Birthday Party Planning Checklist for the Special People in your Life

Unlike any other ceremonies, like marriages, birthdays do not have a season. Unique gift stores and popular online shopping websites keep delivering gifts that are intended to surprise the birthday person or at least make the day special for them.

Star-studded phone cases and coffee mugs with pictures are just so mainstream that the person being gifted might not get that joyous feeling. Moving away from the conventional kinds of stuff and opting for some uncanny items can keep the excitement level triggered.

Birthdays aren’t all about gifts, though they are the primary aspect. Birthdays call for a good sense of planning depending on what age group the person belongs to. For an example, celebrating a girl’s 25th birthday will be way different from celebrating a 5-year old’s birthday.

So here are the birthday party planning checklists along with the best birthday gift ideas that are sure to make the day the most memorable one.

1st birthday

Celebrating the first birthday of a child is always a very special occasion for the parents. Right from the first day after birth to celebrating the 365th day means watching the child grow under the extraordinary love and care. And though the planning and arrangements of the party may not sound very hectic, it does require you to cover some good bit of preparations.


The process

Planning the birthday of a one-year-old baby is more like making minute arrangements rather than making big ones. The parents need to make sure that every piece of arrangement fits the bill of the occasion and is relevant. Including dance performances or playing loud sounds isn’t the wisest thing to be done. Instead, pampering your baby is more relevant.

The planning and arrangements should ideally start a week in advance and the invitations much before that. The food items should be soft and nothing too rich and fancy, just like the roof decoration. In fact, colourful balloons are great item that can stud your baby’s party with the love of innocence.

Gifts for babies

Perfect gifts for babies are mostly toys that do not have detachable parts, soft toys, etc. These, along with clothes for toddlers and mickey mouse tiffin plates are smart options too.

Kid’s birthday

Celebrating a kid’s birthday is almost synonymous with watching him/her grow. Every parent out there hopes to celebrate every birth anniversary of their kid and watch them grow. In fact, planning a birthday party on such an occasion needs the planner to get a little into the details.

The process

A birthday party plan for kids should begin more than a week prior to the day. Getting the guests list sorted, deciding on the food that should be cooked and booking a chef should be done a week in advance. The final week should be reserved for inviting the guests and getting the home decoration done.

Gifts for kids

Undoubtedly, choosing the perfect gift for kids is like a sweet dilemma. You know there are so many things that you can probably gift, but shortlisting the best ones from a list of good options is more of a difficult task. However, considering the fact that during the age cycle of kids, their mind is most creative, unique gifts like a silly straw or Game Over coffee mug should always be a yes-yes.

18th birthday party plan

18th birthday is always a special day for every individual, whether a boy or a girl. After all, not all ages will mark the adulthood officially. In fact, this is the grand year when you realise that your son/daughter or brother/sister is not a kid anymore.

The process

Planning the perfect birthday party for 18-year old is a long process and it is during this time that you realise that you probably need to change or move the focus from balloons to slightly different birthday decorative items. The checklist to the party planner should be created around a month in advance as the number of arrangements to be made is huge. Firstly, since it is almost treated as a milestone birthday number, people mostly prefer booking a venue rather than planning it at home. Hence, this, along with getting the guest list done, sorting out the budget and choosing a menu, should be done well in advance.

Gifts for girls

And then comes the most important part of the entire story. As a part of birthday gifts for girls, you can probably choose dresses or makeup products, but these would be too mainstream. So if you prefer something unique for the just-18 girl, you can buy Mermaid tail blanket or a heart umbrella.

Gifts for boys

When you find that your boy is slowly becoming a man, you know that his tastes and preferences would change heads down. Try out some unique gifts for boys like a beard catcher or dumbbell water bottle.

Birthday party for someone special

There is always someone special in everyone’s life. And celebrating their birthday in a special way becomes very important. Girlfriends celebrating boyfriend’s birthday or vice versa have become a common sight in most of the eatery junctures. More often than not, you will find a cake being cut at the coffee joint or pizza parlour in a posh area. But if you want to make it grand, book a party hall instead.

The process

One thing is taken for granted, that is, celebrating the birthday of the most special person of your life won’t be at your place. Hence, booking a party hall venue needs to be done in advance along with the instruction to decorators and caterers. And yes, you wouldn’t want the food to spoil the fun. So get the menu preparation sorted well in advance.

Birthday gifts for special ones

Buying a birthday gift for girlfriend or boyfriend can be tiring as you never want to go mainstream by buying him a t-shirt or a dress. Thinking or something unique? Consider gifting him/her a wine glass with straw or a superhero apron and be prepared to see the wide smile on the face.

Birthday party for adults

The birthday party planning checklist for adults looks quite simple, but you will be surprised at how much of planning you will need for the day. But the best part is, organising the birthday party of an adult is not very difficult albeit long.

The process

Celebrating the birthday of your elder brother/sister or any relative isn’t the hardest thing to be done. You can plan it anywhere you want, be it indoor or outdoor. But people mostly prefer organising it indoor as it could ease off the stiff budget required to book the venue. Also, the party can include anything that you please as there aren’t many restrictions as you would have celebrating a kid’s birthday.

Gifts for adults

There are way too many gifting options that you can pick. Buy if you want to choose unique gifts for adults, you can try something like a cosmetic organiser or a double layered glass set. But this isn’t all, a travel journal diary could also be a fitting gift for an adult.

Birthday party for parents

Getting to celebrate your parents’ birthday is surely a moment of pride. The two people who have been doing everything for you throughout your life, you will, of course, want to reciprocate the same. And what could be better than celebrating their birthday in a grand way?

The process

There are many birthday party ideas for your mom or dad. But if you want to see the invaluable smile on their face, keeping it a surprise would be the best idea. And since you have the entire planning on yourself, make sure that you have hired the best cook so that you can at least try to match up to the deliciousness of the food your mom cooks.

Gifts for parents

Make the day extremely special for your parents by gifting them with some of the most unique gifts available out there. Some unique gifts for mom include an all things storage organiser or a Buddha incense burner. Some unique gifts for dads include super dad magic mug or a beard shaper.

Birthday celebration for grandparents

We are most loved and pampered by our grandparents, who are the happiest people when they have us around. They are probably a world of experience and the biggest pot of love and affection. Hence, we often find ourselves obliged to give them back the best birthday memories.

Birthday planning process

While planning the birthday of your grandparents, you will have a lot of people taking part in the preparation. Your parents, cousin, etc., will love to make the birthday the best day of their life. It may not be the fanciest party, but you need to make sure that you invite almost all the people your grandparent have a good bonding with. And the menu should include food that are not very heavy or rich.

Gifts for grandparents

Some of the most unique gifts for grandfather includes a tea infuser, which he can use for his morning cup of tea. Also, a power nap pillow would be another great gifting idea for both grandma and grandfather. Also, you can try gifting a handsfree book holder, which would be a relevant item at their age.

Wrapping up

Birthdays are special, be it any age. But it depends on the organiser that how special he/she can make it. Whether you celebrate it at a venue outside the home or indoor, you need to get the most relevant decoration done and arrange for some lip-smacking food.

There are probably two major things that can ruin a special day, food and inappropriate gift. While you can get the good food sorted by getting the food delivered from a good restaurant or hiring a good cook, selecting the perfect birthday gift is a little tricky. The best way to get things right is choosing some of the most unique birthday gifts that would not be very mainstream and guessable.