Decision Maker - Is it a Paperweight? Is it a Roulette?

Decision Maker - Is it a Paperweight? Is it a Roulette?

For some of us, taking a decision comes easily and quickly. For others, not so much! Whether it's major life choices we've to make or just simple everyday things to choose from, things can get a little difficult. But hey, that’s okay! It just means that you want to make sure your decision ends up being the right one and truly worthwhile.  

Although being indecisive is better sometimes as compared to people who've got it all figured out (given that indecisive people lead more adventurous lives as they never know what's coming)'s the everyday decisions that are the real struggle! 

Well, if you're an indecisive person, we are here to help. Our Decision Maker Paperweight is just the gift for you! 


Decision Maker

Of course, taking inputs from your parents, siblings or friends can work well in helping you make choices. But it's not always possible, is it? That's where this Decision Maker comes into play!

Is it a paperweight? Is it a roulette? Will it really decide your fate? 

It's a solid, iron paperweight and a revamped roulette, all rolled into one! It has choices like 'Yes', 'No', 'Ask Mom' and so on, on its base. It is made of chrome plated solid iron and has the most smooth feel ever. The next time you're in a fix, this paperweight will be a lifesaver! Just spin it and voila- Let it take your decision for you! 


Decision Maker Paper Weight


Let's take a look at some cases where this brilliant item might come in handy: 

1. Picture this-
 You're at work and you've spent the previous night binge watching a new show and need coffee to really wake up. You call up the nearest coffee shop and then the barista asks you what you'd like. But you being you, you're unable to choose whether a cappuccino would be of more help or a latte. Of course, you just can't decide. 

What do you do next? Think to yourself, 'Should I get a latte?' And spin the Decision Maker and there you go! All your daily decisions are taken for you-all the way from coffee to movie or dinner! 

2. Big decisions are mentally exhausting! Whether it's at work or college, your love life or family...take the stress off easily and let this decision maker handle it for you. How long could you possibly go about weighing the pros and cons for, anyway?  


Decision Maker Paper Weight


3. The next time you need to find the perfect corporate gift for your employees or a present that will leave your colleagues or work friends charmed, this Decision Maker can be the perfect fit. Not too serious, not too informal, yet not too 'office-y' either, anyone would appreciate this gift. Who doesn’t struggle with taking decisions at some point or the other anyway?  

4. If you know someone who has a job that requires hectic working hours and results in lots of stress, you probably want to make their workplace a little more bearable. A little less chaotic, maybe? You could get them an Astronaut Phone Holder to keep their phone upright while they're stressing out at work, a Daily Planner to help them to stay organised along with our amazing Decision Maker to take some of the burden off of their shoulders! A cheerful and orderly desk can go a long way in improving their time at work and it'll be something they'd be incredibly thankful for!  

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Along with this amazing decision maker, there are a ton of other Creative gifts you can find on!  

Happy gifting!  

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