10 Household Products You Must Have

10 Household Products You Must Have

What would it be like to enhance your home’s appearance and yet never lose on utility? Ever wondered how efficient it would be if you could get rid of the dust from your home easily or when you don’t have to work hard on getting your earphone’s cord sorted? Won’t it be great if you could save a little money while in no matter compromising the aesthetics of your beloved home?

If you wish to enrich your place with the most affordable and useful stuff for your home, then, we at bigsmall.in, bring to you the 10 must have household products specially designed for YOU! 

1. Tube Squeezer

When you’ve got to survive in the world today, every penny counts, and so does every drop. Thus, we bring to you this tube squeezer. Use it for tooth paste, ointment, cream or adhesive, the squeezer would work until the tube’s last breath and would avoid wastage too! Great, isn’t it?

Lip tube squeezer


2. Beverage Dispenser

Regret no more for the lost fizz with this Beverage Dispenser. Compact and easy to use, it offers the best option for clean and optimized distribution of your favorite drink! With its small size, it doesn’t occupy much of the refrigerator space and keeps the taste of your drink intact. Go ahead, give it a try!

beverage dispenser


3. Happy Floor Rugs

When you are back after a long hectic day, these floor rugs will ease up your stress by the mere site! The cozy rugs are soft, and their happy characters would bring out the childlike you! The vibrant colour paired with comfort is a must have for every household today! Don’t you agree?

Happy floor rugs


4. Rose Scented Candles

What better than rose scent to transform the mood of your loved one? Especially when there is no electricity! The rose scented candle fills the room with the aroma of fresh roses when it is lit and transforms the ambience of the room completely! These rose structured candle is must have to decorate your home with perfect utility throughout.

Rose candle


5. Portable Dust Extinguisher

Sick of the dust that sneaks into your house even after continuous cleaning? If you too have a knack of keeping your house clean, then this dust extinguisher is just the thing you need. Portable and safe to use, this is your cleaning mate!

Dust extinguisher


6. Mobile Charger Stand

How often we find ourselves in situations when we sought to charge our phones where if find a socket, there is no place to keep the phone or vice versa. But with this charger stand at your aid, you needn’t worry, for your phone is in sage hands, or rather, safe ‘stand’.

Mobile charger stand - bigsmall.in 

7. Cord Winder

Are the loose cables at your house creating a spider web you’ve got to bear with? Get rid of the jungle of wires with these cute and efficient cord winders! They not only maintain the cleanliness of the house, but also keep you fun frolic, I mean, just look at them! These adorable winders are definitely a must have!

Cord winder


8. Minion Plush Slippers

Why cover your feet with hard painful footwear when you could have a cushion for them? Designed to provide comfort to the legs, these slippers add to the liveliness of your house, wherein you could roam around your home with these minion feet! And Yes, these indeed are slippers!!

Minion Plush Slippers - bigsmall.in 

9. Golf Ball Massage Hammer

When you’ve got cramps up your sleeve and no time to relax, this massager hammer if all you need! Hold it in your hand and use it to massage your body all by yourself! The first aid for many occasions, it is yet another must have to keep you sane in your home.

Golf Ball Massager


10. Rechargeable Bottle Light

Simply twist the light to turn it on, and place on any empty bottle to turn it into a lamp. The bottle light can be charged via USB and lasts upto 2.5 hours. The light is available in multiple colours on bigsmall.in


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