10 Magical Rakhi Gifts for Your Potterhead Sisters

10 Magical Rakhi Gifts for Your Potterhead Sisters

The most awaited time for all the sisters has finally arrived. After a whole year of catering to the most unreasonable demands of our beloved brothers - we can finally look forward to our day, where all the sisters are daydreaming about their unique rakhi gifts.

The brothers, as usual, are clueless as to how they can assemble all their emotions into one gift. This high spirited bond is so unique in its nature - that the same brother who calls you by thousand different names daily is tongue-tied when thinking of a perfect Rakhi gift for sister.

For the brothers - if you’re still clueless, let’s help you out here. Is your sister a big Potterhead, who can’t stop gushing about the latest travails of boy wonder Harry Potter? Then she’d love nothing more than a Harry Potter-themed gift to quell her fancy.

These quirky rakhi gifts have something in store for all of you - memories of watching cartoons together, fighting for the TV remote, defending your favourite Harry Potter character, running behind your parents to watch the latest Harry Potter movie, looking out for Harry Potter school bags, and daydreaming about going to Hogwarts. 

This Rakhi, let's revive all our childhood emotions with these Harry Potter Gifts. A great idea to surprise your sister - who thinks that you are good for nothing, is to do so with a gift that assembles up all your childhood emotions with just a glance, something common yet something so unique.

A memoir of all your moments - that she can keep close to herself as you want to keep her close to your heart. These gifts are guaranteed to bring a wide smile on her face. Let’s dive into the world of these mystical gifts for your magical bond.

1. Harry Potter Music Box

This cute, little music box will not only touch your sister's heart, but it will also soothe her mind. No matter what your age, is a true Potterhead will always be fascinated by Hedwig’s Theme - it will surely make you travel down the memory lane recounting beautiful memories. As the Harry Potter theme is associated with the safety of the Harry Potter characters, it compliments the brother-sister relationship in its own way, After all, isn't that what a brother is supposed to do - protect the sister from all dangers?

This little music box is hand-crafted with high-quality birch plywood with a twirling handle to start the theme music and is available in Vintage Brown and Classic Black colour to adorn the shelf in your sister's room.


2. Ministry Of Magic Decal Sticker 

From the thousands of things a brother does to irritate his sister, the most deliberate one is getting her a gift which in reality is for her own self. So if you are looking for something to please your own self and irk your sister, this Ministry of Magic sticker could be your cup of tea. Well, you can always defend yourself by saying that it is your personal chance to access the secret world of magical administration. Bonus - the sticker glows in the dark, just like the bond you share with your sister.  

3. Harry Potter Poster 

This Rakhi, end your sisters wait for her Hogwarts letter - with her very own Hogwarts Express Poster. The vintage-looking Hogwarts Express poster is sure to teleport both of you at the King’s Cross Station. This exquisite wall piece is a perfect gift for your Potterhead sister, Hang it in her room or her study, and she will think of you every time she looks at it.  


The poster is 71cm x 24cm and is crafted on high-quality kraft paper. So this rakhi get ready to hop aboard the Hogwarts Express, and don't forget to call shotgun!


4. Hedwig’s Owl Mug

 To the countless number of times you have called your dearest sister an owl, you might as well present her with one. And what better than Hedwig’s owl mug for your Potterhead sister? This quirky rakhi gift is sure to communicate all your feelings to her just as swiftly as Hedwig did in the movie. A perfect deja vu to all the times you both ran to your mother asking for a pet - this is your chance to get her the most special one.  


This 3D mug is crafted out of excellent quality ceramic, to replicate the warmth of your relationship, with that of her morning coffee. It can also be used as a stationery holder, or one for her make-up brushes and cosmetics!

5. Harry Potter Pop Keychain

A token of love that will be as close to her as she is to your heart, her own Harry Potter character. A keychain, which will guard her keys as securely as you would protect her. The reason that keychains have always been a favoured choice of gifts is that they exhibit sentimental symbology, and what better symbol than a miniature of her most beloved character?

These Harry Potter-themed miniatures are available in 4 different variants - Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Voldemort,  Severus Snape. All of these are made of PVC Vinyl and are 4 x 3 cm in size. Perfectly lightweight, she will be eager to show off to all her Potter crazy friends.


6. Official Harry Potter Planner

If your sister loves to plan out her day ahead of the time, then this planner is the perfect gift for her. With the Harry Potter theme to give her company, all her magical are bound to come true.




This must-have Harry Potter planner is hardcover with 96 pages and some pages even feature iconic scenes from the movies.


7. Harry Potter Broom POP Action Figure

 Alert: It’s time for some major deja vu. This Rakhi, you can celebrate your own childhood with the little Harry Potter himself. This little action figure is sure to take you down the memory lane and will become the most treasured possession of your beloved sister. It comes with a broomstick in its hand, just like Harry himself.

8. 3D Harry Potter Bolt Mug

A magical present to embrace the warmth of a magical bond, this bolt mug is sure to be the prized possession of your sister from the moment she sees it and she will love it so much that she will ask you for another one and use it as a stationary holder. After all, we just can’t get enough of Harry Potter, can we?



The mug is crafted with ceramic and can hold up to 350 ml of any potion or beverage.

9. Dumbledore Pop Action Figure


Every mystical series has a character that is always looked up to, when in need of inspiration and wisdom - just like a sister looks up to her brother in time of compulsion. Thus, waste no time and get your sister her own magical mentor this rakhi in Albus Dumbledore.

This funky and high-spirited Harry Potter character is made of Vinyl, and is of 4”, making it your sister's perfect companion.

10. Severus Snape Pop Action Figure 

This Severus Snape Pop Action Figure is sure to strike a nerve in the heart of every Harry Potter fan. This crazy gift is sure to be a prized possession of your crazy sister.

This action figure of the potion master is ready to add magic to her desk with this 4” Height and is made up of Vinyl.


Now all you have to do is, pick out your sister’s favourite Harry Potter goodies, and be ready for her magical tantrums. These out of the box gifts are sure to make her day and keep her silent for another year!

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