25 Quirky Diwali Gifts Under Rs 500

25 Quirky Diwali Gifts Under Rs 500

With the festive cheer and the slight nip in the air, one can't help but feel elated in anticipation of the upcoming fun-filled Festival of Lights. The thought of waking up on a chilly wintry morn, cleaning up every nook and cranny of one's abode, soaking up the pretty earthen diyas before filling them up with oil, and of course the highly anticipated exchange of gifts with near and dear ones! All excited?! Well so are we! If you are looking for the perfect Diwali gifts online that doesn't cost a bomb and yet speaks volumes about the relationship you share with the giftee, we have the coolest collection of Diwali Gifts Under Rs 500 waiting to be discovered.

1. Ganesh Lantern - Set of 2 

Invoke the blessings of the Lord of wisdom this 4th of November with the breathtakingly beautiful, simple yet elegant, Ganesha Lantern - Set of 2. Made of handcrafted paper this pretty lantern comes in a bunch of bright colours. 

Ganesh Lantern - Set of 2 - bigsmall.in

2. Hand-Painted Glass Water Bottle

In the quest of trying to get everything right and ensuring that nothing is amiss in the Diwali prep, one often forgets the most important thing, which is staying hydrated. Show your love and care with quirky Hand-Painted Glass Water Bottle.

3. Stone Beer Coasters

Funk up your bar table with the Stone Beer Coasters. Made of ceramic stone, you can now rest your chilled glass of the golden stuff without worrying about those dreaded water rings. It makes for a cool and useful Diwali gift item.

Stone Beer Coasters - bigsmall.in

4. Spa Socks

The perfect treat for your feet and for those of your loved ones, these soft moisturizing spa socks are a must-have in your self care kit.

5. Harry Potter Pocket Watch

The gift of time and magic, the Harry Potter Pocket Watch promises it all. Though you cannot go back in time, this beautifully engraved masterpiece with a carved design is bound to open the gates to memory land. Endowed with click-open mechanism and a long metallic chain, this can be used in a Harry Potter cosplay or just as an antique piece to gaze at lovingly from time to time. Make a gift of it to Potterheads and make them jump with joy!

6. Honey Bee String LED Lights

What's more fitting for a Diwali gift than a LED light? Steer away from the regular string lights and get this beautiful Honey Bee String Light. Gift these lights to a nature lover who loves to surround themselves in things made in the image of animals and plants.

Honey Bee String LED Lights

7. Calm Buddha Planter

The positive energy that comes from Buddha needs no explanation. Hence, here's the Calm Buddha Planter that will make them feel calmer with the addition of greenery in the home. Planters always makes for great gifts for Diwali.

Calm Buddha Planter

8. Ganesha Metallic Luggage Tag

Looking for unique Diwali gift ideas for a traveler friend? Look no further. Presenting this quirky luggage tag that will make sure that their luggage stands out. With unique design and space to write specs, this is a great Diwali gift.

Ganesha Metallic Luggage Tag

9. Buddha Notebook

Seek peace from within with this harmonious Buddha-themed diary. With an aesthetically exquisite illustration of Buddha on the cover, this diary will bring inner peace to your friends and family alike, each time they pick up the pen. They can now make their holiday plans in style.

Buddha Notebook - bigsmall.in

10. Superhero Headshot Poster

The perfect gift for a superhero fan, this poster has an assemblage of 50 superheroes. With it's vintage vibes and vibrant colors, it will be the perfect surprise gift for a fan this Diwali.

Superhero Headshot Poster - bigsmall.in

11. I Wuf You Metallic Bookmark

For an avid book reader and dog parent, this gift is the best of both worlds. Made of brass metal, this bookmark is durable and will help them to keep track of their pages in a lovely way.

I Wuf You Metallic Bookmark

12. Inflatable Foot Rest

Give your loved ones the attention and care they deserve with this Inflatable Foot Rest. A great gift for people who work long hours or have to travel frequently.

Inflatable Foot Rest - bigsmall.in

13. Diwali Lapel Pin

A great gift to celebrate Diwali, the lapel pins features different aspects of the joyous festival, like diya, rocket and bombs. It makes for a great and quirky part of the Diwali package for a loved one.

Diwali Lapel Pin

14. Mini Owl Planter

Perfect gift for the home decorators who love quirky and colorful planters. The mini owl planter is a great add-on to work desk, side table, or even spaces like your kitchen and washroom.

Mini Owl Planter

15. Fluffy Cushion Socks

Nothing screams cozy cold weather like a pair of fluffy socks and a hot cup of coffee. Get these adorable fluffy animal socks to protect your loved ones this coming winter season.
Fluffy Cushion Socks - bigsmall.in

16. Matte Finish Ombre Colored Mug

Speaking of cozy winters, get this artistic mug to inspire your friends or family when they wake up groggy. Or help them out to click that perfect insta-worthy picture.

Matte Finish Ombre Colored Mug

17. Reusable Travel Tube

A useful gift to someone who travels as a lot, these plastic tubes are a great way to pack all the beauty products and still be a light traveler.

Resuable Travel Tube - bigsmall.in

18. Dumbbell Water Bottle

Storing up to 550ml of water for hydration or thirst quenching needs, the bottle is also useful when you need some light work outs, be it in your office or at home. It makes for a great gift for the fitness freak in your group.

Dumbbell Water Bottle - bigsmall.in

19. Dinosaur Tea Infuser

Made of food grade FDA approved silicone, this infuser makes tea time a lot more fun. The perfect gift for tea lovers, unlike metal tea infuser this is made out of heat-resistant silicone which helps to easily remove the infuser without scalding fingers.

Dinosaur Tea Infuser - bigsmall.in

20. Reusable Cotton Printed Mask - Set of 3

Presenting an eco-friendly option to keep your loved one's safe. The cotton masks are made of biodegradable, recycled fabric. It is free size for all genders and will fit perfectly. The comfortable elastic ear loop will make sure that it can be worn for a longer period of time.

Reusable Cotton Printed Masks - Set of 3 (Assorted Designs)

21. Mocha Black Loose Leaf Tea

The first in India, this Tea Trunk tea and Bili Hu coffee blend is made from organic coffee beans sourced from the Indian Coffee Estates. A great gift for all those people who loves to drink something strong and refreshing every day.

Mocha Black Loose Leaf Tea

22. Origami Bobblehead

Made of polyresin this beautiful piece of art can be used as a car dashboard bobblehead or a paperweight. Make a gift of it to the friend obsessed with origami and watch them break into a heartwarming smile.

Origami Bobblehead - bigsmall.in

23. Fruity Clipboard With Checklist

For the obsessive Amy of your group, what can be better gift than a quirky checklist? It features a set of 50 tearable printed pages clipped to an equally colourful clipboard to ensure that no errands are missed.

Fruity Clipboard With Checklist

24. Mini Bus Table LED Lamp

For a friend or little one in the family who loves reading at night. They can now stay up as late as they like and dive into a fantasy world or prepare for the big test, without straining their eyes.

Mini Bus LED Table Lamp

25. Wooden Logs Polaroid Photo Holder - Set of 10

Made of real wood these wooden logs are best suited for polaroid photos. They can also be used as recipe card holders in the kitchen or also as holders for greeting cards during the festive season. Perfect gift for someone who loves decorating their home with natural elements.

Wooden Logs Polaroid Photo Holder - Set of 10

Buy the best Diwali Gifts for loved ones and spread the joy this festive season. For more Diwali gift ideas, check out bigsmall.in (psssss we have something for everyone). We also send out specially curated handwritten notes along with your chosen gift to add a personal touch to the parcel. 

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