Bigsmall Handmade Cards | Best Notes of the month - June 2018

Bigsmall Handmade Cards | Best Notes of the month - June 2018

When you send a gift from, you don't merely send out a unique gift, you send out love.

At Bigsmall, customers send out love to their loved ones on a daily basis. Every unique gift you send out from can include a handwritten note - with a personalized message from you for your near and dear ones.

Each handmade note is written by our team, with love. We believe the handmade cards add an extra dash of personal touch to the gift experience - robotically printed notes are well and good, but personalized, handwritten notes will put an even wider grin to the recipient's faces than the quirky gift ideas already did.

In this monthly feature, we will take a look at some of the funniest, quirkiest, wittiest and most heartfelt notes you have sent to your loved ones.

An earnest note from the depths of the heart, underlining an undying bond. gifts are not just gifts, they can fill up empty spaces in lives.



We're hoping this is an inside joke between the sender and the recipient and nothing here is literal.



The World Cup kicked off last week and the FIFA World Cup gift fever is spreading in all directions.



The winds of change are here and the monsoon is almost upon us.




Like, meet like.



Love these notes? You can make a personalized gift with these handmade cards accompanying each unique gift you send out from

You don't merely send a gift from Bigsmall, you send out love. Send love and cheer up your loved ones!

Received a wonderful Bigsmall note from a loved one? Share it with us on our Facebook page or Instagram handle and have it featured!

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