23 Ways to Celebrate Love from a Distance

23 Ways to Celebrate Love from a Distance

Wasn’t life perfect when we could just uber and be with that one person we wanted to share snuggles with? Making spontaneous plans, gliding on that rented cruiser along with the humming sound of the engine, driving through the mountains, breathing in that oh-so-heavenly wind in your hair. Wasn’t that just the perfect celebration of life with your love?


God kinda ruined those plans showering us with variants one after the other of the mighty Corona.


Ah! What could be worse than living in the same city as that special someone and yet be feeling that long distancing sting! It sucks! Take it from us, we know! We mean, it gives the other sort of relationship with him being in another country, so many seas apart, a totally new meaning!

So, after the self-pitying and cribbing of an eternity, we took on the challenge of making the best out of the worst. You know, being miles apart is no reason to show no love! So hold tight, we're gonna make this count!

C'mon, show some spirit!


Long-Distance love is the new normal (which is going back to normal gradually.)

So let's see what can be done to make this Valentine's Day special except for those unqiue Valentine's Day gifts from Bigsmall that are a lifesaver in the long distance you've all been dreading.

1. Setting up those romantic video-call dinners together.

2. Watching a movie together over Skype or Netflix (we have the list of best Bollywood movies for you to choose from). Or put some more effort and plan your movie night, decorate your room for the perfect setting! 

3. Jamming and singing together, or dancing to your favourite tunes together just finding these little ways to do your favourite things together, virtually.

It does start feeling better, you know. It’s like the walls of virtuality seem to muddle and vanish when you’re so in tune, in the moment, enjoying each other’s company together.

You know the best thing about long distance?

4. The genuine and infectious smile they have on their face when they open a care package from you, or that special gift set or that box of cookies you baked and parcelled them!

5. Or how overwhelmed you feel when you wear their hoodie that they sent you all wrapped up in their fragrance you love!

Long distance or not, love is love. And you find it to be the most fulfilling when you truly express yourself and let them too. You know, communicate. I mean, of course it makes you miss them a thousand times more, but well, isn’t that what keeps the spark flaming stronger than ever? The longing to see them?

6. Secretly order them their favourite cake for dessert.

7. Dedicate them that song you feel in your bones for them over the radio (or you know, spotify).

8. Make them that scrapbook of your virtual adventures, and spoil them with your love and affection!

9. Why not get things steaming hot and try virtual dates with some dancing, dressing up for each other and spice up things up. And what could be better than Our Moments Card Game, or Drinking Game Cards to spice all things up!

10. Or you know, if you’re feeling super lazy, you could just binge watch a series together, stuffing those popcorns in your mouth that you made and burnt together. Get those comfy socks on and get the coziest blanket and get started!

11. Record a video message about all you feel for them, maybe make a collage video of your beautiful memories or send them your stupid selfies that make them smile like an idiot.

12. Maybe buy them a massage.

13. You could surprise them with planning a treasure hunt in their own house by sending them little unique gifts and hiding them with the help of their roommate/brother/sister, anyone really.

There’s so much that can be done when we actually think about it, you know.

14. Watch the beautiful moon and stars together having a heart to heart, deep conversation being there for each other emotionally and mentally. Or maybe witness the ever so intimate sunrise or sunset together! (Yes, not forgetting, virtually together. Though that’s fun too.)

15. Go old school and make them a playlist (you know the new version of a mixed tape)!

16. Send them a jar of handwritten notes to be opened according to the mood they’re in, that works wonders!

Because intimacy transcends the bounds of distance and virtuality. Its about what you feel.

So what could be the best way to celebrate that love from a distance, social distancing Valentine’s Day together, we’d say plan a day of being together. 

17. Cook together, and then eat together, chuckling at the thousand anecdotes you know you have between you to share for the thousandth time!

18. Write them a hand written old school love letter on handmade papers (scan and send it to them, if you cannot mail it)! It really is very enticing. Our quirky stationery could help you there.

19. Bake a cake together! It’s super fun.

20. Read to them, from their favourite book!

21. Write them a poem or sing them a song!

22. And the ultimate one, when things turn for better, plan a surprise trip to go see them!

Because it is ultimately about celebrating the little moments together with or without the distance.

23. The most intimate one which could bring both of you together is falling asleep on call/video call together and waking up to each other, no matter if its virtually.


So, go on!

Have that virtual adventure together!

It’ll only bring you closer.

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Always rooting for you!


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