8 Handmade Gifts That Your Mother Will Instantly Fall in Love With

8 Handmade Gifts That Your Mother Will Instantly Fall in Love With

Your Mom is certainly one of the most important ladies in your life. She always has more than enough love in her heart. She is the superwoman of your life. So, when her special day arrives, you want to be absolutely sure that you are gifting her something incredibly special.

Buying gifts for Mom can be tough. She keeps saying that she wants want nothing more than your love. But your little efforts will definitely make her smile.

This Mother’s Day, ditch the usual flowers, chocolates or cosmetics and go for something more fascinating. Show mom how much she means to you with a hand-crafted gift straight from the heart.

Handmade gifts could be an excellent way to surprise your dearest mom. They are creative, thoughtful and one of a kind. Moreover, hand-crafted presents are charming and impressive. If you are looking for some unique gift ideas for mom, here are eight handmade gifts that she will absolutely adore.


1. Korean Handmade Earrings


Gift these handcrafted beautiful earrings to your fashion-forward mom who likes to be the best in the game. Each piece is crafted with love and care and your mom would love to wear them for a day out with her gang.


2. Elly Table Lamp


Combine her love for soft toys with the radiance of an elegant lamp and boom! we have the Elly Table Lamp. This DIY gift guarantees tonnes of fun for both moms and her kids. Go ahead, you can't go wrong with this one! 

3. Wooden Photo Frame With Holder


Home is where your family is. Presenting the awesome Wooden Photo Frame With Holder that is just not your average photo frame. With dollops of creativity thrown in, it makes for a fun gift for mom! 

If you stay away in a hostel or have a job which requires you to travel often, your mom must be missing you a lot. Gift her this delightful token of love which will make her smile every time she sees it.

4. Panda Shaped Rug

Plush Panda Rug

This adorable Panda shaped Rug will be the perfect present for your mom. It will brighten up her room and make it more cheerful. Cute as well as super soft, it is sure to give her room a whole new look! Handmade from real sheep wool, this rug has his own charm.

5. French Coffee Press


Sometimes, the secret to great coffee is the way it is treated. Treat yours the way it was meant to be, the French way with the magic of mom's hand and tonnes of love! Don't blame us for spilling the secret recipe. 

6. Mom Embroidery Hoop Wall Art


If your mom loves cute and artsy wall hangings then this is the perfect gift for her. Grandmothers and mothers have been knitting you so many clothes or stitching up many clothes for you then why not give your precious mother something done just as lovingly as her own hand's work?

Gift it to your mom and remind her of the glorious times!

7. Reindeer Lamp


Combine a glass bottle with some wooden antlers and voila! you get a reindeer lamp! Charged via USB cable, it gives the room a pleasing and attractive look. 

8. Scratch World Map


If your mom is a traveller at heart who loves checking off places she has visited on her travel bucket list, gift her the Scratch World Map which is bound to bring a smile to her face. 

A witty yet meaningful gift will be a true help to your mother and it will stay in her heart forever! Bigsmall.in is the house of amazingly innovative lifestyle gifts. Drop by our online store and browse amazing gifts for mother's day even if you are on budget because we have got the best Mother's Day gifts under 500 as well as 1000 Rs and then a range of Premium Mother's Day gifts as well! Happy Shopping!



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