10 Unique Rakhi Gifts for your Sister who Loves Everything PINK!

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Rakshabandhan is around the corner. Did you decide on what Rakhi Gift you’ll get for your lovely sister this year? Rakhi gifts are so easy to find these days. They are just a few meters away from the house. Or just a click away in case you prefer online shopping over offline. Either way, there are tonnes of stuff out there. But we at Bigsmall, specialise in the peculiar and the unexpected. Does your sister love the colour pink? If she does, then you are in luck. Because we have a lot of rose-tinted goodies stacked away on our shelves ready to be consumed by the pink loving female brigade out there. Show your sister how much you love and appreciate her by getting her a Rakhi Gift that suits her personality and interests.


1. Ceramic Mickey Mouse Plate


Micky Mouse Fruit Plate


Kids love Mickey Mouse and so do adults. This adorable, ceramic plate is a little something for all the little girls out there. It is parted into two small sections and a large one. Any Disney loving kid would eagerly eat out of this plate. Now she won’t hesitate to have her meals anymore now that she has Mickey by her side.


2.   Travel Passport Holder


Passport Holder


This passport holder is perfect for all those sisters out there bitten by the travel bug. With various compartments to hold all her travel essentials, she is going to love this pretty pink fabric holder!


3. Sports Glass Bottle


Sports Glass Bottle


A sporty gift for a sporty sister. Show your affection for her while she works out with this glass sports bottle. It fits perfectly on her bicycle and can be carried in her hand as well. It can hold more than half a litre while she’s busy working out.


4. Wearable Nail Polish Holder


Nail Polish Holder


An invention to love! This wearable nail polish holder is for those sisters who love to pamper themselves often. This ingenious solution will let her hold her nail polish and split her fingers at the same time.


5. Silly Straw


Silly Straw


It’s a funny way for your adorable kid sister to have beverages. Any kid would love the way their drink seeps around their eyes, ears and finally ends up in their mouth. Drinking orange juice just got fun! 


6. Spray Bottle


Spray Water Bottle


It’s a sipper and a spray bottle rolled into one. This amazing invention lets her quench her thirst and spray some of that refreshing elixir onto her tired face for the cooling effect. Perfect for sisters who are fitness freaks.


7. Heel Stand

Heel Mobile Stand


This innovative phone holder made of silicone is just too stylish to let go. Any sister who loves shoes would love this as well.


8. Foldable Cups


Foldable cups


For all those sisters who love to walk hands free. This amazing, compact cup is made especially to not take up much space. The foldable cup will fit snugly in her tiny purse, backpack or even her trouser pocket. This amazing invention is made of food-safe silicone and comes with its own lid.  


9. Bum Tissue holder


Bum Tissue Dispenser


This funny tissue dispenser shaped like a puppy’s butt will make any sister’s face light up with a little giggle. Who doesn’t love puppies? This hilarious tissue holder can be mounted on tables and walls.


10. Exercise cord

Exercise Cord

It’s ideal for the sister who loves to stretch. This handy tool made of silicone can stretch up to 140cm and can let her relax once in a while. It can be stretched in multiple positions as well.

This Rakshabandhan, get a unique Rakhi gift for your sister. Skip those chocolate bars, clothing accessories and flowers. Log into Bigsmall and shop around for some delightfully quirky Rakhi gifts for her.


Written by Namitha H.

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