7 Colourful DIY Kits To Brighten Up Diwali 2023

7 Colourful DIY Kits To Brighten Up Diwali 2023

Welcome the festival of lights and gaiety with a burst of colors. Let Diwali 2023 be the best in the decade that was with fun eco-friendly DIY gifts that promise not only to brighten up your home but also fill your hearts with warmth and nostalgia. Team Awesome at Bigsmall.in has picked out unique DIY craft kits for you to add that extra zing this Diwali.

1. Fairy LED String Lights

Complete with cute little paper cottages and a string of fairy lights, have fun bonding with your cousins, nieces, and nephews as you assemble this pretty present. It could be one of the amazing Diwali party ideas to decorate your home or simply to have lots and lots of fun!

2. Ugears Dynamometer Puzzle

Love solving puzzles and are crazy about it! We have the perfect gift for satiating all your collectibleThis one makes for an awesome Diwali gift for a sports nut friend or sibling. 


3. DIY Adventure Ship Desk Calendar

For your DIY Diwali decoration ideas, we have got you covered in the most celebratory manner. The best Diwali crafts ever, have fun assembling your very own desk or table with a quirky collectible. Get them aesthetic vibes on!

4. DIY Music Box Wooden Puzzle

Sew your dreams into intricate music with the DIY Music Box Wooden Puzzle. Enjoy the decoration with this product. Perfect for your own table-top or shelf. The template has been lovingly illustrated with realistic details.


Doggo Soft Toy Lamp

For someone whose soul belongs to cute things. In the daily grind of the modern lifestyle with all its facilities, the soul often craves for soothing sweet of the era of and good lamps, so here it is! :D


6. Ugears Mechanical Safe Puzzle

For all your DIY lovers out there, you can now keep relics of your forever love for puzzle on your desk and gaze at it lovingly. It brings back memories of good old college days, conversations about life plans.


 7. DIY Music Box Wooden Puzzle -Merry-Go-Round

Enjoy a sweet ride of this colorful merry go round and the sweet melody of the song - you are my sunshine. The bright colors and the music is sure to lift your spirits up. It could go splendidly with your handmade diya decoration too!

DIY Kits 7

So there you go! Some awesome Diwali decoration ideas for you. This DIY Diwali decoration is gonna be epic. Then again, sometimes all we need is a friendly gesture of love, a hug, a thoughtful gift, and a helpful friend who decorates everything with you! Of course, it conveys their warmth towards you and how much they care. So, go show someone your love! Spread the good vibes this festive season with awesome Diwali gifts. View the budget-wise collections here: Diwali Gifts Within Rs 500, Diwali Gifts Within Rs 1000.

Happy shopping!

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