Surprise Your Shutterbug Friend. Quirky Gift Ideas for Photographers.

Surprise Your Shutterbug Friend. Quirky Gift Ideas for Photographers.

If you have a friend or loved one who is a shutterbug, you know how much they cherish their photography gear and accessories. As someone who appreciates photography, you understand the importance of finding unique gifts for photography lovers that are both practical and creative.

At you will find some photography-related gift ideas that will surprise and delight your shutterbug friend. Whether they are a professional photographer or an amateur hobbyist, we have gifts for beginner photographers as well as for professional ones that will surely put a smile on their faces and make their photography experience even more enjoyable.

From camera accessories to photo-themed home decor, we've got you covered with plenty of gift ideas for photographers that will show your friend how much you appreciate their passion for photography. So, sit back, relax, and dive into the world of quirky gifts for photographers!

5 Gift Ideas For Photographers

If you are looking for unique gifts for friends and family that are related to photography then explore our website. We have a wide range of creative gifts that will surely impress and inspire your photographer friend. Check out these unique products: 

  1. Camera Wooden Brooch: Mix fashion and photography together with this camera wooden brooch. This lovely brooch is the perfect gift for guys and can be easily styled with any outfit. It will represent the love your friend holds for photography and also make their outfit extremely unique and stylish. You can easily add it to your clothing and wear it to various occasions such as weddings, meetings, parties, etc.

    Camera Wooden Brooch -

  2. Selfie Lens: Do your friends find it difficult to click selfies while you are hanging out together or out on a trip? We have got the perfect solution. This selfie lens is a 3-in-1 camera lens kit which allows you to easily capture your happy moments. Gift it to your friend who loves clicking selfies all day long. It has a macro lens which is perfect to capture every minute detail and get a closer look at any object.
    Selfie Lens

  3. Personalized Pop Art Wooden Frame: This personalised gift for a photographer is best for your shutterbug friend's birthday. The Personalized Pop Art print is a unique piece of product that plays with vibrant colours and a unique picture of both of you. It has an eye-catching design that will portray your love for them wholeheartedly. Your friend can keep it in their bedroom and cherish it for the rest of their life.

    Personalized Pop Art Wooden Frame | COD not available

  4. Grow With The Flow Undated Planner: Our unique planner is a great gifting option for your friend who is a professional photographer. They can plan their photoshoots and other work schedules using this quirky planner. They can also use it for their personal life and keep a track of their health, food, social life, workouts, etc.

    Grow With The Flow Undated Planner

  5. Space Man Phone Holder: A photographer can have a lot of work to do on their mobile phone for long periods of time, so this phone holder can be very useful for them. They can simply hold their phone using this stand and work for long hours. It can be great for their neck and back as well. The spaceman design makes it a cute piece of product.

    Space Man Phone Holder

While finding a proper gift for your photographer friend can be a little challenging, with Bigsmall’s curated collection we have made it easier for you. Our quirky gift ideas are full of joyful products that your photographer friend will cherish forever. With these useful products, you will inspire and motivate your friend to pursue photography in the future.


  • What is the best way to show appreciation to a friend photographer?

Gifting a unique photography-related gift to your friend's photographer is a great way to show them your appreciation. You can find amazing gift ideas for the photographer at Bigsmall that work as a great gifting option.  

  • What should you get someone who wants to become a photographer?

For someone who has just started photography, you can gift them a lens, camera, desk calendar, mobile stand, and many other things available at Bigsmall. 

  • How do you describe someone who likes photography?

You can describe your friend who loves photography as a shutterbug friend or a photograph enthusiast since they have a passion for capturing and clicking pictures.

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