10 Exquisite Make Up Rakhi Gifts for Your Beauty Queen Sister

10 Exquisite Make Up Rakhi Gifts for Your Beauty Queen Sister

The best gift to give your sister is love, but make-up is a close runner-up. 

If the tradition of celebrating Rakhi is n years old, then the practice of calling your sister ugly is n+1 years old. Building on that, a girl’s love and affection for makeup are n+2 years old! However, as clueless as the girls are about the new Harley Davidson bike, their brothers are equally unaware of the latest makeup trends.

So, for all the boys - it's time to start some research. With Raksha Bandhan fast approaching, the scamper for Rakhi Gifts for sisters is at its peak. And as far as gifts for women go, you’ll find scarce better gift ideas than makeup products. Here are some unique Raksha Bandhan gifts for sister to further enhance your sister’s beauty.

1. Makeup Mirror With LED & Fan

Perfect gift for the sister who likes to fix her makeup on the go. With an in-built fan and LED light she can now easily get that smooth smooth glowing look that she is going for. 


2. Wearable Nail Polish Holder:

The relationship between you and your sister has evolved like nothing else, so why not present her with something modern? Nail polish is an irremovable part of any beauty queen’s vanity kit.

Make her nail polishing experience much simpler with the unique wearable nail polish holder - which will keep her fingers fastened and her nail polish always handy.

3. Magic Cotton Pads

This unique magic cotton is infused with olive oil oleate that quickly restores and nourishes tired skin. It removes make-up without using any make-up remover or cleansing solutions, but just with a little bit of water. All that went over your head? Don't worry and trust us when we say that your sis will LOVE this gift.

4. Skyline Glass Desk Organizer

This multi-purpose organizer will help your sister declutter her storage space, organize her belongings. Also, it will serve as a great décor item in any room. The mirrored bottom and brass edges enhance the overall look of the piece.

It makes for a great gift for a sis who loves her makeup area decluttered. Save your family from getting late for the next family function, and yourself from bumping into makeup products all over the house.

5. Holographic Unicorn Pouch

Help her protect her precious makeup items in style with this holographic pouch. Lightweight & portable, this is perfect to store all her go to makeup supplies when she is travelling or out at that beach.


6. Brush Cleaning Mat:

You already treat your sister as your cleaning lady - why not give her a gift that will help her clean her brushes, too? For your sister, keeping her makeup brushes swanky clean is always a priority, but it can be a harrowing task.

Not anymore, though - the brush cleaning mat will make it an effortless task. With suction cups to cling on to the sink, it's really easy to attach - and even easier to use, as all she would have to do is rub the bristles of the brushes against the mat's surface.

7. Jewellery Storage Box:

A perfect gift for the drama queen who can't be seen without her beautiful jewellery pieces. She has so many that it's easy to lose track of them. Extend a helping hand by gifting her this storage box this year.

8. Spa Gel Socks: 

Is your sister always complaining that you never pamper her? And, as usual, you are clueless as to how to go about it? Well, just get her these spa gel socks and watch the magic. All she has to do it moisturise her feet and slip on these for an at-home spa experience!

The socks contain a gel section, made from a mix of lavender essential oil, plant gel, olive oil, grape seed oil and jojoba oil and contains Vitamin E - which will keep her feet as soft and comfortable as ever.

9. Ice Cream Bath Sponge:

As far as shower sponges go, there will seldom be any as creative as this Ice Cream Sponge. As she indulges in her me time while taking a bath, have her take her luxurious bath up a notch - with ice creams.

With a stick handle, it's extremely handy to use. Its soft body makes it good for the skin - making it the all-round package. The more the time she spends on herself, the more trouble-free your life becomes. 


10. Queen Jewellery Holder:

No matter how much you dislike this, your sister does walk around the house like a princess - wearing an imaginary crown. But this Raksha Bandhan, crown her royalty - quite literally, with the Queen Jewellery Holder. Her beautiful jewellery deserves a holder just as beautiful, to keep them safe at home.


Don't miss your chance to present her with something fancy - your rakhi gifts should be unique, and there’s nothing a woman will love more than something that’ll only enhance her elegant beauty. Remember to take all the credit, the next time she looks pretty!  If you are under budget and are looking for rakhi gift for sister under 500, check out our specially curated collection for the same.

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