20 Rakhi Gift Ideas for your Unicorn Crazy Sister

20 Rakhi Gift Ideas for your Unicorn Crazy Sister

Rakhi is that one occasion where your sister deserves to be pampered, and made to feel special.

This one day is all about you showing her how much she means to you, despite all the fighting and arguments you guys have! But you're clueless as you're looking for gift ideas.

What could be a better way to display your affection towards her, than showing her how well you know her by gifting her something related to something she admires? She's one of a kind - she deserves a unique rakhi gift for sister.

As most of us know, unicorns are mythical creatures that come from the land of magic and fantasy. But there are people who do believe in fantasies. There is a saying when someone is sad - “Think of rainbows, unicorns and chocolates". Cheer up your sister with a blast from the enchanting land of fairytales - gift her a rakhi gift set full of unicorn stuff and unique unicorn products.

Here are 20 unique unicorn gift ideas for your sister who is simply unicorn crazy and always wants to take a dip into the world of fairytales.

1. Unicorn Plush Slippers

Help your sister land her feet in comfort and cuteness by gifting her a pair of these super cozy Unicorn Plush Slippers. Coming in sizes UK 3-6, these slippers are a perfect fit for feet of a variety of sizes.

Unicorn Plush Slippers

Available in four different colours - White, Pink, Purple and Blue, these adorable slippers will make your sister feel heavenly every time she slips them on with the unicorn's spiral horn and colorful hair being an icing on the cake. You can also check out our collection of other unique plush slippers to keep your sister comfy at all times.

2. Unicorn Hoodie

Every girl loves owning a cute hoodie that would make her look extremely appealing. And if she is a person who fascinates about Unicorns and their magical world, this is the perfect one for her!

The great thing about the unicorn hoodie pillow is that it's not just a hoodie - it's also a travel pillow. Your sister needn't dread her long journeys now - the pillow will keep her comfortable, while the hoodie will keep her warm and cozy. Gift this exceptionally unique and cute hoodie pillow to your sister on this Rakhi and help her add stars to her magical world.

3. Unicorn Expendable Bookend

What better than gifting something that can make your lovable sister’s everyday life easier, and more organized? And especially when it's unicorn-themed, something your sister dearly loves!

This Raksha Bandhan, gift your sister the key to leading an organized life and help her make the best of her time, with this Unicorn Expandable Bookend. This compact and adjustable bookcase is also sturdy which makes it perfect for the job.

4. Unicorn Touch Silicone Lamp

Light up your sister’s room with this striking Unicorn Silicone Lamp that lights up in 7 different colorful lights. It will make your sister’s room glow up, giving it a serene, yet astonishing look.

Deep down, everyone loves decorating their room, so why not gift your sister something with which she can add more beauty to her safe haven? She will never be able to thank you enough for this, will she? Your sister needs a lamp to light up her life - here are some more unique lamps for your consideration.

5. Unicorn Pony Keychain 

When it comes to quirky keychains on backpacks, girls go nuts over them. The Unicorn Pony Keychains comes with a star shaped embellishment and a rainbow themed lanyard for your easy grip.

6. Unicorn Plush Cushion

Get your sister comfortable with the Unicorn Plush Cushion. Make hours of sitting down and working comfortable with these magical cushions.

7. Unicorn Socks

Socks are both cosy, cute and make a great gift for somebody you really are close to. Coming with Unicorn prints on it, this set of five socks are all set to put your sister at ease and make her feel like a princess.

Unicorn Socks - Set of 2 - bigsmall.in

Made out of polyester, this set of socks comes in free size and is a perfect fit for all the foot sizes. Gift your sister a comfortable and warm space for her feet. Because after all, she's the princess at home and deserves all the pampering, right?

8. Unicorn Sparkle Sipper Bottle With Straw

For kid sisters or for those who are kids at heart she would go crazy or these awesome unicorns themed sippers. An easy to hold bottle with large capacity, you can treat this just like a mason jar and drink your smoothies while looking at the adorable unicorn 3D figure attached within the lid.


9. Unicorn Golden Bracelet

This magic oodling charm of a bracelet will take her to the majestic era where she can surround yourself with the most beautiful animal known to us - Unicorns.


10. Unicorn Silicone Pouch 

All girls love collecting cute bags to store essentials like lip balm, candies, headphones and money etc. Surprise her with the unicorn Silicone Pouch and be prepared for tonnes of hugs coming your way! 


11. Unicorn Luggage Tags 

Unicorn Luggage Tags - bigsmall.in 

If your sister is the kind of person, who can't stay put at a particular place of long & literally itches to discover new places, she would probably love the Unicorn Luggage Tags.

12. Unicorn Wooden Money Bank

Your sister's enthusiasm to save money lacks a unique and exciting way for it? This Wooden Unicorn Money Bank will ensure that the enthusiasm stays consistent. The attractive design, vibrant colours and cute vibe all together will make her save every bit she can!


13. Unicorn Teapot Set

If your sister loves to host people for afternoon tea, then this set is the ultimate gift. She won't believe her eyes when she sees this set with mama unicorn teapot and 6 little unicorns as cups. The package is inclusive of 1 Teapot with lid, 4 Teacups, and 1 serving tray.


14. Unicorn Water Bottle With Glitter Lid

Everyone deserves to get a water bottle which reminds them how amazing they are and this product does just that. The Unicorn Water Bottle with Glitter Top is the perfect reminder for your lovely sis to sparkle all through your day. Help her to stay hydrated in a magical way.

Unicorn Water Bottle with Glitter Lid


15. Unicorn Desk Alarm Clock

If your sister has trouble waking up in the morning, get her this beautiful Unicorn Desk Alarm Clock. She can now wake up to the sweetest creature ringing the alarm.


16. Unicorn Storage Basket

The perfect organizer for the tidy queen who need to gather their stuff, be it papers, snacks or laundry, to feel gathered themselves!


17. Big Unicorn Horn LED Dream Catcher

A beautiful addition to her room put it up on her wall, and watch the unicorn magically keep all the bad dreams away. if your sister lives in a dorm or hostel, get her this beautiful magical dream catcher, it'll always remind her of the comfort of home whenever she's feeling troubled.


19. Sleepy Unicorn Pen - Set of 2

Bring home these magical little creatures with a unicorn pen top. They are perfect for her projects, scrapbook, and office work. She can now take a little bit of magic everywhere she goes.


20. Holographic Unicorn Pouch

A super cute way to make sure she never lose anything ever again. It can easily store her stationery, makeup and travel essentials. 


So what are you waiting for? Pick out the things which you think your sister will love to have and surprise her with something out of the box and be her favourite brother this Rakhi. 

After all, is there anybody who knows her as closely as you? Unicorns will definitely cheer her up - in whatever mood she is.

Check out some more quirky rakhi gifts for your sister, in our specially curated collection for the same, or if you want to send rakhi to your brother, we can help you with that too. Hit us up for a handwritten note to accompany your gift for a little personal touch.

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