Avengers: Infinity War decoded

Avengers: Infinity War decoded

The 2018 film, Avengers: Infinity War, generated a lot of buzz amongst fans who are now eagerly awaiting the release of the next & final installment of the MCU series, Avengers Endgame. As you watch re-runs of the previous movies while prepping for the latest installment, why not stock up on some cool Official Avengers Merchandise. We tried to decode some questions which have been a tough cookie to crack for most fans.

How was Thanos so sure that he wouldn't be wiped out with the snap of his own fingers?

There have been many theories behind this one, ranging from his invincibility on account of his donning the gauntlet to him being aware of the fact that he was judged worthy to live. The one that seems plausible is there was no definite proof that he would survive the snap simply because of the fact that he was donning the gauntlet. There was a 50-50 chance & Thanos was equally vulnerable to being wiped off. The gauntlet just houses the six stone & doesn't bestow any additional luck on the wearer. Also, the gauntlet seems to be burnt out right after he snaps his fingers. Thanos had made a calculated move based on his objective, which was to wipe out half of the over-populated universe to solve the issue of finite & scarcely distributed resources. It didn't really matter to him whether he would end up on the survivor's list or those who get wiped out! 


What was the biggest mistake made by any of the Avengers that lead to Thanos' victory in Avenger's: Infinity War?

  • According to some Marvel enthusiasts, the biggest debacle was the creation of Ultron in the Age of Ultron by Stark. A chain of events could have been prevented such as the creation of a synthetic body powered by the Mind Stone, thereby preventing the existence of Vision. If Vision wouldn't have existed, he wouldn't have possessed the characteristics that allowed the Avengers to trust him & Wanda wouldn't have fallen in love with him. The Avengers could have used the Scarlet Witch's power to destroy the Mind Stone if they hadn't cared about Vision.

  • Also, if Vision hadn't sneaked off with Wanda, the Avengers wouldn't have had to search for him & could have destroyed the Mind Stone faster.

  • Tony, Strange & Peter should have headed back to Earth instead of visiting Titan. They might not have met the Guardians but they could have teamed up with the other Avengers & protected the stones. 

  • Peter Quill shouldn't have attacked Thanos in a fit of rage before taking the gauntlet off. 

  • Also the hamartia of Thor, he should have aimed for Thanos's head instead of his chest. That could have prevented the snap which led to catastrophe.


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