5 Fun Ideas To Say Merry Christmas With A Sock

5 Fun Ideas To Say Merry Christmas With A Sock

This year break the mold and say Merry Christmas with a gleeful pair of quirky  Christmas socks! Socks make for an extremely cozy, and warm Christmas gift. It pretty much translates into how much you care about the other person staying warm and toasty in the peak of the winter season. Shopping for Christmas gifts, Christmas gifts for men, Christmas gifts for girls or even the search for Christmas sock exchange party ideas is no longer a head-scratcher, with Team Awesome @Bigsmall all set to play Santa!

1. Holiday Sock Exchange Party

If you are new in town or have recently shifted base, the Christmas socks exchange party is one cool way to break the ice with neighbors and make some new hangout buddies. All every guest needs to bring is a socks gift baskets filled with a funky pair of socks, an assortment of goodies to stuff in the socks, and a festive mood! As the evening proceeds, everyone trades socks and stuffs one of their goodies into it. This goes on until everyone has talked to everyone else, and the socks are stuffed. Then, everyone gathers to trade them one last time. Traditionally, the socks are passed around randomly, or placed in a pile where everyone can pick out the sock they want.

2. Stocking stuffing ideas

The excitement of getting up on a cold cheery wintry morn and rushing down the flight of stairs to check one's goodies stuffed stocking remains unparalleled. Wondering what to stuff your sibling's stocking with? Stuff their stocking with a couple of quirky socks that match their vibe. They’re easy to wrap and you can fit a pair—or two or three!—easily inside without weighing it down.

Fluffy Cushion Socks - bigsmall.in

3. Fun, & Practical gift

Socks are affordable, practical, and comfortable. This winter season give the gift of warmth to the destitute and underprivileged. Plan a visit to the nearest orphanage or old home and make Christmas special for them as well.

4. Socks are a fun way to speak your mind

Feeling lazy, and in no mood to move an inch? Don a pair of socks that says exactly what you're feeling like the Christmas Socks, kick back and relax. Looking for more quirkiness? For more socks gift ideas checkout our Socks collection.

5. Fluffy Christmas Socks

Here is a list of heartwarming Christmas flicks that you can watch with your loved ones all snuggled up in a cozy comforter : Love Actually, A Christmas Star, Angels in the Snow, Christmas Ranch. Now kick back on the sofa, stock up on the popcorn and chill. Happy binge-watching!

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