6 Real Life Problem Solving Rakhi Gifts for your Sister

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Rakshabandhan is almost here. It’s that special occasion when you scratch your head to find the most suitable Rakhi gifts for your sister. You scout the market for all sorts of things. Of course, there are plenty of things available that would suit her needs in those old fashioned brick and mortar shops, however this time, why not gift something out of the box that might actually be of use to your sister? There are all sorts of Rakhi gifts for sisters online, but if you are looking for something unusual and quirky, below are just a few of the perfect Rakhi gifts for your sister. Not just any sort of gifts, discover and explore quirky, fun and unusual items. You can even send Rakhi gifts online to your sister in India from anywhere in the world. From gifts for your sweet 5-year-old sister all the way to the married ladies, we have them all.

However, this post is specific to Rakhi gifts that will help your sister with her daily life problem. From applying nail polish smoothly to stretching her back after a long day at work, the below gift options are surely going to make you the life saver and help her with the daily hacks!

1. Wearable Nail Polish Holder



A favourite among guys looking to gift the fashion conscious ladies in their lives, this one will surely make your sister widen her eyes with excitement. It splits her fingers and lets her hold the nail polish container at the same time. An economical, yet brilliant gift for the sister who loves to dress up every now and then. This could just turn out to be a life saver for your sister who loves to coat her nails often.


2. Stress Sausage



A perfect Rakhi gift for married sister indeed! This stress buster sausage is also popular among those sisters who have to deal with hectic schedules throughout their day. This can tolerate any amount of squeezing, tugging, twisting and stretching. This amazing gift can help her blow off all that steam safely rather than taking it out on someone else in the house next time.


3. Power Nap Pillow



The Power Nap Pillow is a popular choice among those gifting their loved ones to ease their stress and take a short nap. Because nothing busts stress like relaxing. And in case she travels a lot, napping will get a lot easier and comfortable with this lying in close proximity. Sleeping by placing the head on the arm just got more comfy with it.


4. Daily Pill Organizer



Now show her that you care about her health and well-being by presenting her this pill organizer. It will organize her pills in sets of three for the three different times of day on a weekly basis. Earn some brownie points from your sister with this little gadget.


5. Anti Snoring Strap



Snoring is a sign of being over worked. Prevent other sleeping disorders too with our Anti Snoring Strap. Let your sister catch some much needed Z’s with this revolutionary product.  This comfortable band is made of neoprene and fits any face shape and size.


6. Exercise Cord 

Exercise Cord

Gift exercise cords for the sister who does not get the much-required stretch. Allow her to stretch at work or home with this convenient and portable exercise cord. This silicone cord is a blessing for those too busy to workout any time during the day.

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