6 Quirky Teapot Sets To Set 'em Tongues Wagging!

6 Quirky Teapot Sets To Set 'em Tongues Wagging!

As the most awaited festival nears, Diwali, of course, one is all geared up with the spring cleaning and stuff. Exchanging gifts is a ritual associated with Diwali  and the search for best Diwali gifts is pretty much an inextricable part of the fun and festivities. While mom insists on wrapping those exquisite albeit generic tea sets, set the quirk bar higher with awe inspiring artsy stuff. Team Awesome@Bigsmall.in is gonna be the buddy it has always been and help you choose jaw dropping crockery sets this Diwali from its unique kitchen essentials collection. Happy Shopping!

1. Glass Tea Pot With Wooden Lid - Set of 7

The Glass Tea Pot Set is here to make your tea time as elegant as it can get. For all tea parties at your house, you get to host your pretty guests with some high-quality tea set. The glossy smooth finish makes you want to bring this exquisite tea set home right away! 


2. Kitty Cup & Saucer With Spoon Set

Are you an artist? Or do you see the world through the sieve of art and colors? Art makes the world so much more lively, wonderous and colorful, doesn't it? The Kitty Cup & Saucer With Spoon Set seem to emerge right out of the awe and they have the superpower to light up your mood! (Yes, they do).

3. Glazed Ceramic Tea Cup with Saucer

Does your heart call out to the unique shades? To feel the bliss of the enchanting vibe right in your living rooms, we bring to you the Glazed Ceramic Tea Cup with Saucer. With the astounding cup and the cutest little saucer, all with intricate design and smooth finish, this would make an unparalleled addition to your collection of crockery and teapots in your kitchen! 

4. Shibori Printed Tea Cup With Saucer & Spoon

Feel refreshed with this attractive Shibori Printed Tea Cup With Saucer & Spoon. With the unique design on the tea cup and saucer, you'll feel the flavoured tea has met its perfect match as your guests will have a hard time taking their eyes off the set. 

5. Unicorn Teapot Set - 6 Pc

For all the unicorn lovers out there, whip up some unicorn magic with the awesome new Unicorn Teapot Set - 6 Pc. Infuse the myth and magic of the mystical creature in your daily dose of green tea. Or host a party with a touch of magic. 

Teapot Sets

6. Portable Japanese Teapot Kit

You can level up your tea party now with this portable outdoor travel Tea Set. Go enjoy the outdoors and enjoy a spring eve with bae. For a mini celebration or Diwali festivities, it is just perfect for any and all adventures you plan. 

Teapot Sets

Moving beyond these awesome Teapot Sets, you could very well go through the special collection of Diwali Gifts under Rs 2000, Diwali Gifts under Rs 1000 and Diwali Gifts under Rs 500. What more do you need? Some help in picking out the perfect gift? Do reach out at 9818407888 for real time photos and we shall help you!

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