Best Movies to Watch This Christmas

No sooner do Christmas bells come up on the walls of homes and Christmas trees get overloaded with decorations, cinema halls and movie theatres begin to get abuzz with the news of new movies being screened in the city. No wonder, during the holiday week of Christmas, watching movies becomes one of the best pass times for people.

And in this entire humdrum of the festive season, one often forgets how movies can be made far more enjoyable than ever by the presence of unusual gifts that you can easily buy online. The combination of unique Christmas gifts and movies is just simply awesome. Let us helps you browse through the gallery of some of the most unique gifts that will make your Christmas this year the best moment of your life. Get ready with your credit card as you won’t be able to resist the temptation of these gifts at all.

It’s Wonderful Life

A perfect movie for all times though, A Wonderful Life is tailor-made for the spirit of Christmas. The movie has in it the magical passages that intrigue the viewers and a lot of goodwill to amuse people. There is a twist in the plot as the Black Mirror episode unfolds. The movie focuses on the life of a small-town do-gooder played by James Stewart. You will hardly get any movie which pays tribute to the idea of Christmas as a time for giving. And the moment you start watching this film with your family, craving for food is guaranteed. Such movie must be watched with all kinds of snacks and food items surrounding you. And when we talk of food, nothing can be a better gift for your food-loving soul than an Easter Bunny Serving Bowl. Pamper yourself and fellow movie-watchers with popcorns, salads, cereals, maggi or even munchies. Think of any food and the Easter Bunny Bowl will serve it to you with panache.


Befriend an overgrown-child elf persona tickling your funny bone with the hilarious acts of Will Ferrel on the screen. The movie shows a guileless elf searching for his parents in the city, but goes on to encounter so wonderful experiences that every viewer would like to walk alongside with him and wish for the movie to never end. The spirit of Christmas portrayed in this movie, along with the heart and soul put by the actor and the movie creators will simply blow away your mind. Keep your mobile phones aside while watching this movie to avoid all kinds of distractions. This is where another elf can help you. Bring home through Bigsmall this unique out of the world astronaut mobile stand, which will handle your mobile phone with ease. The astronaut will stand over your side table and hold your mobile phone with the same conviction that is exercised while holding an oxygen cylinder. This small figurine made of poly resin will also substitute for a wonderful showpiece. And don’t worry about your phone’s dimensions. The stand is compatible with all variety of sizes of smartphone. Beware! This stand is not suitable for unstable platforms. Just keep your mobile phone on this stand and enjoy watching Will Ferrel set a benchmark of acting in this movie.

Bad Santa

If you want to mix some sleaze this Christmas night with your lover, then Bad Santa is the movie to go for without a doubt. Billy Bob Thornton’s departmental store, named St Nick, will tickle you to maddening laughter. The movie shows a misanthropic plot and soon the comedy show turns a pathetic sad sack featured in the movie into a compassionate superhero. The movie is actually a Christmas miracle. This movie is so entertaining that it has to be accompanied by some drinks. And when it comes to drinks, who does not like chilled beer or chilled whiskey poured in a glass? In case you are planning to screen this movie at your home along with lover, then get some elegant chilling cubes. Bigsmall brings to your doorstep a set of 2 - 3D Polar Ice Moulds. Enjoy your movie as you kick back and relax with a couple of polar bear shaped ice chunks floating in your drink. 


Christmas is not supposed to be about only the Holy Spirit. You can also invite the evil spirits and omens at your home this Christmas by switching to the movie “Gremlins”. Watch Joe Dante’s comedy show turn into gruesome horror as the story unfolds. This movie is best to be watched as the clock strikes midnight. No wonder there will be times when you just want to close your eyes and hide in a hideout. This is the very time when travel hoodie pillow will come to your rescue. The moment a ghost screams at you or an apparition pounces at you, just cover your head with this hoodie pillow to protect yourself. When in peace, use this hoodie pillow to enjoy the movie in coziness. This pillow contains microbeads and the lock mechanisms keep the pillow in place on your head. But beware! You may fall asleep as this comfy hoodie pillow caresses you to heavenly slumber. Give some cushion to your neck and warmth to your head with this unusual gift from Bigsmall.

Home Alone

If you are single and have no friends to hang out with this Christmas, then watch a movie that reflects the solitude. Turn on your TV or laptop and watch one of the most amazing movies of all times, Home Alone. A kid, accidentally left behind by his family during a vacation, takes the viewers through hilarious experiences of himself being alone in his home. While the family is bound to Paris, this boy lives his dream of being alone and having his relatives and everyone around disappear. As a group of burglars strike the house, the plot thickens, and the twists and turns take the viewers through a gallery of laughter and hilarity. There is nothing better than watching a movie with the room warmly lit by a Reindeer Lamp. The lamp will brighten up your room as the movie will brighten up your mood. The radiance rendered to the room will invite joy and illumination to the room. The Snowflake String LED Lights consume low energy, and is certainly one of the best gifts you can ever get for yourself. Being home alone and watching Home Alone will never get better than this Christmas. Get home this spherical ball of light and set the right mood for Christmas this year.

The Snowman

Watch the novel of Raymond Briggs coming to stark reality before your own eyes with The Snowman being screened in your home. This Oscar-nominated animated film shows a snowman coming to reality. The haunting “Walking in the air” song will set the eerie mood in the entire house. If you are a lover of animation and love watching toons to spend some quality time alone, then The Snowman is the best movie you can go for. The Christmas time often becomes the most enjoyable with animated characters spending some good time with you. And what can be the best way to celebrate snowfalls and snowmen on the screen that has a glass of wine in hand? But where will you place the wine bottle cork? Bigsmall brings to you a Wine Cork Shadow Box that lays a siege on your tabletop. Each cork has a story to tell. Save them up in your very own top loading shadow box or maybe gift one to an oenophile friend of yours.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

This movie based on the classic Peanuts comic is a perennial source of joy and comedy. This movie can send even the most boring people into happy spasms. The songs of the movie are also a delight for the ears of movie buffs. The whimsical movie scenes and the beautiful plot is as entertaining as you can ever imagine. And this movie is best watched when your friends accompany you on the couch. But what if the entire couch gets overloaded with your friends? Where will you sit comfortably? Get this foot hammock which enables you to sit at your desk and watch movies as your feet rest suspended on a cocoon of cotton, polythene or wood. This foot hammock is the best thing to keep at your workspace as there is no better thing to ensure rest for your feet while watching a movie late night and when your friends don’t allow any room on the sofa. Get this vibrant orange colored hammock at your home as this is a must for movie lovers and you certainly don’t want to be left behind.

Batman Returns

If thunder strikes the sky and lightning illuminates the night sky, then you know which movie to go for. Batman Returns is the ideal movie to watch during the weather of storms and rains. Just press a button the TV remote and get teleported to Gotham as Joker tries to defy Batman only to fail later. And seeing the villain will easily make you sweat with stress.Take a chill pill and de-stress with your gang as you sip on chilled beer. There is no need to make a trip to the refrigerator cos the Beer Belt has got you sorted with 6 of the good stuff right at hands reach!

The Chronicles of Narnia

Christmas is the time of reinforcing belief in miracles and magic. And the best way to celebrate and revel in Christmas is to sneak away to a magical land where fantasy comes alive. The magical realm of Narnia is the best hideout for this. Just simply laze around on your couch and be simply teleported to a land where White Witch and a speaking lion welcome you. This movie will certainly be a Christmas delight and will be a great way to bring gaiety to your festival time. Meet the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to make this festive season amazing. The flavour of tea will be the best thing to add to this style of celebration. Stuff some leaves inside the tea infuser and let the small figurine immerse itself in the hot water. Simply see the tea lose its flavour to the hot water and prepare the brew for you. This whimsical tea infuser will add a comic angle to the preparation of tea and will make your moments after a long tiring day. Get this unique housewarming gift for yourself or your friend’s home and see the smiles spreading.

Christmas is the best time to watch movies and be close to your friends and relatives. The Christmas gifts that you can get at your doorstep from Bigsmall will add a different flavour to your celebrations and set an example for your friends to follow too for the next set of festivals.