Rugs are undoubtedly the best way to make your room look cute and simply exquisite. They enhance the ambience and make your feet feel pampered as soon as they land on the floor. So, here is the mind-blowing collection to choose the perfect rugs for your room.

Add Beauty to your Home with Carpets and Area Rugs

Do you often look for rugs online? Or maybe when looking for gifts online, choosing different kinds of rugs. You must love decorating your room with rugs and soft carpets. This super quirky collection of rugs for home and office spaces is just what you need. Finding the best carpets online can be a task but when you're at Bigsmall, it's easy as a pie. The best of the best rugs awaits you. For the best Home Decor, get the rugs to make your furnishings stand out.

Buy Carpets and Rugs Online from Bigsmall

The most quirky and super soft rugs for your room are what you will find here. Whether you're looking for designer rugs, living room rugs, bedroom rugs, or for whichever corner of your beautiful home, you'll find the chosen one here. Brighten up your room and make it look cheerful with your favourite one from here.

Why choose Bigsmall rugs?

That's a valid question. You might be looking for designer carpets online of great quality anticipating whether you'll get what you pay for. And, here at Bigsmall, we value quality above all. So the rugs you'll get from here will be of prime quality and undoubtedly the best rugs online like the Mermaid Tail Rug, Handcrafted Wonder Woman Rug, Hogwarts Express Rug, or the Evil Eye Round Rug.  From handmade rugs to premium rugs, we have curated the absolute best collection for you possible. You'll find the most unique rugs with your favourite themes here and will come back for more. 


Q1. What should you look for when buying rugs?

When buying rugs, you must look for great quality rugs which match your taste and at the same time are super soft and smooth.

Q2. What are the different types and designs available in rugs?

There are different types of rugs available in the market like hand-knotted rugs, flat-weaved, plush knitted, hooked rugs, braided rugs, printed rugs, chevron rugs, coastal rugs. floral rugs, geometric rugs, cottage rugs, medallion rugs, oriental carpets, overdyed rugs, plaid rugs, shag rugs, striped rugs, watercolour rugs, etc. Our collection here will have assorted, many different kinds of rugs.

Q3. What are the different rug sizes?

The different rug sizes depend upon the size of your room and the purpose of the rug. The common rug sizes are 3 x 5 feet, 5 x 8 feet, 8 x 10 feet, 9 x 12 feet, and 12 x 15 feet.

Q4. What is the best material for rugs?

There are various types of rug materials like natural fibers which include wool, cotton, silk, jute, bamboo salt, etc. There are synthetic fibers like polypropylene, polyester, nylon, viscose, faux fur. Then there are hides, handmade and machine rugs.

Q5. Where can rugs be used?

Different rugs can be used for different purposes and at different places like the bathroom mat outside or inside the bathroom, the rug placed outside the kitchen, outside the room, or at the bed side as well.


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