6 Real Life Problem Solving Rakhi Gifts for your Sister

6 Real Life Problem Solving Rakhi Gifts for your Sister

Raksha Bandhan is almost here. It’s that special occasion when you scratch your head to find the most suitable Rakhi Gifts.

You scout the market for all sorts of things. Of course, there are plenty of things available that would suit her needs in those old-fashioned brick and mortar shops, however this time, why not gift something out of the box that might actually be of use to your sister?

There are all sorts of Rakhi Gifts for your sisters online, but if you are looking for something unusual and quirky, below are just a few of the perfect Rakhi Gifts for Sisters.

Not just any sort of gifts, discover and explore quirky, fun and unusual items. You can even send Rakhi gifts online to your sister in India from anywhere in the world. From Rakhi Gifts for kid sister all the way to the married ladies and Rakhi Gifts for your Bhaiya Bhabhi, we have them all.

However, this post is specific to Rakhi gifts that will help your sister with her daily life problem.

1. Scratch World Map


Scratch World Map 

This is a godsend product for the sister who loves to travel and keep track of her adventures. Make her life a tad bit easier by gifting her the Scratch World Map. Pasting this on her wall or door would be a constant reminder of all the good times around the world. 

2. Eco-Friendly Bamboo Flask


Eco-Friendly Bamboo Flask


For the sisters who love to sip their beverage on the go at exactly the same temperature they put them in, they would love the Eco-Friendly Bamboo Flask. An incredible combination of style and usability, she is bound to love these. 

3. Nutella A6 Notebook with Elastic

If your sister is a college student or a working professional, who is mad over Nutella, she would truly appreciate this one. Imagine your sis holding this premium quality notebook, having the picture of her favourite sweet treat on top, breathing in the scent of fresh untouched Kraft paper... Heavenly isn't it? Undo the elastic closure to reveal 54 sheets of deliciously scented plain Kraft paper. Use it to jot down your to-do list or impromptu doodles. Truly a treat for stationery addicts, go ahead, indulge her senses and gift her one! 

4. Rose Quartz Gua Sha Stone 

She always complains of feeling tired and that in turn affecting her skin after a long day at work, show her you care by giving her the Rose Quartz Gua Sha Stone. A natural therapy, it reduces soreness, knots, fatigue from the body and increases flexibility while detoxifying the skin. 

5. Cat Astronaut Lamp

If your sister likes to read a book when all tucked in her blanket in the middle of the night, or if she likes to sleep with a lil light on, gift her the Cat Astronaut Lamp. Just tuck it into any corner and watch it dazzle.

6. Skyline Glass Desk Organizer

There is stuff thrown right on her bedside table, ranging from her cosmetics to her phone charger, help her get a little bit more organized with this gorgeous organizer. With such compartments and bifurcations in place to store stuff in, she won't have to scamper for her things again!

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