15+ Unique Gift Ideas For A Plant Lover Sister

15+ Unique Gift Ideas For A Plant Lover Sister

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, and you are probably still scratching your head for a unique gift for your sister. If she is a proud plant mom and loves taking care of indoor or outdoor plants - bigsmall.in has the perfect gift for her. We have compiled a list of 15+ plant related gifts that she will treasure for a long time.

For Sister With A Green Thumb

If your sister loves growing her own produce, then these Grow It Yourself kits are perfect for her. Find out which one she will prefer, or better buy them all. 

1. Grow It Yourself Kit - Microgreens

Microgreens are small edible plants that are harvested when they are young. They are a concentrated nutrient source and are packed with beneficial enzymes. They also add a beautiful colour and great flavour to salads, sandwiches and other dishes. The kit is inclusive of: Four growing pots, coco peat coins/ growing medium, four seed varieties (three seed packets per variety; total 12 seed packets) & an instructions manual.  

2. Grow It Yourself - Companion Plants
The kit is inclusive of biodegradable plant pots made from coconut coir. They are an excellent way to start a plant as they have an exceptionally high permeability to water, air and roots. It is also easy to transplant as you can re-pot the coco-coir pot and it will disintegrate by itself with time. Some plant combinations help each other grow and this concept is called companion planting. It is the most natural way to grow healthy and sustainable plants. There are two options available: Basil & Cherry Tomato and Marigold & Cherry Tomato.
Grow It Yourself Kit - Companion Plants

3. Grow It Yourself Kit - Flower Garden

Help her make her garden bright and cheery with beautiful homegrown flowers. This flower garden combo contains Cosmos, Marigold, Gaillardia and Zinnia small GIY kits.

4. Vegetable Large Grow It Yourself Kit

The kit includes everything you need to start growing your very own organic veggies and herbs. Choose one of the variants: Cherry Tomato, Bottle Gourd and Spinach or choose them all.

Vegetable Large Grow It Yourself Kit

5.  Grow It Yourself: Pack of 8

Help your sister with these beautiful homegrown flowers and vegetables. This complete garden combo contains Cosmos, Marigold, Gaillardia, Zinnia, Tomato, Okra, Cucumbers and Chilli. Everything she needs to start her kitchen garden in one place.

Grow It Yourself Kit - Pack Of 8
6. Miniature Garden Tool Kit - 3 Pcs
A garden needs tools, you can't just gift your sis plants and nothing to plant them with. Presenting this amazing wood & metal tool kit. Inclusive of a shovel, rake and spade, now all she has to do to plant small plants is use these mini garden tools and her planting will be done, mess free.

Home For Her Plant Babies

Who doesn't love dressing up their babies in cute little outfits, whether babies in question are tiny humans, pets or even plants? No judgement here because we love our cats too and would dress them up in cute hats if they'd let us. But fortunately, it's easy to dress up plants, whether we add a miniature decorative friend or place them in a beautiful vase or holder. Check out these quirky flower pots, and see if you like anything for your plant princess.

7. Baby Groot Holder

With a hollowed-out head, baby Groot is perfect for small plants, such as succulents and cacti. Its base makes it easy to fit in the veranda, terrace, balcony, mini-garden, nightstand, table, mantle or desk. An adorable friend for the adorable sister.

8. Einstein Resin Holder
Is your sis a science nerd? Get your physics loving and flora enthusiast sister, this beautiful gift that she will treasure for a long time.
Einstein Resin Holder
9. Rocket Planter
This plant pot in the design of a rocket is an absolute delight to look at. It is sure to add a bit of flair to her surroundings as soon as she place it down. Made of ceramic, it has a super smooth and glossy finish.
Rocket Planter - bigsmall.in

10. Calm Buddha Planter

The positive energy that comes from Buddha needs no explanation. Hence, here's the Calm Buddha Planter that gets you to feel calmer with the addition of greenery in your home. This small planter is a great add-on to the work desk or side table. For the sister who values her peace of mind before anything else.

11. Ambient Table Lamp With Holder
A unique table lamp with plant holder for a unique sister. Help her decorate her interiors with this lamp and bring the beauty of outside inside. Why get only a home for her plants when you can get her a warm lamp with it?

13. Mini Baby Yoda Planter

For the sister who is a fan of the galaxy far far away and who also likes to keep their space fresh and green.

14. Panda Planter

If your sister loves these adorable animals (let's be real, who doesn't love them), this Panda Planter will be the perfect gift for her. She can plant away the perfect greens or flowering plants in this sturdy, high-quality ceramic planter.

15. Levitating Indoor Planter

Take it to the next level with this magnetic Levitating Plant Pot which floats in the air above the base and automatically rotates 360 degrees as well. Get this cool planter for your sister to help fill her space with positive and relaxed aura.

16. Stylish Macramé Wall hanging With Plant Holder

The ideal gift for the sis who want their home to be aesthetically pleasing and properly ventilated with the freshness from plants.

Stylish Macrame Wall Hanging with Plant Holder


Surprise your sister with her favorite stuff this Rakhi and get crowned for the best sibling in the world. If you still haven't found that perfect plant related gift for her check out Mountain Bedside table Lamp. Who doesn't love a good piece of stationery?

Check out some more quirky rakhi gifts for your sister, in our specially curated collection for the same, or if you want to send rakhi to your brother, we can help you with that too. Hit us up for a handwritten note to accompany your gift for a little personal touch.

Stay safe & have a lovely holiday!


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