her collection would be segregated and organized and of course always at princess’s disposal!

No more laziness allowed, when you have Quirky Rakhi Gifts around

Being a princess does have its perks. But then, they make a person absolutely lazy too. Same goes for your sister, ha? Ask her to get something and she’ll be reluctant simply because she isn’t in the mood to get up. What’s more, she will even ask you to do things for her. Well ya, sisters. You can’t do anything about it. But there is one thing that you can do. And that is giving her something to take away her laziness.

Laziness, at times, is a result of tiredness one feels due to sitting in same position for hours. If she too does a lot of desk work and suffers from the issue, a foot hammock would be an apt rakhi gift for her. Attach it to the table and give her feet a rest. At least now, she won’t complain about being exhausted.


Lazy Sister


If she is a sleeping beauty and falls asleep all the time, gift her an ostrich pillow for all her power naps! whether she is traveling or sitting at home, it would be her sleeping aid all the time.

If Pink is her color, then let your Rakhi Gift for her be a spectrum of her favorite color

Pink is one of the most vibrant and lively colors of the palette. But, pink is also the color which means love, affection, tenderness, and a charming one feels for their own self. And that’s why there is a profound love for this color in people’s heart. If your sister too adores the color for all its reason, It's your time to give her something pink this Raksha Bandhan.


Pink Love

From mermaid blanket to plush slippers, from silly straw to ring tray; there is a bounty of pink color gifts waiting for your sister. 

Rakhi Gift for the ‘MONICA’ of your house

Some people love to keep things in their place. But there do exist some others who are obsessed with keeping everything where they should rightfully be. Yes, I am talking about the “Monica” type!

If your sister, like Monica, is absolutely particular about keeping things organized, then there is only one thing that could make her happy. Cleanliness. And when you think of a Raksha Bandhan gift to give her, nothing but organizers could be the option for her!

A cosmetic organizer to keep all the cosmetics in place, or an all things storage organizer to keep the little things from jewelry to important papers and card in a well-organised manner, are a few things you could give your maniac.




If all the cords lying around gets on her nerves, gift her various cute cartoon cord winders available at Bigsmall.in. Maybe in this way, she’ll shout a little less at you and won’t curse your laptop and mobile charger often.

For the times she travels around, she would really appreciate a jewellery storage box to keep her precious ornaments organized and a foldable basket to arrange her things the way she wants it. Perfectly.

Unique Rakhi Gifts for a girl who always has Party on her Mind

People have weird fantasies. And one of them is being obsessed with parties! Any party in town or even a small celebration, and your sister has to mark her presence. And when she is throwing one herself, she wouldn’t trust the planners for perfection. She’d herself make sure everything is on par with her expectations.

She’ll never leave a stone upturned when it comes to putting in a unique and quirky idea into the theme! Sounds like her? If you nod in agreement to the fact that ‘Party and Her’ are undoubtedly inseparable, then there are a lot of party gifts you could give her to add to her next party!

If it’s Halloween she’s planning for next, give her sloth mask and plush zombie slippers to create a mystical ambience! Add a deck of golden playing cards to complete her theme she’s planning to execute!  If she always thinks of the ways to give her drinks-section a new appeal, four shooter ice shots, and cocktail sticks would bring it to life!


Party Sister

Chilling cubes are also a brilliant option when she loves to serve her drinks chilled! The cubes help the drinks keep low temperature and can be used not just during the parties but also when you both decide to have a ‘serious discussion’ over a drink.

An oversized wine glass is another gift that would draw her attention. Pour her favorite drink into it, and give it to her when she is fuzzing about the world not being okay!

For the sister who takes care of everyone, with your Rakhi gift, make sure she takes care of herself as well! 

There are different types of people on planet Earth and one of the most peculiar ones are those who are always ready to be a help to anybody, anytime. And if your sister is one from this category of people, who takes care of every person in the family, then dear brother, you are literally blessed.

It’s hard to find people belonging to this category these days. And if you have one with you, the least you can do is treasure her. And what’s a better occasion than Rakhi to make your sister feel special! Because now it’s time she takes care of herself!


Pamper Day


She might feel tired but never let anyone know. But then obviously you know her better than she knows herself. Thus, spa socks are a wonderful gift for her as she lays down after a long day. They will massage her feet and make her feel better. If she loves socks, then here at bigsmall is a fancy collection of fluffy cushion socks and socks box to make her fall in love with.

A Travel Shoe Bag will help her keep her innumerable high heels together, when she's on her journeys. A bigsmall water bottle would be her reservoir for the times she is sitting after doing all her tasks to perfection. And getting her the peace after a long day is what you’d want to gift her, right?

A minion Themed Rakhi Gift for the Minion love your sister have

Oh wait, did I miss something? Oh yes! When we talk about some serious obsession, love for Minions can’t be missed! Can it? We always have a few ‘Despicable Me’ fans who love to adorn their life with every minion accessory possible. If your sister too fancies the little creatures in yellow and blue, then we have a plethora of Minion Gifts for Raksha Bandhan for your sister!



The best minion gift, without a doubt, would be a minion plush slipper. They are soft, they are comfortable. And they are as cute as minions themselves. Does she live Minions and sleep Minions? Why doesn't she drink Minions too? Now she can, with the Minion Water Bottle With Cover

Does she like bringing Minions to life? Perhaps with the Minion pop-up card, she can - by merely popping open the card! Or she can become one herself, with these hilarious Minion Goggles.


Even if she loves sports or prefer to spend her time reading her favorite genre, there are gifts that you can gift for rakhi to her and make her day a euphoric one!

So, have some unique gift ideas this Rakhi and break the norms of the traditional gifting by giving her something she would love. Forever!

Oh, and yes, in your excitement to give her a quirky gift, don’t forget that you are more important to her than the gifts. Thus make sure to say you love her and would always be there for her no matter what!

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Happy Raksha Bandhan and Happy Gifting to you!