20 Creative Rakhis 2023-2024

20 Creative Rakhis 2023-2024

Hey there! Raksha Bandhan 2023 is almost upon us, have you begun picking out rakhis for brother dearest? If you are still scratching your head over finding him the perfect rakhi, halt right there amigos! We at Bigsmall.in, bring you to the craziest, coolest, premium quality, personality-specific rakhis, not just for brothers but also for sisters, because hey! they have got your back too! This year tie your sister a rakhi right back, recognizing the number of times she hauled your ass out of a tight situation. This year send rakhi to your sibling no matter in whichever corner of the world he/she might be residing in. All you need to do is log in to the most fun online store, choose your rakhi and rakhi gifts for brother & sister, mention any message you would like to go in with your chosen gift & leave the rest to us. With an express delivery system, we will ensure that the giftee receives his package of joy within 5-7 days. 

Gone are the days of tying generic rakhis that your brother would get rid of as soon as he could. Make him glow with happiness by getting rakhi creative and tying a rakhi that also double up as bracelets as well as keychains such as Killer Bro Rakhi. Now ain't that super cool! Check out a fun list of rakhis that you could do this year. Stay tuned in for more!

1. PUBG Bro Rakhi

We hear ya people, your brother is always glued to his mobile screen trying to acquire tonnes of loot & the coveted chicken dinner. Delight him with the specially curated PUBG Bro rakhi & believe us he won't be getting rid off it anytime soon!


2. Cricket Bro Rakhi

For the brother who made a dash for the playground the moment he got off from school, this is one rakhi that is bound to bring back tonnes of nostalgia. 


Cricket Bro Rakhi

3. Fitness Freak Bro Rakhi

If your brother is crazily devoted to his fitness schedules & has a physique that makes other's question their own, gift him the personality-specific Fitness Freak Bro Rakhi.


4. Lil' Bro Rakhi

Little brothers are a tribe of their own, truly one of a kind. They possess the power to irritate us to no end, yet tug at our heartstrings with a cute little smile. Show some love for this adorable guy with the Lil' bro Rakhi.



5. Book Worm Bro Rakhi

There isn't anything that can't be solved with the knowledge of books. Many problems, one solution. Bro-to the rescue!


6. Bro (Hindi) Rakhi

"Bro" is not just a word but withholds an entire gamut of emotions. One reminiscent of childhood memories, bittersweet fights, having each other's back in tough times. Sometimes one word is enough to convey a bunch of stuff & emotions. 


7. Thor Hammer Rakhi

 A big fan of Thor, your brother is equally worthy of wielding the hammer. Gift him the Thor Hammer Rakhi & watch him grin from ear to ear.


8. Iron Man Rakhi

For the brother you love 3000, & who in turn idolizes Iron Man, there couldn't be a better way to express your affection for him than with the Iron Man Rakhi. 


9. Camera Bhai Rakhi

Taking pictures of every second object that catches his fantasy & roaming around with a DSLR camera in hand, that's enough to conjure up the image of your photography enthusiast brother. Surprise him with the personality-specific Camera Bhai Rakhi. 


Camera Bhai Rakhi


10. Personalized Wooden Rakhi

Your brother has always been there for you. Be it helping you out in a time of need, protecting you from your parents or simply having brother-sister fun, it's one of the most pivotal relationships you can have. Hand-crafted intricately, this Rakhi will be a worthy memento for all the times your brother has been there for you.



11. International Bro Rakhi

For the well-traveled brother, who is truly a global citizen, a simple generic thread rakhi won't suffice. Delight him with something much in sync with his soul & personality. 


12. Bhaiya Ciao Rakhi

It's always a great idea to bond over a TV show or a movie series with a sibling because you both interpret things differently and can have so many constructive discussions. Celebrate this new bond over the show this Rakhi season with this personality-specific Rakhi.


Bhaiya Ciao Rakhi


13. Netflix & Bro Rakhi

For the brother who not only draws out a list of epic shows on Netflix but also watches them with you complete with the pepperoni cheese pizza we suggest you tie him the Netflix & Bro Rakhi.


14. Lawyer Bhai Rakhi

From protecting and helping you, to protect the innocents and help the needy, your brother grew up. Show him how proud you are of what he does this year with the Lawyer Bhai Rakhi.


15. Cinema Partner Rakhi

 You always had a buddy to go to the cinemas with. And it was also bro paid! Such a brother deserves something special, tie him the Cinema Partner Rakhi & watch him light up with joy!


16. Bhai Chaira Rakhi

Ah! This is a gem in the repositories of Bigsmall. Truly priceless, it hits the nail on the head for the brother who cannot live without his daily cup of chai.



17. Socially Awkward Bro Rakhi

If your brother rather send a text than call and hate the conversation loop, then this rakhi is perfect for him. You're probably one of the only people in his inner circle who he can freely talk to. Celebrate that special bond on Raksha Bandhan in 2023 with this Socially Awkward Bro rakhi.


Socially Awkward Bro Rakhi


18. Bhukkad Bhai Rakhi

No matter how much this fellow eats, he is just never full! There is always room for dessert off your plate. Tie him the Bhukkad Bhai Rakhi & let him know exactly what you think of him.


19. Momo Lover Rakhi

If you love eating or making momos with your brother or grew up sneaking out together and eating a plateful from that roadside cart, this is the rakhi he'd love.


Momo Lover Rakhi


20. PS Bro Rakhi

He would rather play games than a fight with you? Or play game, loose and then fight with you? If you and your sibling bonded over playing video games, treat them to the personality-specific PS Bro Rakhi.

If you are living somewhere far from your sibling, don't let that stop you from celebrating Rakhi this year. Get a quirky and unique Rakhi delivered to their doorstep and show them your love from miles away. You can now add on a Roli Chawal Set with your rakhi for that authentic feel. Even if you are with your brother, browse our collection for that perfect rakhi for your brother that is different from all the generic rakhis everywhere else.
Have a safe and happy holiday!

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