10 Eid Gifts For Your Loved Ones

10 Eid Gifts For Your Loved Ones

The Festival of Gifts is around the corner again!

A day of merriment and joy, Eid-ul-Fitr brings the month of Ramadan to a close. It’s time for family reunions, heavenly music, dance and joy, Eid delicacies and…gift giving! 

Of all the festivities that Eid has to offer, gift giving is the one everyone looks most forward to, isn’t it? There’s nothing like the feeling of ripping off gift wrapping paper, hoping to find that one gift you’ve been dropping hints about for the entire last one month!

This Eid, find the perfect Eid Gifts for your loved ones on Bigsmall.in!

Browse our collection of the perfect Eid Gifts below:


1. Rose Scented Candle

This scented candle is the perfect gift for any loved one who likes decorating their home! 

Rose Scented Candle


2. Mr. Tea Infuser

A perfect gift for any tea-crazed uncle or aunt, Mr. Tea Infuser is sure to bring a smile on their faces!

Mr. Tea Infuser


3. Buddha Incense Burner

A beautiful, soothing incense burner can bring about a charm to just anyone’s drawing room! With its relaxing scent, it is sure to be a peaceful gift for your loved ones!

Buddha Incense Burner


4. Bottle Humidifier

This multi-purpose bottle humidifier is the ideal present for your mother or aunt! Not only does it help fight dry skin, it acts as a mist aroma diffuser too!

Bottle Humidifier


5. Happy Floor Rugs

A cute, colourful rug is the perfect gift for someone who loves pretty things to brighten up their room!

Happy Floor Rugs


6. Lazy Glasses

Do you have a tech savvy cousin who must have his hands on the coolest products out there? Well, these glasses would be right up his alley! With their efficient design to go along with laziness, these glasses ensure 100% satisfaction.Lazy Glasses


7. Wooden Mugs

These classy, rugged, antique looking mugs are just right for having a drink! Whether they’re for your favourite uncle or your elder brother, they’re definitely an amazing gift.

Wooden Beer Mugs - bigsmall.in


8. Ostrich Pillow

If you have a parent or sibling who’s always travelling from place to place, the ostrich pillow is just what they need. This revolutionary napping device is sure to be on the top of their list of favorite gifts! 

Ostrich Pillow


9. Reading Light

If your sibling is a bibliophile and can’t get enough of reading her favorite books over and over, she’d adore this useful, out of the box gift!

Reading Light


10. Mario Brothers Plush Slippers

These incredibly soft and cozy slippers are extremely cute! With their brightly coloured and funky appearance, they make the perfect gift for your little nephews!

Mario Plush Slippers
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