7 Thoughtful Gifts For Your Virgo BFF

7 Thoughtful Gifts For Your Virgo BFF

Who are Virgo?

Virgo are the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac. Starting from August 22 to September 22, Virgo is an Earth element. Some of their positive traits are hard-working, organized, reliable and kind.

Birthday Gifts For A Virgo Friend

Get your Virgo friend something special this year, a unique gift that resonates with their sun sign. We have compiled a list of seven gifts that a Virgo will love for their birthday.

1. Zodiac Sign Diary

What’s better than a zodiac specific gift for a friend on their birthday? The cover is equipped with a gracefully drawn pictorial representation of the sign, the date and some of the positive fundamental traits.

Zodiac Sign Diaries - bigsmall.in

2. Skyline Glass Desk Organizer

Virgos hate when their tiny trinkets are tangled, the organizer will ensure that everything has it's own place and their table is organized and decluttered. The mirrored bottom and brass edges enhance the overall look of the piece.

Skyline Glass Desk Organizer

3. Today's Planner Tear Off Pad

They enjoy planning their day in advance and knowing what to expect next. Why not give them a tool to help them plan? With a separate panel for activity list, to-do list, goals for the day and priority tasks, this is all in all a sensible buy or gift for the Virgo bff.

Today's Planner Tear-Off Pad

4. Wooden Platter Cum Chopping Board

For the friend who loves to make and eat healthy food, this Wooden Chopping Board is the perfect gift. Handcrafted from Mahogany wood, this platter comes with a handle and an inset bowl.

Wooden Platter cum Chopping Board

5. Eclipse Black Glaze Vase

A beautiful gift for the Earth sign that falls at the end of the summer, this vase is perfect for a side table or book shelf or even a corner in the kitchen to brighten and freshen up the look of the space.

Eclipse Black Glaze Vase

6. 3D Plush Frog Eye Mask

For the Virgos, who sometimes work "too hard", get them a gift to help them relax and unwind. The 3D eye mask is effective to block light, allowing them to get some extra sleep. Made with soft plush, it is soft on the eyes.

3D Plush Frog Eye Mask - bigsmall.in

7. Levitating Indoor Planter

Earth signs love to fill their surrounding with plants, elevate their experience with this magnetic Levitating Plant Pot. It floats in the air above the base and automatically rotates 360 degrees as well.

Levitating Indoor Planter

Surprise your Virgo SO with a fun birthday gift this year for we have curated special collections for birthday gift for girlfriend and birthday gift for boyfriend. If you just want a unique birthday gift for your friend, we have that available too. Go above and beyond with a personalized gift and make them feel oh so special! Or personalize your gift with a handwritten note - yes you heard that right. Just send us your message and we will send a handwritten note with your gift to your loved one for that personal touch.

Stay safe & happy shopping!

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