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Handsfree Book Holder

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A must have for any bibliophile

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If you love reading books, this Traveler books-holder is a must have product for you. This almost weightless and extremely durable, hands free book Holder holds your book open at the perfect angle presenting you with total hands free reading! This handy product expands to fit the larger size books but cleverly contracts to fit neatly into your travels bag, unlike the normal book stands found online. Of course, There's nothing to stop you using your Handsfree Traveler at home, for a relaxing pastime. It easily clips on to both sides of your book for hands-free reading with easy page turning.  The book holder is ideal for holding open text books, recipe books and novels with ease so that there is no hassle to write notes and hold the book open simultaneously or to cook that new interesting recipe.

  • Easy to carry, readily contracts
  • Very useful while travelling
  • Hands free book holder
  • Ideal for recipe books, studying, novels on the beach and more!

Package Includes:
1 x Handsfree Book Holder



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