5 Unique Made In India Rakhi Gifts For Sister!

5 Unique Made In India Rakhi Gifts For Sister!

With the rise in popularity and increasing variety of made in India products, it is natural you want to surprise your sister with a unique gift made exclusively in the country. Presenting a list of five quirky yet useful gifts that will definitely make your sister super happy this Rakhi. For more made in India gifts, make sure to check out our collection where we've handpicked all the best items from all over the country.


Classic Harry Potter Socks

Your sister might be the Potterhead in the house but you've probably learned all the spells by now. She might have practised some of her spells on you and maybe they worked or maybe they didn't. You can't question it because you, unfortunately, are a muggle. Get the budding witch a pair of HP socks coloured in Gryffindor house colours, for a little magical motivation.



Wonder Woman Wooden Coasters

For the wonderful sister who inspires you to be the best version of yourself. These wooden coasters can easily hold coffee mugs, wine glasses, etc. Tell your sister how powerful and wise she is, just like an Amazonian woman.



Handmade Bro-Sis Embroidery Hoop Art

It is fun to tease your siblings all you want, but at the end of the day, you always have each other back. This piece of art is a cute way to celebrate your sibling bond. The embroidery is done with colourful threads that complement each other well, making the design pop.



Felt Laptop Sleeve

If your sister is a busy bee and is always on her laptop, get her this eco-friendly laptop bag. One of the best thing about the fabric is that it does not peel or fade, so she can use the sleeve for a long long time. Made from recycled material it is an amazing product that looks so sleek and classy. Perfect for her meetings or class.



Lazy Panda Cotton Mask With Filter

For the sister who just loves her naps and can nap anywhere in the house. Sometimes you wonder if she inherited that from dad? Whatever the matter be, get her a gift of literal protection with this beautiful mask. The mask comes with a melt-blown filter which can be reused. Each filter lasts up to 30 days on average (replace the filter once it gets dirty). The comfortable elastic earloop will make sure she can wear the mask for a longer period of time.


 Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!


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